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Forsight vs. Foresight — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Updated on April 1, 2024
"Forsight" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "foresight," meaning the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.
Forsight vs. Foresight — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Forsight or Foresight

How to spell Foresight?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember, "foresight" sounds like "before sight," not "for sight."
"Foresight" contains 'sight,' like "eyesight," referring to seeing or predicting.
Associate "foresight" with "forecast," both starting with 'fore,' indicating prediction.
Recall that "foresight" has the same 'e' as "before."
Think of "fore" as in "before" to remember it's about seeing ahead.

How Do You Spell Foresight Correctly?

Incorrect: His forsight saved the company from making a costly mistake.
Correct: His foresight saved the company from making a costly mistake.
Incorrect: Without proper forsight, the project was doomed to fail.
Correct: Without proper foresight, the project was doomed to fail.
Incorrect: The city's forsight in urban planning has made it a model for others.
Correct: The city's foresight in urban planning has made it a model for others.
Incorrect: Planning for the future requires good forsight.
Correct: Planning for the future requires good foresight.
Incorrect: She was admired for her strategic forsight in investments.
Correct: She was admired for her strategic foresight in investments.

Foresight Definitions

The act of looking forward and anticipating future developments.
Foresight is a valuable skill in leadership.
Prudent provision for future needs or events.
Good foresight is essential in financial planning.
The ability to predict or plan for the future wisely.
Her foresight saved the company during the crisis.
The ability or action of imagining or anticipating what might happen in the future.
Care in providing for the future
Spending all of your money at once shows little foresight.
The ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future.
Having the foresight to prepare an evacuation plan may have saved their lives.
The front sight on a rifle or similar weapon
(surveying) a bearing taken forwards towards a new object
The act or the power of foreseeing; prescience; foreknowledge.
Action in reference to the future; provident care; prudence; wise forethought.
This seems an unseasonable foresight.
A random expense, without plan or foresight.
Any sight or reading of the leveling staff, except the backsight; any sight or bearing taken by a compass or theodolite in a forward direction.
Providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future
Seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing
Visionary planning for future eventualities.
His foresight led to the success of the project.
The perception of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred.
With foresight, they avoided potential obstacles.

Foresight Meaning in a Sentence

The architect's foresight ensured the building was sustainable for future generations.
Their foresight in saving money helped them through tough times.
Having foresight can help you avoid many problems in life.
Foresight is critical when investing in the stock market.
It takes foresight to recognize opportunities that others overlook.
Parents use foresight in planning for their children's education.
The farmer's foresight in crop rotation preserved soil fertility.
The CEO's foresight led to the company's unparalleled success.
Successful entrepreneurs often credit their foresight for their achievements.
Environmentalists emphasize the need for foresight in conserving natural resources.
The general's foresight in strategy won the battle.
Foresight in emergency preparedness can save lives and resources.
Foresight in career planning can lead to personal fulfillment and success.
Foresight in tech development has made them industry leaders.
Political leaders often require foresight to navigate complex international relations.
Using foresight, they allocated resources to areas with the highest growth potential.
Foresight is a valuable skill in rapidly changing industries.
Her foresight in real estate investment made her a millionaire.
The foresight to build a diverse network paid off in unexpected ways.
Without foresight, it's easy to be caught unprepared.
Foresight into market trends is crucial for small business survival.
The foresight to patent their invention secured their financial future.
With foresight, the team anticipated challenges and devised solutions ahead of time.
Their foresight in adopting new technologies kept the company competitive.
The project's success was due in large part to the manager's foresight.

Foresight Idioms & Phrases

A lack of foresight

The absence of the ability to predict or plan for the future.
The project's failure was ultimately attributed to a lack of foresight.

With the benefit of foresight

Understanding or knowing something before it happens.
With the benefit of foresight, they would have invested differently.

To have the foresight to

To possess the ability to foresee and act upon future needs or challenges.
She had the foresight to secure additional funding before the budget cuts.

Vision and foresight

The combination of having a clear idea of what one wants to achieve and the ability to anticipate future challenges or needs.
His vision and foresight have positioned the company at the forefront of the industry.

Foresight is better than hindsight

It's better to anticipate and prepare for the future than to look back and regret.
As they say, foresight is better than hindsight, so let's plan carefully.

Exhibit foresight

To demonstrate the ability to plan for the future with wisdom.
Leaders must exhibit foresight to guide their teams through uncertain times.

A testament to one's foresight

Evidence or proof of someone's ability to predict and prepare for the future.
The thriving garden was a testament to the gardener's foresight during the drought.

Act with foresight

To make decisions or take actions that are informed by considerations for the future.
We need to act with foresight and consider the long-term impacts of our policies.

The fruits of foresight

The positive outcomes or benefits resulting from having planned for the future.
The company's current success is the fruits of foresight from its founders.

Foresight and prudence

The qualities of being able to foresee potential problems or needs and being cautious and wise in decision-making.
With foresight and prudence, they navigated the financial crisis more smoothly than many others.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of foresight?

Foresight is pronounced as /ˈfɔːr.saɪt/.

Why is it called foresight?

It's called foresight because it involves seeing or knowing in advance; 'fore' refers to before, and 'sight' to seeing.

What is the verb form of foresight?

Foresight is a noun; it doesn't have a verb form.

What is the root word of foresight?

The root words are "fore," meaning before, and "sight," implying vision.

Which vowel is used before foresight?

Typically, 'a' is used before foresight.

What is the plural form of foresight?

The plural form is "foresights."

Which conjunction is used with foresight?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" are often used with foresight.

Is foresight a noun or adjective?

Foresight is a noun.

Is foresight an adverb?

No, foresight is not an adverb.

What is the singular form of foresight?

The singular form is "foresight."

Which preposition is used with foresight?

Prepositions like "with" and "of" are commonly used with foresight.

Is foresight an abstract noun?

Yes, foresight is an abstract noun.

Is foresight a countable noun?

Foresight is generally used as an uncountable noun.

Is foresight a collective noun?

No, foresight is not a collective noun.

Is the foresight term a metaphor?

Foresight can be used metaphorically but is not inherently a metaphor.

Is the word foresight imperative?

No, foresight is not imperative; it's a noun.

How many syllables are in foresight?

There are two syllables in foresight.

What is the opposite of foresight?

The opposite of foresight is "shortsightedness" or "heedlessness."

What is the first form of foresight?

Foresight does not have forms; it's a noun.

What part of speech is foresight?

Foresight is a noun.

Which determiner is used with foresight?

Determiners like "this," "that," "much," or "great" can be used with foresight.

What is the second form of foresight?

There is no second form; foresight is a noun.

Is foresight a negative or positive word?

Foresight is generally considered a positive word due to its association with wisdom and planning.

Is foresight a vowel or consonant?

The term 'foresight' starts with a consonant letter 'f.'

Is the word foresight a Gerund?

No, foresight is not a gerund; it's a noun.

Is the word “foresight” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Foresight can be used as either, depending on the sentence structure.

How do we divide foresight into syllables?

Foresight is divided as fore-sight.

What is the stressed syllable in foresight?

The stressed syllable in foresight is 'fore.'

What is another term for foresight?

Another term for foresight is "prescience."

What is the third form of foresight?

There is no third form; foresight is a noun.

Which article is used with foresight?

The article "a" is used before foresight.

How is foresight used in a sentence?

"His foresight in business investments brought him immense success."

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