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Embarassed vs. Embarrassed — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on April 3, 2024
"Embarassed" is an incorrect spelling. The correct version is "embarrassed," denoting feelings of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.
Embarassed vs. Embarrassed — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Embarassed or Embarrassed

How to spell Embarrassed?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Always use two 'r's and two 's's: "embarrassed."
Think of it as being "really" (double 'r') self-conscious.
Remember, the more letters, the more intense the feeling.
Relate the double 's' to the intensity of the feeling.
Break it into "em-barr-ass-ed" for pronunciation and memory.

How Do You Spell Embarrassed Correctly?

Incorrect: I was so embarassed when I called him by the wrong name.
Correct: I was so embarrassed when I called him by the wrong name.
Incorrect: She was embarassed to admit she had forgotten the appointment.
Correct: She was embarrassed to admit she had forgotten the appointment.
Incorrect: He felt embarassed after tripping on stage.
Correct: He felt embarrassed after tripping on stage.
Incorrect: It's common to feel embarassed when making a mistake in public.
Correct: It's common to feel embarrassed when making a mistake in public.
Incorrect: They were embarassed by their child's tantrum in the store.
Correct: They were embarrassed by their child's tantrum in the store.

Embarrassed Definitions

Embarrassed implies feeling awkward or uneasy.
I was embarrassed when I tripped over my own feet.
Embarrassed can denote a state of discomfort due to a particular situation.
She felt embarrassed speaking in front of a large crowd.
Embarrassed refers to feeling self-conscious or ashamed.
He was embarrassed about his mistake.
Embarrassed can mean feeling humiliated or shamed by one's own actions.
She was deeply embarrassed after forgetting her lines.
Embarrassed can also describe a situation of being caught off-guard.
The politician was embarrassed by the unexpected question.
To cause to feel self-conscious or ill at ease; disconcert
Meeting adults embarrassed the shy child.
To hinder with obstacles or difficulties; impede
"an ambitious raid meant to embarrass his supply line by burning the bridges" (William Marvel).
(Archaic) To involve in or hamper with financial difficulties
The company was embarrassed and had to mortgage its properties.
Having a feeling of shameful discomfort.
After returning from the pool, Aleshia felt significantly better, though she was still slightly embarrassed.
(archaic) Impeded; obstructed.
Simple past tense and past participle of embarrass
Feeling uneasily or unpleasantly self-conscious due to some event or circumstance; as, she was embarrassed by her child's tantrums.
Feeling inferior or unworthy and hence unpleasantly self-conscious; as, too embarrassed to say hello to his drunken father on the street.
Feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious;
Felt abashed at the extravagant praise
Chagrined at the poor sales of his book
Was embarrassed by her child's tantrums
Caused to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable;
Was discomfited by the personal questions
The child felt embarrassed by the attention of the adults
Made to feel uncomfortable because of shame or wounded pride;
Too embarrassed to say hello to his drunken father on the street
Humiliated that his wife had to go out to work
Felt mortified by the comparison with her sister

Embarrassed Meaning in a Sentence

The company was embarrassed by the negative publicity.
They were embarrassed to be caught arguing in public.
Being caught in a lie left her feeling deeply embarrassed.
He was embarrassed when his phone rang loudly during the quiet concert.
She felt embarrassed for not remembering her friend's birthday.
The athlete was embarrassed by his poor performance in the game.
He was embarrassed to admit he was scared of the dark.
She was embarrassed to find out everyone knew about her secret.
She was embarrassed when she tripped and fell in front of everyone.
He felt embarrassed after realizing his zipper was down the whole meeting.
I was embarrassed to see my awkward dance moves in the video.
She was embarrassed to ask for help with something simple.
He felt embarrassed for laughing at the wrong moment.
They were embarrassed about the state of their house when guests arrived unannounced.
The typo in the report was an embarrassing oversight.
The mix-up at the restaurant left them feeling embarrassed.
They felt embarrassed for overstaying their welcome.
Wearing the same outfit as someone else was slightly embarrassing for her.
Realizing he had been talking to the wrong person was embarrassing.
He was embarrassed that he couldn't remember names well.
She felt embarrassed for accidentally skipping someone in line.
The accidental reply-all email was deeply embarrassing for him.
Being corrected in front of the class made him feel embarrassed.
The child was embarrassed after spilling his drink all over the table.
She was embarrassed by how much she overreacted.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of embarrassed?


What is the pronunciation of embarrassed?


What is the root word of embarrassed?


Which vowel is used before embarrassed?

It depends on the context; typically, no vowel is placed directly before it.

What is the plural form of embarrassed?

Adjectives don't have plural forms.

Which preposition is used with embarrassed?

"By" or "about" as in "embarrassed by" or "embarrassed about."

Which conjunction is used with embarrassed?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the context. "And" and "but" are common.

Why is it called embarrassed?

It comes from the French word "embarrasser" which means "to block" or "to obstruct," metaphorically representing obstruction of ease or comfort.

Which article is used with embarrassed?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is embarrassed an adverb?


Is embarrassed a negative or positive word?

Generally considered negative.

Is embarrassed a noun or adjective?


Is embarrassed an abstract noun?


Is embarrassed a collective noun?


Is embarrassed a countable noun?

No, it's an adjective.

Which determiner is used with embarrassed?

"An" or "the," depending on context.

What is the second form of embarrassed?


What is the singular form of embarrassed?

Embarrassed (as it's an adjective, it doesn't have singular or plural forms in that sense).

Is embarrassed a vowel or consonant?

"Embarrassed" is a word, not a letter, and contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the embarrassed term a metaphor?


Is the word embarrassed imperative?


How do we divide embarrassed into syllables?


What part of speech is embarrassed?


What is the opposite of embarrassed?


How many syllables are in embarrassed?

3 syllables.

What is another term for embarrassed?


What is the first form of embarrassed?


What is a stressed syllable in embarrassed?


What is the third form of embarrassed?


How is embarrassed used in a sentence?

"I was embarrassed when I realized I had been speaking with spinach in my teeth all evening."

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