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Desireable vs. Desirable — Which is Correct Spelling?

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"Desireable" is an incorrect spelling, whereas "Desirable" is correct, referring to worth having or seeking as advantageous, beneficial, or attractive.
Desireable vs. Desirable — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Desireable or Desirable

How to spell Desirable?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember "Desirable" by recalling that "desire" becomes "desirable" by merely adding "able" without an extra "e."
Another way is remembering that in "Desirable," you "able" your "desire."
Picture a label saying "Desirable" on something you want.
You might also link it to similar words like “palatable” or "sellable," which also do not double their vowels.

How Do You Spell Desirable Correctly?

Incorrect: The job position is highly desireable for recent graduates.
Correct: The job position is highly desirable for recent graduates.
Incorrect: It's important to live in a desireable neighborhood.
Correct: It's important to live in a desirable neighborhood.
Incorrect: This feature makes the product especially desireable.
Correct: This feature makes the product especially desirable.
Incorrect: She has all the qualities of a desireable candidate.
Correct: She has all the qualities of a desirable candidate.
Incorrect: Many find the climate in Hawaii to be very desireable.
Correct: Many find the climate in Hawaii to be very desirable.

Desirable Definitions

Worthy of desire due to appealing qualities or properties.
The apartment was in a desirable location.
Having qualities worth wanting or wishing for.
Having a reliable car is desirable for safe traveling.
Suitable, as per requirements or standards.
Her qualifications made her desirable for the job.
Considered advantageous or beneficial to have.
Good communication skills are desirable in any profession.
Something or someone attractive or worth seeking.
The actor was considered highly desirable by his fans.
Wished for as being an attractive, useful, or necessary course of action
It is desirable to check that nothing has been forgotten
A desirable person or thing
The store sells various desirables
Worth having or seeking, as by being useful, advantageous, or pleasing
A desirable job in the film industry.
A home computer with many desirable features.
Worth doing or achieving; advisable
A desirable reform.
A desirable outcome.
Arousing desire, especially sexual desire.
A desirable person or thing.
Worthy to be desired; pleasing; agreeable.
This applicant has almost all desirable properties.
A thing that people want; something that is desirable.
There are plenty of desirables on display in the window.
Worthy of desire or longing; fitted to excite desire or a wish to possess; pleasing; agreeable.
All of them desirable young men.
As things desirable exciteDesire, and objects move the appetite.
Worth having or seeking or achieving;
A desirable job
Computer with many desirable features
A desirable outcome
Worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse;
The parents found the girl suitable for their son

Desirable Meaning in a Sentence

The ability to work remotely has become a desirable option for many employees.
A spacious kitchen is a desirable feature in a new home.
The company offers many desirable benefits, including health insurance.
In the art world, originality is highly desirable.
The scholarship makes the university even more desirable to prospective students.
Finding a job in such a desirable location was a dream come true.
Manufacturers are always looking for desirable improvements to their products.
He made himself more desirable to employers by learning new skills.
Being fluent in multiple languages is a desirable skill in many fields.
The climate here is desirable for growing certain types of crops.
The limited edition model of the car is particularly desirable among collectors.
For collectors, the more rare an item is, the more desirable it becomes.
Achieving a work-life balance is a desirable goal for many.
A good sense of humor is a desirable trait in a partner.
This neighborhood is known for its desirable school district.
A fast internet connection is a desirable amenity in any accommodation.
The apartment's proximity to public transportation made it highly desirable.
The candidate's experience makes her highly desirable for the position.
Desirable social traits include kindness and empathy.
Desirable vacation spots tend to be crowded during peak seasons.
Waterfront properties are considered highly desirable.
The offer was too desirable to refuse.
In today's market, sustainability practices make companies more desirable to consumers.
Desirable outcomes are expected from the new policy changes.
The team is looking for players with desirable attitudes and work ethic.

Desirable Idioms & Phrases

Make oneself desirable

To improve or present oneself in a way that others find appealing.
He went back to school to gain new skills and make himself more desirable to employers.

As desirable as gold

Extremely valuable or sought after.
In the tech industry, innovative ideas are as desirable as gold.

The grass is always greener on the desirable side

Referring to the tendency to consider other situations more desirable than one's own.
Everyone thinks that working from home is always better, but the grass is always greener on the desirable side.

A desirable outcome

A result or end that is favorable and wished for.
After months of negotiation, the agreement reached is a desirable outcome for all parties involved.

Desirable by design

Something intentionally created to be attractive or appealing.
The new smartphone model is desirable by design, with its sleek look and advanced features.

To the desirable end

Towards a favorable or intended outcome.
Every step he took in his career was aimed to the desirable end of starting his own company.

In a desirable position

To be in a situation that is advantageous or favorable.
With her extensive experience, she's in a desirable position to lead the project.

Desirable to the eye

Appealing or attractive in appearance.
The garden was designed to be desirable to the eye throughout the year.

Beyond desirable

Something so appealing that it exceeds normal expectations.
The luxury resort offers services that are beyond desirable, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Fit the desirable mold

To perfectly meet the criteria or standards that are sought after.
The new hire fits the desirable mold for the company culture and values.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Desirable?

"A" (a desirable outcome).

Why is it called Desirable?

Derived from “desire” with the suffix "-able," meaning capable of being desired.

What is the verb form of Desirable?


What is the pronunciation of Desirable?


What is the singular form of Desirable?


What is the plural form of Desirable?

"Desirables" (though rarely used).

What is the root word of Desirable?


Which preposition is used with Desirable?

"For" (desirable for someone).

Which conjunction is used with Desirable?

Can be used with "and" or "but" depending on the context.

Which article is used with Desirable?

"A" or "the."

Is the word Desirable imperative?


Is Desirable a noun or adjective?


Is Desirable a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the word “Desirable” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It’s an adjective, so neither.

Is Desirable an adverb?


What is another term for Desirable?


Is Desirable a negative or positive word?


What is a stressed syllable in Desirable?

The second syllable: “sir.”

What part of speech is Desirable?


What is the opposite of Desirable?


Which determiner is used with Desirable?

Determiners like “this” and “that” can be used.

What is the first form of Desirable?

Not applicable as "Desirable" is an adjective.

How is Desirable used in a sentence?

"The large backyard was a desirable feature of the house."

Is Desirable a collective noun?


Is the Desirable term a metaphor?


How many syllables are in Desirable?


How do we divide Desirable into syllables?


Is Desirable an abstract noun?


Is Desirable a countable noun?

It’s not a noun.

Is the word Desirable a Gerund?


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