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Principaly vs. Principally — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 29, 2024
"Principaly" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "Principally," referring to something being primarily or chiefly of a certain quality or type.
Principaly vs. Principally — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Principaly or Principally

How to spell Principally?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Visualize a school principal saying, “I’m principally in charge here.”
Remember it's the same "ally" ending as in "actually" or "finally."
Recall the word "Principal" and just add "-ly" at the end.
Think, “All you need is ALL in Principally.”
If "principal" is spelled with "pal" at the end, remember to add the "-ly."

How Do You Spell Principally Correctly?

Incorrect: Her work is principaly in the field of marine biology.
Correct: Her work is principally in the field of marine biology.
Incorrect: The school is principaly known for its excellent music program.
Correct: The school is principally known for its excellent music program.
Incorrect: He is principaly a writer, though he also teaches.
Correct: He is principally a writer, though he also teaches.
Incorrect: The funding was principaly provided by private donors.
Correct: The funding was principally provided by private donors.

Principally Definitions

To a significant degree or extent.
He is known principally for his books.
Referring to the primary reason or cause.
The decision was made principally because of cost concerns.
Mainly or chiefly in regard to importance or size.
The team was principally made up of experts.
For the most part; predominantly.
The residents are principally elderly.
In a primary manner or as the main factor.
The machine operates principally on solar energy.
First or highest in rank or importance.
Of, relating to, or being financial principal, or a principal in a financial transaction.
One who holds a position of presiding rank, especially the head of an elementary school, middle school, or high school.
A main participant in a situation, especially a financial transaction.
A person having a leading or starring role in a performance, such as the first player in a section of an orchestra.
An amount of capital originally borrowed or invested, as opposed to the interest paid or accruing on it.
The most significant part of an estate, as opposed to minor or incidental components.
The person on behalf of whom an agent acts.
The person having prime responsibility for an obligation as distinguished from one who acts as surety or as an endorser.
The main actor in the perpetration of a crime.
(Architecture) Either of a pair of inclined timbers forming the sides of a triangular truss for a pitched roof.
In a primary manner; pertaining to the principal of a matter.
In a principal manner; primarily; above all; chiefly; mainly.
For the most part;
He is mainly interested in butterflies

Principally Meaning in a Sentence

He is known principally for his groundbreaking research in genetics.
The book is principally concerned with the history of the region.
The study is principally focused on the effects of climate change.
The charity is principally funded by voluntary contributions.
The company deals principally in the import and export of goods.
The policy affects principally the manufacturing sector.
The festival is principally a celebration of local culture and heritage.
The event is principally intended to raise awareness about mental health.
Her research is principally based on interviews with participants.
The organization's efforts are principally directed towards helping children in need.
The program is designed principally for beginners.
The budget is principally allocated to healthcare and education.
The group is principally concerned with protecting civil liberties.
The museum's collection is principally comprised of 19th-century art.
The island is principally known for its beautiful beaches.
The law is principally aimed at reducing pollution.
The strategy is principally designed to increase market share.
The town is principally supported by the tourism industry.
The discussion was principally about the upcoming election.
The committee is principally made up of experts in the field.
Their work is principally related to environmental conservation.
The building is principally used for community events.
The course is principally taught in English.
The fund is principally invested in renewable energy projects.
The project is principally a collaboration between several universities.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Principally?

It's pronounced as /prɪnˈsɪpəli/.

Which vowel is used before Principally?

The vowel "a" is commonly used before "Principally" as in "a principally driven project."

What is the verb form of Principally?

Principally is an adverb; it doesn't have a verb form.

What is the root word of Principally?

The root word is "principal."

Why is it called Principally?

It's derived from "principal," indicating the chief or primary nature of something, with "-ly" signifying the manner.

Which article is used with Principally?

The article "a" can be used when referring to a concept, but "Principally" doesn't typically have an article directly before it.

Is Principally a noun or adjective?

Neither, it's an adverb.

Is Principally a negative or positive word?

It's neutral.

Is Principally an abstract noun?

No, it's not an abstract noun.

What is the plural form of Principally?

Adverbs, including "Principally," don't have plural forms.

Which preposition is used with Principally?

Prepositions like "for" or "by" can be used, as in "principally for" or "principally by."

Which conjunction is used with Principally?

It can be used with various conjunctions, depending on the sentence.

Is Principally an adverb?

Yes, it's an adverb.

Is the word Principally is Gerund?

No, it's not a gerund.

How many syllables are in Principally?

There are four syllables.

How do we divide Principally into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Principally?

The second syllable, "cip," is stressed.

What part of speech is Principally?

It's an adverb.

What is the singular form of Principally?

Principally doesn't have a singular form since it's an adverb.

Is Principally a countable noun?

It's not a noun; it's an adverb.

What is the first form of Principally?

Principally doesn't have verb forms.

Is Principally a vowel or consonant?

"Principally" is a word, not a letter classification.

What is the third form of Principally?

Principally doesn't have verb forms.

Is Principally a collective noun?

No, it's an adverb.

Is the word Principally is imperative?

No, it's not imperative.

What is another term for Principally?

"Mainly" or "chiefly."

How is Principally used in a sentence?

"The company is principally engaged in software development."

Is the Principally term a metaphor?

No, it's not a metaphor.

Is the word “Principally” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can't serve as either; it's an adverb.

What is the opposite of Principally?

"Secondarily" or "incidentally."

Which determiner is used with Principally?

Adverbs typically don't use determiners.

What is the second form of Principally?

Principally doesn't have verb forms.

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