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Funnyness vs. Funniness — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 30, 2024
"Funnyness" is incorrectly spelled. The right spelling is "funniness," denoting the quality or state of being funny or amusing.
Funnyness vs. Funniness — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Funnyness or Funniness

How to spell Funniness?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "fun" and simply add "-niness."
Associate the spelling with "happiness" as both have a double "n" and end in "-ness."
Remember "funny" and think of "business" to get "funniness."
Contrast "funniness" with "seriousness" to remember the correct "-ness" suffix.
Double the "n" after "funny" before adding "-ess."

How Do You Spell Funniness Correctly?

Incorrect: The funnyness of the joke didn't hit me until later.
Correct: The funniness of the joke didn't hit me until later.
Incorrect: She tried to measure the funnyness of the skit by the audience's reaction.
Correct: She tried to measure the funniness of the skit by the audience's reaction.
Incorrect: The funnyness of the situation was lost on no one.
Correct: The funniness of the situation was lost on no one.
Incorrect: He always had a knack for finding the funnyness in everyday situations.
Correct: He always had a knack for finding the funniness in everyday situations.
Incorrect: I couldn't understand the funnyness of his remark.
Correct: I couldn't understand the funniness of his remark.

Funniness Definitions

A characteristic that evokes laughter or amusement.
There's a certain funniness in the way he talks.
A strange or unexpected humorous element.
The funniness of the situation became clear later.
The peculiar or odd quality that makes something laughable.
The funniness in his antics was undeniable.
Causing laughter or amusement
A funny cartoon.
Making or given to making amusing jokes or witticisms
A colleague who is very funny.
Appropriate as the subject of a joke; deserving of a joke. Used in negative sentences to express disapproval or to emphasize the seriousness of something
There is nothing funny about getting the flu.
Difficult to account for; unusual or odd
I had a funny feeling that she would call.
Suspiciously odd
It's funny how I seem to lose something every time he comes around.
Counterfeit or fraudulent
Tried to pass off funny money as legitimate.
(Informal) Somewhat ill, painful, or abnormal
I felt funny after eating those clams. "a mole on his arm that has started to go funny" (Ann Cummins).
Offensively forward or disrespectful
She told him off after he started to get funny.
Contrary to one's demands or expectations
Don't let the prisoners do anything funny.
A joke; a witticism
"He laughed because he did not know I was not making a funny" (Jonathan Safran Foer).
Comic strips.
The section of a newspaper containing comic strips.
(uncountable) The quality of being funny.
(countable) Something funny; a quirky or amusing statement, mannerism, etc.
A comic incident or series of incidents.
A comic incident or series of incidents
The quality of being amusing or comic.
The funniness of the joke had everyone laughing.
The capacity to entertain by being humorous.
The movie's funniness surpassed our expectations.

Funniness Meaning in a Sentence

Many people appreciate the funniness of puns, even though they're often groan-worthy.
The funniness of the situation became apparent only after they had resolved the misunderstanding.
The funniness of the cartoon relies heavily on visual gags and slapstick humor.
His attempt to add funniness to the speech fell flat, drawing more cringes than laughs.
The book's funniness lies in its witty observations of human nature.
Cultural differences can greatly affect perceptions of funniness in humor.
Despite the seriousness of the lecture, she couldn't help but add a bit of funniness to her presentation.
She has a unique ability to find the funniness in mundane, everyday tasks.
The funniness of a situation is often enhanced by the reactions of those involved.
The funniness of the script was a key factor in the show's success.
Their friendship was built on a shared sense of funniness and a love for comedy.
Analyzing the funniness of jokes can sometimes make them less funny.
The funniness of the situation was unexpected, considering the seriousness of the event.
A joke's funniness can be diminished if it has to be explained.
The challenge for any comedian is maintaining the funniness of their act over time.
The funniness of internet memes can be difficult to explain to someone not familiar with the culture.
The funniness of his stories made him a popular guest at parties.
The funniness of the video made it go viral overnight.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Funniness?

There isn't a direct verb form, but "amuse" could be related.

Which vowel is used before Funniness?

The vowel "u" is in "funniness."

What is the root word of Funniness?


What is the pronunciation of Funniness?


What is the singular form of Funniness?


Which conjunction is used with Funniness?

Can vary; "and" is commonly used, e.g., "funniness and wit."

Is Funniness a noun or adjective?


Is Funniness an adverb?


What is the plural form of Funniness?

Funninesses, though rarely used.

Is Funniness an abstract noun?

Yes, as it describes a quality.

Why is it called Funniness?

It is derived from the adjective "funny" to describe the quality or state of being funny.

Which preposition is used with Funniness?

"Of" as in "funniness of the situation."

Which article is used with Funniness?

"The" for specific reference (the funniness of the joke).

Is the Funniness term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used in metaphorical contexts.

Is Funniness a negative or positive word?

Generally positive, but can be neutral based on context.

Is the word “Funniness” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Can be either, depending on the sentence.

How many syllables are in Funniness?

Three syllables.

Is Funniness a vowel or consonant?

It's a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Funniness a countable noun?

Not typically counted.

What is a stressed syllable in Funniness?

The first syllable "Fun."

What is another term for Funniness?


Is Funniness a collective noun?


What part of speech is Funniness?


What is the opposite of Funniness?


Is the word Funniness a gerund?


How is Funniness used in a sentence?

"The funniness of his stories always lightens the mood."

Is the word Funniness imperative?


How do we divide Funniness into syllables?


Which determiner is used with Funniness?

"The" or "a" based on context.

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