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Genaral vs. General — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Updated on April 3, 2024
"Genaral" is incorrect; "General" means widespread or common. Correct spelling starts with "e" after "G."
Genaral vs. General — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Genaral or General

How to spell General?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "general" as encompassing "all," both containing "e" not "a."
Use a mnemonic: "Every general needs excellence," focusing on the "e" after "G."
"General" has the same "e" after "G" as in "gentle."
Visualize the word "general" in a military context, with "e" standing for excellence.
Associate "general" with "generation," both starting with "gen" and having an "e" after "n."

How Do You Spell General Correctly?

Incorrect: The genaral consensus is that the project was a success.
Correct: The general consensus is that the project was a success.
Incorrect: They conducted a genaral review of the system.
Correct: They conducted a general review of the system.
Incorrect: He was appointed as a genaral in the army.
Correct: He was appointed as a general in the army.
Incorrect: The genaral idea is to improve efficiency across the board.
Correct: The general idea is to improve efficiency across the board.
Incorrect: In genaral, the feedback was positive.
Correct: In general, the feedback was positive.

General Definitions

General also means overall or common;
General knowledge is important for trivia games.
In a broad sense, General refers to comprehensive;
The meeting covered topics of general interest.
Concerned with, applicable to, or affecting the whole or every member of a class or category
"subduing all her impressions as a woman, to something more general" (Virginia Woolf).
Affecting or characteristic of the majority of those involved; prevalent
General discontent.
Of or affecting the entire body
General paralysis.
Being usually the case; true or applicable in most instances but not all
The general correctness of her decisions.
Not limited in scope, area, or application
As a general rule.
Not limited to or dealing with one class of things; diversified
General studies.
Involving only the main features rather than precise details
A general grasp of the subject.
Highest or superior in rank
The general manager.
A commissioned rank in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above lieutenant general.
One who holds this rank or a similar rank in another military organization.
A general officer.
A statement, principle, or fact that embraces or is applicable to the whole.
General anesthesia.
(Archaic) The public.
Including or involving every part or member of a given or implied entity, whole etc.; as opposed to specific or particular.
Applied to a person (as a postmodifier or a normal preceding adjective) to indicate supreme rank, in civil or military titles, and later in other terms; pre-eminent.
Prevalent or widespread among a given class or area; common, usual.
Not limited in use or application; applicable to the whole or every member of a class or category.
Giving or consisting of only the most important aspects of something, ignoring minor details; indefinite.
Not limited to a specific class; miscellaneous, concerned with all branches of a given subject or area.
A general fact or proposition; a generality.
We have dealt with the generals; now let us turn to the particulars.
(military ranks) The holder of a senior military title, originally designating the commander of an army and now a specific rank falling under field marshal (in the British army) and below general of the army or general of the air force in the US army and air forces.
A great strategist or tactician.
Hannibal was one of the greatest generals of the ancient world.
(Christianity) The head of certain religious orders, especially Dominicans or Jesuits.
(nautical) A commander of naval forces; an admiral.
A general servant; a maid with no specific duties.
(countable) A general anesthetic.
(uncountable) General anesthesia.
The general insurance industry.
I work in general.
(xiangqi) A xiangqi piece, that is moved one point orthogonally and confined within the palace.
To lead (soldiers) as a general.
(obsolete) In a general or collective manner or sense; in most cases; upon the whole.
Relating to a genus or kind; pertaining to a whole class or order; as, a general law of animal or vegetable economy.
Comprehending many species or individuals; not special or particular; including all particulars; as, a general inference or conclusion.
Not restrained or limited to a precise import; not specific; vague; indefinite; lax in signification; as, a loose and general expression.
Common to many, or the greatest number; widely spread; prevalent; extensive, though not universal; as, a general opinion; a general custom.
This general applause and cheerful shoutArgue your wisdom and your love to Richard.
Having a relation to all; common to the whole; as, Adam, our general sire.
As a whole; in gross; for the most part.
His general behavior vain, ridiculous.
Usual; common, on most occasions; as, his general habit or method.
The whole; the total; that which comprehends or relates to all, or the chief part; - opposed to particular.
In particulars our knowledge begins, and so spreads itself by degrees to generals.
One of the chief military officers of a government or country; the commander of an army, of a body of men not less than a brigade. In European armies, the highest military rank next below field marshal.
The roll of the drum which calls the troops together; as, to beat the general.
The chief of an order of monks, or of all the houses or congregations under the same rule.
The public; the people; the vulgar.
A general officer of the highest rank
The head of a religious order or congregation
A fact about the whole (as opposed to particular);
He discussed the general but neglected the particular
He always reasons from the particular to the general
Command as a general;
We are generaled by an incompetent!
Applying to all or most members of a category or group;
The general public
General assistance
A general rule
In general terms
Comprehensible to the general reader
Not specialized or limited to one class of things;
General studies
General knowledge
Of national scope;
A general election
Prevailing among and common to the general public;
The general discontent
Affecting the entire body;
A general anesthetic
General symptoms
Somewhat indefinite;
Bearing a general resemblance to the original
A general description of the merchandise
Of worldwide scope or applicability;
An issue of cosmopolitan import
The shrewdest political and ecumenical comment of our time
Universal experience
General means widespread, not specific;
The general consensus was in favor of the new policy.
As a rank, General is a high military officer;
The General led the troops into battle.
General can describe something applicable to all cases;
These rules are general and apply to everyone.

General Meaning in a Sentence

The general public is invited to the event.
The general manager will make the final decision.
As a rule of thumb, it's general practice to wear formal attire to the interview.
She has a general understanding of the topic.
The meeting is open to the general membership of the club.
The general trend in the data indicates an improvement.
A general warning was issued to all residents of the area.
General knowledge is important for various competitive exams.
The general mood at the party was cheerful and light-hearted.
In general, eating a balanced diet is beneficial to your health.
He was promoted to the rank of general after years of service.
The report gives a general description of the project's goals.
The book provides a general overview of the history of art.
The course offers a general introduction to psychology.
The software is designed for general use, not specific applications.
The conference attracts people from the general field of engineering.
The general consensus among experts is that the policy will change.
The guide offers general tips for traveling in Europe.
She's well-regarded for her general competence and reliability.
General admission tickets are available at the front desk.
The museum is free for the general public on Sundays.
She made some general comments about the presentation.
General health screenings are recommended for early detection of diseases.
His duties as a general involved both leadership and strategy.
The lecture was aimed at a general audience, without assuming specialized knowledge.

General Idioms & Phrases

General public

Ordinary people in society, not part of any special group.
The museum's new exhibit is now open to the general public.

General consensus

A broad agreement among a group of people.
There is a general consensus that the law needs to be updated.

In general

Usually or in most situations.
In general, I prefer comedy movies over horror.

General knowledge

Information that is known by many people and not specialized.
Quiz shows test your general knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of General?

The root is Latin "generalis," from "genus" meaning kind or type.

Which preposition is used with General?

Prepositions like "in," "of," or "about" can be used.

What is the pronunciation of General?

Pronounced as "JEN-uh-ruhl."

What is the plural form of General?

Plural form is "generals."

Which conjunction is used with General?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" are used.

What is the verb form of General?

There's no verb form; "generalize" is a related verb but has a different meaning.

Which vowel is used before General?

"A" is used, as in "a general idea."

What is the singular form of General?

Singular form is "general."

Why is it called General?

Derived from Latin "generalis," meaning widespread or common.

Which article is used with General?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

Is General a noun or adjective?

It can be both, depending on context.

How many syllables are in General?

There are three syllables.

Is General an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

Is General a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; context determines its connotation.

Is General a vowel or consonant?

The word consists of both vowels and consonants.

Is General a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the word General a Gerund?

No, it's not a gerund.

What part of speech is General?

It can be an adjective or a noun.

Is General a countable noun?

Yes, when referring to military officers.

Is the General term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to describe someone in charge.

How do we divide General into syllables?

Divided as "gen-er-al."

What is another term for General?

"Broad" or "widespread" for the adjective; "commander" for the military rank.

What is the opposite of General?

"Specific" for the adjective; there's no direct opposite for the military rank.

Which determiner is used with General?

Determiners like "the," "a," "this," or "my" can be used.

Is General an abstract noun?

As an adjective, it's abstract; as a noun (military rank), it's concrete.

Is the word General imperative?

No, it's not used as an imperative.

Is the word “General” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on sentence structure.

What is the stressed syllable in General?

The first syllable "gen" is stressed.

What is the first form of General?

The base form is "general."

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