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Equiped vs. Equipped — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 24, 2024
"Equiped" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "equipped," meaning provided with necessary items or abilities.
Equiped vs. Equipped — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Equiped or Equipped

How to spell Equipped?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Relate "equip" with "trip" – "tripped" also doubles the consonant.
Double the “p” before adding “-ed” to "equip."
Recall that English often doubles consonants before adding “-ed” to verbs ending in a single consonant after a vowel.
Visualize the sentence: "I equipped my backpack."
Think of "zipped" – both words double the consonant before “-ed.”

How Do You Spell Equipped Correctly?

Incorrect: He was not equiped for the harsh weather.
Correct: He was not equipped for the harsh weather.
Incorrect: She equiped her car with all the latest safety features.
Correct: She equipped her car with all the latest safety features.
Incorrect: The kitchen is fully equiped with modern appliances.
Correct: The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances.
Incorrect: The soldiers were poorly equiped for the mission.
Correct: The soldiers were poorly equipped for the mission.
Incorrect: They have equiped the laboratory with new technology.
Correct: They have equipped the laboratory with new technology.

Equipped Definitions

"Equipped" can denote being dressed or outfitted in a specific manner.
He came equipped in formal attire.
"Equipped" means provided with necessary tools or items.
The kitchen was fully equipped.
"Equipped" can imply having particular features.
The car is equipped with the latest technology.
"Equipped" suggests readiness or provision for a particular purpose.
The team was equipped for the challenge.
To supply with necessities such as tools or provisions.
To furnish (someone) with the qualities necessary for performance; prepare
An education that will equip you to handle such problems.
Simple past tense and past participle of equip
Provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate;
A well equipped playground
A ship equipped with every mechanical aid to navigation
Provided with whatever is necessary for a purpose (as furniture or equipment or authority);
A furnished apartment
A completely furnished toolbox
Furnished with all equipment needed for voyaging
Prepared with proper equipment;
Equipped for service in the Arctic
Carrying weapons
"Equipped" describes being prepared with skills or knowledge.
She's equipped with the skills needed for the job.

Equipped Meaning in a Sentence

All classrooms are equipped with smart boards and projectors.
The fitness center is fully equipped with the latest exercise machines.
The new model is equipped with advanced anti-theft systems.
Modern smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras.
Skilled workers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform their jobs.
The campsite is equipped with everything we need for the weekend.
She keeps her toolbox well-equipped for any home repair.
The expedition team was equipped with satellite phones for communication.
The boat was equipped with life jackets for all passengers.
The hiking backpack is equipped with a built-in water filtration system.
Firefighters' gear is equipped with thermal imaging cameras to see through smoke.
She equipped her photography studio with high-quality lighting equipment.
The aircraft is equipped with automatic landing systems for safety.
Our office is equipped with high-speed internet and ergonomic chairs.
Emergency vehicles must be equipped with sirens and flashing lights.
Soldiers' helmets are equipped with night vision technology.
Each hotel room is equipped with a flat-screen TV and a mini-fridge.
The diving suit is equipped with a radio communication device.
The hospital's emergency room is equipped to handle critical situations.
Luxury cars are often equipped with heated seats and climate control.
He equipped his bicycle with a new set of LED lights for night riding.
The security system is equipped with motion sensors and alarms.
The science lab is equipped with microscopes and chemical analyzers.
The artist's studio is equipped with a variety of brushes and paints.

Equipped Idioms & Phrases

Fully equipped

Containing all the items or features that are necessary or desirable.
The fully equipped kitchen made meal preparation a breeze during the vacation.

Equipped for success

Provided with everything needed to achieve a successful outcome.
With a solid education and a strong work ethic, she felt equipped for success in her career.


Having all the necessary tools, resources, or equipment.
The team was well-equipped for the project, with every member bringing unique skills to the table.

Equipped at all times

Always being prepared with the necessary equipment or information.
As a journalist, he is equipped at all times with a camera and notebook.

Equipped with the latest technology

Having the most recent technological advancements.
The laboratory was equipped with the latest technology, allowing for groundbreaking research.

Better equipped

Having superior tools, resources, or knowledge.
With the new software, the design team is better equipped to tackle complex projects.

Equipped to handle

Prepared or ready to deal with a situation or task.
The emergency services are equipped to handle natural disasters efficiently.

Equipped for every occasion

Prepared for any event or situation that might arise.
Her versatile wardrobe made her equipped for every occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

Equipped for the journey

Having all the necessary supplies or preparations for a trip.
Before setting out, they made sure they were equipped for the journey with enough food and water.

Equipped with essentials

Having all the basic necessities.
Even the most minimalistic travelers make sure they are equipped with essentials like passports and money.

Equipped with safety features

Having devices or systems designed to prevent accidents or injuries.
The new model of the car is equipped with safety features like automatic braking and lane-keeping assist.


Specially prepared with particular tools or features according to specific needs or preferences.
The custom-equipped workshop allowed him to create his woodworking masterpieces.

Poorly equipped

Lacking the necessary tools or resources.
The team was poorly equipped for the sudden change in weather, leading to difficulties during the hike.

Equipped for the task

Having all the necessary tools, resources, or skills to complete a job.
After receiving training, the volunteers were equipped for the task of restoring the community park.

Equipped by experience

Prepared through the knowledge or skills gained from past experiences.
Years of fieldwork have equipped her with a keen sense for research.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of equipped?

"Equipped" is pronounced as "ih-KWIPT."

Why is it called equipped?

"Equipped" is the past tense of "equip," meaning to supply or provide.

What is the plural form of equipped?

Not applicable; verbs don't have plural forms.

What is the root word of equipped?

The root word is "equip."

What is the verb form of equipped?

The base verb form is "equip."

What is the singular form of equipped?

"Equipped" is the past tense of "equip" and doesn't have a singular or plural form in this context.

Is equipped a noun or adjective?

It can function as an adjective (e.g., "equipped kitchen") or as a verb (e.g., "I equipped the team").

Is equipped a negative or positive word?

Neutral. The connotation depends on context.

Which vowel is used before equipped?

The indefinite article "an" can be used before "equipped."

Which conjunction is used with equipped?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence, e.g., "and" or "but."

Is equipped an adverb?


Which preposition is used with equipped?

Prepositions can vary; commonly used ones include "with" and "for."

Is the word equipped imperative?


Is equipped a vowel or consonant?

"Equipped" is a word made up of both vowels and consonants.

Is equipped a countable noun?

No, "equipped" is not typically used as a noun.

How many syllables are in equipped?

Two syllables.

How do we divide equipped into syllables?


Which determiner is used with equipped?

"The" or "an" can be used, depending on context.

What is the first form of equipped?


What is another term for equipped?

Outfitted or provided.

Is equipped an abstract noun?


Is equipped a collective noun?


What is the opposite of equipped?

Unequipped or ill-equipped.

What is the second form of equipped?


Which article is used with equipped?

"Equipped" can be preceded by both definite "the" and indefinite "a/an" articles, depending on the context.

What is a stressed syllable in equipped?

The first syllable, "e," is stressed.

What part of speech is equipped?

It can be a past tense verb or an adjective.

What is the third form of equipped?


Is the equipped term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used in metaphorical expressions.

How is equipped used in a sentence?

"The laboratory was fully equipped with advanced instruments."

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