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Monotomy vs. Monotony — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 27, 2024
Monotomy is a misspelling, while "Monotony" is the correct spelling, signifying tedious repetition or lack of variety.
Monotomy vs. Monotony — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Monotomy or Monotony

How to spell Monotony?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "mono" (meaning one) and "tony" (sounds like "tone") – one tone, which implies repetition.
Imagine a single (mono) tone playing repeatedly, signifying lack of variety.
The word "monotonous" (having the quality of monotony) can remind you of the correct spelling.
“Monotomy” has “tomy” which looks odd, while “tony” in "Monotony" seems balanced and reflects its meaning.
"Monotony" contains "ton," suggesting a repetitive tone or sound.

How Do You Spell Monotony Correctly?

Incorrect: He tried to break the monotomy of his routine by taking up a new hobby.
Correct: He tried to break the monotony of his routine by taking up a new hobby.
Incorrect: The monotomy of the landscape was unbroken for miles.
Correct: The monotony of the landscape was unbroken for miles.
Incorrect: She found the monotomy of the lecture almost unbearable.
Correct: She found the monotony of the lecture almost unbearable.
Incorrect: Living in a small town can lead to a certain monotomy in lifestyle.
Correct: Living in a small town can lead to a certain monotony in lifestyle.
Incorrect: The daily monotomy of the job made him want to quit.
Correct: The daily monotony of the job made him want to quit.

Monotony Definitions

Tedious repetition or routine.
Daily chores added to the monotony of her life.
Uniformity in tone or sound.
The monotony of his voice made the lecture dull.
The quality or state of being monotonous; lack of variation.
The monotony of the desert landscape was striking.
A repetitive sequence or pattern.
The speech was filled with a monotony of facts and figures.
Uniformity or lack of variation in pitch, intonation, or inflection.
Tedious sameness or repetitiousness
The monotony of daily routine.
Tedium as a result of repetition or a lack of variety.
(mathematics) The property of a monotonic function.
The quality of having an unvarying tone or pitch.
A frequent recurrence of the same tone or sound, producing a dull uniformity; absence of variety, as in speaking or singing.
Any irksome sameness, or want of variety.
At sea, everything that breaks the monotony of the surrounding expanse attracts attention.
The quality of wearisome constancy and lack of variety;
He had never grown accustomed to the monotony of his work
He hated the sameness of the food the college served
Constancy of tone or pitch or inflection
A continuous, single, unchanging sound.
The monotony of the ticking clock was the only sound in the room.

Monotony Meaning in a Sentence

Teachers try to reduce monotony in classrooms by using interactive lessons.
The monotony of eating the same lunch every day quickly became tiresome.
He broke the monotony of studying by listening to music.
Traveling to new places is a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life.
Reading different genres of books can help overcome the monotony of daily life.
Adding colorful decorations can reduce the monotony of a dull room.
The film's plot lacked depth, leading to a sense of monotony among viewers.
The monotony of the long drive was relieved by playing fun road trip games.
To avoid monotony, she changes her workout routine every month.
Creative hobbies are an excellent antidote to life's monotony.
Experimenting with new recipes helped her break the monotony of cooking.
The monotony of the treadmill pushed him to run outdoors.
The monotony of walking the same path every day led her to explore new routes.
They introduced weekly themes at work to break the monotony.
Changing the classroom layout helped break the monotony for students.
Finding little surprises in everyday life breaks the monotony of routine.
To fight the monotony of winter, they planned various indoor activities.
The monotony of typing data all day was occasionally broken by coffee breaks.
The monotony of a long flight can be mitigated by a good book or movie.
To combat the monotony of reading, he joined a book club.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Monotony?

The root word of "Monotony" is "mono," meaning "one" or "single," and "tonos," meaning "tone."

What is the pronunciation of Monotony?

Monotony is pronounced as /məˈnɑːtəni/.

Which vowel is used before Monotony?

The vowel "o" is used before "Monotony."

Which preposition is used with Monotony?

Typically, "of" or "in" can be used with Monotony, e.g., "monotony of daily life" or "monotony in his speech."

What is the verb form of Monotony?

The verb form related to "Monotony" is "monotonize."

Why is it called Monotony?

It's called "Monotony" because it derives from the Greek word "monotonos," meaning "unvarying" or "one tone."

Which conjunction is used with Monotony?

Any conjunction can be used with "Monotony" depending on the context, such as "and," "but," or "or."

Is the Monotony term a metaphor?

No, "Monotony" is not inherently a metaphor but can be used metaphorically in specific contexts.

What is the singular form of Monotony?

The singular form is "Monotony."

What is the plural form of Monotony?

The plural form is "Monotonies."

Which article is used with Monotony?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "Monotony," depending on context.

Is Monotony a countable noun?

No, "Monotony" is generally considered an uncountable noun.

What is the stressed syllable in Monotony?

The stressed syllable is "no."

What is another term for Monotony?

Another term for "Monotony" could be "tedium."

What is the opposite of Monotony?

The opposite of "Monotony" might be "variety" or "diversity."

Which determiner is used with Monotony?

Determiners like "the," "this," or "such" can be used with "Monotony."

Is Monotony an abstract noun?

Yes, "Monotony" is an abstract noun as it represents an idea or concept.

Is the word Monotony a Gerund?

No, "Monotony" is not a gerund.

Is the word “Monotony” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Monotony" can serve as either a direct or indirect object, depending on the sentence structure.

What is the first form of Monotony?

"Monotony" is a noun and does not have verb forms.

How is Monotony used in a sentence?

"The monotony of the daily routine was wearing her down."

Is Monotony a noun or adjective?

Monotony is a noun.

Is Monotony a collective noun?

No, "Monotony" is not a collective noun.

How do we divide Monotony into syllables?


What is the third form of Monotony?

"Monotony" is a noun and does not have verb forms.

Is Monotony an adverb?

No, "Monotony" is not an adverb.

Is Monotony a negative or positive word?

Monotony is typically seen as negative, implying a lack of variety or excitement.

Is Monotony a vowel or consonant?

Monotony is a noun, not a vowel or consonant. However, it starts with a consonant sound.

Is the word Monotony imperative?

No, "Monotony" is not an imperative form.

How many syllables are in Monotony?

There are four syllables in "Monotony."

What part of speech is Monotony?

"Monotony" is a noun.

What is the second form of Monotony?

"Monotony" is a noun and does not have verb forms.

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