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Moniter vs. Monitor — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 20, 2024
"Moniter" is an incorrect spelling, while "Monitor" is correct, referring to a screen displaying computer output or someone who observes a situation.
Moniter vs. Monitor — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Moniter or Monitor

How to spell Monitor?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Monitors are often "on top" of a desk, emphasizing the "tor."
Link the word to "monitoring" where the "tor" sound is clear.
Recall "monitor lizard," a species spelled with "tor."
Think of "tor" as in "tutor," since a monitor guides or displays.
"it" is typically a pronoun; "tor" in "monitor" ensures specificity.

How Do You Spell Monitor Correctly?

Incorrect: Can you help me set up the moniter?
Correct: Can you help me set up the monitor?
Incorrect: The screen on the moniter is too bright.
Correct: The screen on the monitor is too bright.
Incorrect: The moniter is not connecting to my laptop.
Correct: The monitor is not connecting to my laptop.
Incorrect: I need a new moniter for my computer.
Correct: I need a new monitor for my computer.
Incorrect: He bought a high-resolution moniter for gaming.
Correct: He bought a high-resolution monitor for gaming.

Monitor Definitions

A screen that displays output from a computer.
I bought a new monitor for my gaming setup.
A device measuring and displaying specific types of data.
The patient's vital signs were shown on the heart monitor.
A class of warship with large guns and little armor.
The naval fleet included two monitors from the Civil War era.
A person who observes a situation, typically to ensure fairness.
She served as a monitor during the exams.
A large reptile, like the monitor lizard.
The Komodo dragon is the largest species of monitor lizard.
(engineering) A tool holder, as for a lathe, shaped like a low turret, and capable of being revolved on a vertical pivot so as to bring the several tools successively into position.
One that admonishes, cautions, or reminds, especially with respect to matters of conduct.
A pupil who assists a teacher in routine duties.
A usually electronic device used to record, regulate, or control a process or system.
A video display or speaker used in a production studio to check audio or video quality
The sound engineer detected a hiss on the monitor.
(Computers)A device that accepts video signals from a computer and displays information on a screen; a video display.
(Computers)A program that observes, supervises, or controls the activities of other programs.
An articulated device holding a rotating nozzle with which a jet of water is regulated, used in mining and firefighting.
A heavily ironclad warship of the 19th century with a low, flat deck and one or more gun turrets.
A modern warship designed for coastal bombardment.
See monitor lizard.
To check the quality or content of (an electronic audio or visual signal) by means of a receiver.
To check by means of an electronic receiver for significant content, such as military, political, or illegal activity
Monitor a suspected criminal's phone conversations.
To keep track of systematically with a view to collecting information
Monitor the bear population of a national park.
Monitored the political views of the people.
To test or sample, especially on a regular or ongoing basis
Monitored the city's drinking water for impurities.
To keep close watch over; supervise
Monitor an examination.
To direct.
To act as a monitor.
Someone who watches over something; a person in charge of something or someone.
The camp monitors look after the children during the night, when the teachers are asleep.
A device that detects and informs on the presence, quantity, etc., of something.
(computing) A device similar to a television set used as to give a graphical display of the output from a computer.
The information flashed up on the monitor.
A studio monitor or loudspeaker.
(computing) A program for viewing and editing.
A machine code monitor
A student leader in a class.
(nautical) One of a class of relatively small armored warships with only one or two turrets (but often carrying unusually large guns for a warship of its size), usually designed for shore bombardment or riverine warfare rather than open-ocean combat. from 1862
(archaic) An ironclad.
A monitor lizard.
(obsolete) One who admonishes; one who warns of faults, informs of duty, or gives advice and instruction by way of reproof or caution.
A monitor nozzle.
(transitive) To watch over; to guard.
One who admonishes; one who warns of faults, informs of duty, or gives advice and instruction by way of reproof or caution.
You need not be a monitor to the king.
Hence, specifically, a pupil selected to look to the school in the absence of the instructor, to notice the absence or faults of the scholars, or to instruct a division or class.
Any large Old World lizard of the genus Varanus; esp., the Egyptian species (Varanus Niloticus), which is useful because it devours the eggs and young of the crocodile. It is sometimes five or six feet long.
An ironclad war vessel, very low in the water, and having one or more heavily-armored revolving turrets, carrying heavy guns.
A tool holder, as for a lathe, shaped like a low turret, and capable of being revolved on a vertical pivot so as to bring successively the several tools in holds into proper position for cutting.
Display consisting of a device that takes signals from a computer and displays them on a CRT screen
Someone who supervises (an examination)
Someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided
An iron-clad vessel built by Federal forces to do battle with the Merrimac
Electronic equipment that is used to check the quality or content of electronic transmissions
A piece of electronic equipment that keeps track of the operation of a system continuously and warns of trouble
Any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia; fabled to warn of crocodiles
Keep tabs on; keep an eye on; keep under surveillance

Monitor Meaning in a Sentence

A dual monitor setup can significantly improve productivity.
You can use an external monitor to extend your laptop's display.
The new monitor has built-in speakers for a more immersive experience.
The graphic designer needs a monitor that covers a wide color gamut.
You can connect the monitor to your device via HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB-C.
The monitor stand allows you to adjust the height and angle.
The monitor displays vibrant colors and sharp images.
A curved monitor provides a more immersive viewing experience.
She calibrated her monitor to ensure accurate color reproduction.
The monitor went into sleep mode due to inactivity.
A touch screen monitor is useful for interactive applications.
You might need a different cable if the monitor doesn't display anything.
An ultrawide monitor is great for multitasking and editing wide timelines.
To reduce eye strain, choose a monitor with a blue light filter.
A monitor with a high dynamic range (HDR) offers better contrast and colors.
The IT department issued a new monitor to replace the old one.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Monitor?


Why is it called Monitor?

It's derived from Latin "monere" meaning "to warn" or "to remind."

What is the verb form of Monitor?

To monitor.

What is the root word of Monitor?

The root word is the Latin "monere."

Which vowel is used before Monitor?

The vowel "o" is used before "monitor."

Which conjunction is used with Monitor?

Monitor can be paired with any conjunction based on the sentence, e.g., "and," "or."

Which article is used with Monitor?

"A" or "the" based on the context.

Is Monitor an abstract noun?


Is Monitor a negative or positive word?


Is Monitor a vowel or consonant?

Monitor is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

What is the singular form of Monitor?


Which preposition is used with Monitor?

"On" as in "on the monitor," though it depends on the context.

Is Monitor an adverb?


What part of speech is Monitor?


What is the plural form of Monitor?


Is the word “Monitor” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be a direct object, as in "She turned on the monitor." It depends on the context.

What is another term for Monitor?

Screen (in some contexts).

Is Monitor a countable noun?


Is the word Monitor is imperative?


How many syllables are in Monitor?


What is a stressed syllable in Monitor?

The first syllable, "Mon."

What is the opposite of Monitor?

There's no direct antonym, but "ignore" is an opposite action.

Is Monitor a noun or adjective?

Monitor is primarily a noun.

Is Monitor a collective noun?


Is the Monitor term a metaphor?

It can be, as in "monitoring the situation."

Is the word Monitor is Gerund?


How do we divide Monitor into syllables?


Which determiner is used with Monitor?

Any appropriate determiner can be used, such as "this," "that," "my," "our."

What is the first form of Monitor?


What is the second form of Monitor?


What is the third form of Monitor?


How is Monitor used in a sentence?

"She turned on the monitor to begin her work."

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