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Indivisual vs. Individual — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on April 3, 2024
"Indivisual" is incorrect, while "Individual" is correct, referring to a single, distinct person or entity, unique in characteristics.
Indivisual vs. Individual — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Indivisual or Individual

How to spell Individual?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember "Individual" includes "dual," hinting at the concept of one among many.
Note "Individual" has "vid" like "video," suggesting a single, distinct view or entity.
Associate "Individual" with "individuality," focusing on uniqueness and singularity.
Break it down: In-di-vid-ual emphasizes the unique aspect of an entity.
Recall "Individual" has the same ending as "residual," both ending in "-idual," indicating something pertaining to one.

How Do You Spell Individual Correctly?

Incorrect: The course is designed to cater to the needs of every indivisual learner.
Correct: The course is designed to cater to the needs of every individual learner.
Incorrect: Each indivisual has their own unique set of skills.
Correct: Each individual has their own unique set of skills.
Incorrect: The success of the project depends on the effort of each indivisual member.
Correct: The success of the project depends on the effort of each individual member.
Incorrect: The survey results will be kept confidential for every indivisual.
Correct: The survey results will be kept confidential for every individual.
Incorrect: It's important to recognize the contributions of each indivisual in the team.
Correct: It's important to recognize the contributions of each individual in the team.

Individual Definitions

An individual refers to a single human being distinct from a group.
Every individual has rights.
Individual pertains to rights or responsibilities assigned to a single person.
The law protects individual freedoms.
Individual highlights autonomy and self-reliance.
She is an individual thinker.
Individual emphasizes being unique and distinct in characteristics.
Each individual snowflake is unique.
Of or relating to an individual, especially a single human
Individual consciousness.
By or for one person
Individual work.
An individual portion.
Existing as a distinct entity; separate
Individual drops of rain.
Marked by or expressing individuality; distinctive or individualistic
An individual way of dressing.
Special; particular
Each variety of melon has its individual flavor and texture.
Serving to identify or set apart
"There was nothing individual about him except a deep scar ... across his right cheek" (Rebecca West).
A single human considered apart from a society or community
The rights of the individual.
A human regarded as a distinctive or unique personality
Always treated her clients as individuals.
Felt he was quite an individual.
A single organism as distinguished from a species, community, or group.
A member of a collection or set; a specimen.
A person considered alone, rather than as belonging to a group of people.
He is an unusual individual.
(legal) A single physical human being as a legal subject, as opposed to a legal person such as a corporation.
An object, be it a thing or an agent, as contrasted to a class.
(statistics) An element belonging to a population.
Relating to a single person or thing as opposed to more than one.
As we can't print them all together, the individual pages will have to be printed one by one.
Intended for a single person as opposed to more than one person.
Individual personal pension; individual cream cakes
Not divisible without losing its identity.
Not divided, or not to be divided; existing as one entity, or distinct being or object; single; one; as, an individual man, animal, or city.
Mind has a being of its own, distinct from that of all other things, and is pure, unmingled, individual substance.
United as one individual soul.
Of or pertaining to one only; peculiar to, or characteristic of, a single person or thing; distinctive; as, individual traits of character; individual exertions; individual peculiarities.
A single person, animal, or thing of any kind; a thing or being incapable of separation or division, without losing its identity; especially, a human being; a person.
An object which is in the strict and primary sense one, and can not be logically divided, is called an individual.
That individuals die, his will ordains.
An independent, or partially independent, zooid of a compound animal.
A human being;
There was too much for one person to do
A single organism
Being or characteristic of a single thing or person;
Individual drops of rain
Please mark the individual pages
They went their individual ways
Separate and distinct from others of the same kind;
Mark the individual pages
On a case-by-case basis
Characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing;
An individual serving
Separate rooms
Single occupancy
A single bed
Concerning one person exclusively;
We all have individual cars
Each room has a private bath
Individual can refer to a particular object distinct from others.
Please place the files in their individual folders.

Individual Meaning in a Sentence

Every individual in the class received a certificate.
The teacher met with each individual student to discuss their progress.
Customizing the lesson plans for individual students can improve outcomes.
Each individual has a right to freedom of speech.
The competition awarded prizes to both teams and individual participants.
Individual efforts contributed significantly to the group's success.
The policy affects each individual differently.
Personal growth is an individual journey.
It's essential to respect each individual's opinion in a discussion.
The survey sought to understand individual consumer preferences.
Each individual has their own set of challenges and strengths.
Each individual plays a unique role in their community.
Counseling sessions are tailored to meet individual needs.
Individual tickets for the concert went on sale this morning.
The artist's work is influenced by her individual experiences.
Individual accountability is crucial in a collaborative project.
The insurance plan offers benefits that cater to individual requirements.
Individual actions can have a significant impact on the environment.
Recognizing individual achievements can boost morale in the workplace.
The app allows individual customization to suit user preferences.
The coach tailored workouts to fit each individual athlete's needs.
The library offers individual study rooms for students.
The teacher encourages individual creativity in the classroom.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Individual?

The root word is Latin "individualis," meaning undivided or singular.

Which vowel is used before Individual?

The vowel "i" is used before "ndividual."

Why is it called Individual?

It's called "individual" from Latin "individualis," meaning indivisible, reflecting something singular and undivided.

What is the pronunciation of Individual?

Individual is pronounced as /ˌɪn.dɪˈvɪ.dʒu.əl/.

What is the singular form of Individual?

The singular form is "individual."

What is the verb form of Individual?

There is no direct verb form of "individual"; however, "individualize" could be considered a related verb form.

Which conjunction is used with Individual?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used, depending on the sentence structure.

Which preposition is used with Individual?

"Of" or "in" are commonly used with "individual" (e.g., individual of significance, individual in a group).

Which article is used with Individual?

The article "an" is commonly used with "individual."

Is the Individual term a metaphor?

"Individual" can be used metaphorically to emphasize uniqueness or singularity.

What is the plural form of Individual?

The plural form is "individuals."

Is Individual a noun or adjective?

Individual can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is Individual an adverb?

No, individual is not an adverb.

Is the word Individual imperative?

The word "individual" itself is not imperative; its usage can be part of imperative structures depending on context.

What is a stressed syllable in Individual?

The stressed syllable in "individual" is "vid."

Is Individual a collective noun?

No, individual is not a collective noun.

What is another term for Individual?

Another term for individual is "person" or "entity."

Is Individual a countable noun?

Yes, individual as a noun is countable.

Is the word “Individual” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can serve as either, depending on sentence construction.

What part of speech is Individual?

Individual is both a noun and an adjective.

Which determiner is used with Individual?

Determiners like "the," "an," or "each" can be used with "individual," depending on context.

What is the first form of Individual?

As a noun or adjective, "individual" is its base form.

Is Individual an abstract noun?

No, as a noun, it typically refers to a concrete entity; as an adjective, it describes specific qualities.

What is the opposite of Individual?

The opposite of individual could be "collective" or "group."

What is the second form of Individual?

There is no second form for "individual" as it does not conjugate like a verb.

What is the third form of Individual?

Similarly, there is no third form for "individual."

Is Individual a negative or positive word?

Individual is neutral; context determines its positive or negative connotation.

Is Individual a vowel or consonant?

The word "individual" starts with a vowel.

Is the word Individual Gerund?

No, "individual" is not a gerund; it does not represent an action or process.

How many syllables are in Individual?

There are five syllables in "individual."

How do we divide Individual into syllables?

Individual is divided into syllables as in-di-vid-u-al.

How is Individual used in a sentence?

"Each individual in the class presented a unique perspective."

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