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Capiche vs. Capisce — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Munazza Shafiq — Updated on April 18, 2024
Capiche is the incorrect spelling of capisce, which is an informal term derived from Italian meaning "do you understand?" used primarily in English to convey comprehension in a playful or direct manner.
Capiche vs. Capisce — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Capiche or Capisce

How to spell Capisce?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Recall that capisce is the correct spelling, following traditional Italian spelling where 'sc' before 'e' or 'i' gives the 'sh' sound.
Note that capisce aligns with other Italian-derived words in English that maintain their original spelling.

How Do You Spell Capisce Correctly?

Incorrect: No more delays, capiche?
Correct: No more delays, capisce?
Incorrect: Just follow the plan, capiche?
Correct: Just follow the plan, capisce?
Incorrect: We're going to keep this quiet, capiche?
Correct: We're going to keep this quiet, capisce?
Incorrect: That's the last time we speak of this, capiche?
Correct: That's the last time we speak of this, capisce?
Incorrect: You need to be here at eight, capiche?
Correct: You need to be here at eight, capisce?

Capisce Definitions

(slang) "get it?"; "understood?".
Used in English slang to ask if someone understands, deriving from the Italian 'capisci' meaning 'you understand'.
We'll meet at 5:00, capisce?

Capisce Meaning in a Sentence

Keep everything confidential, capisce?
We do this my way, capisce?
Make sure everything is ready by tomorrow, capisce?
It's supposed to be a surprise, so act naturally when she arrives, capisce?
Let's not have any mistakes this time, capisce?
He’s the boss, so what he says goes, capisce?
After you finish the task, report directly back to me, capisce?
You need to pass this test to move forward, capisce?
This is your last warning, do it right, capisce?
You handle the invitations, and I'll manage the event setup, capisce?
She needs to believe we're not involved, capisce?
Don’t let anyone see that document, capisce?
Once you leave, don’t come back without the item, capisce?
No more sweets for the kids before bedtime, capisce?
We're going in quietly, and getting out the same way, capisce?
Keep your eyes on the target, don't get distracted, capisce?
Keep your phone on silent during the meeting, capisce?
Remember, no personal calls at work, capisce?
I need this done without any errors, capisce?
This is how it's going to happen, without any deviations, capisce?
This conversation never happened, capisce?
Everyone sticks to their own roles, capisce?
No talking about the project outside of this room, capisce?
You need to stay focused for this to work, capisce?
Make sure you’re on time, traffic is no excuse, capisce?

Capisce Idioms & Phrases

End of discussion, capisce?

Used to signal that no further discussion will be tolerated after a directive or decision.
You're grounded for the weekend, end of discussion, capisce?

Get the message, capisce?

Used to emphasize that the listener should understand the implications or hidden message of what is being said.
He told them to stay away from his property if they knew what was good for them, get the message, capisce?

Capisce, or do I need to spell it out?

A rhetorical question used when the speaker wants to confirm if the listener has understood without needing further explanation.
This is your last warning, capisce, or do I need to spell it out?

Listen and learn, capisce?

Implies that the listener should pay attention and understand the importance or lesson being imparted.
Watch how the experts do it, listen and learn, capisce?

This stays between us, capisce?

Used to stress the importance of keeping the discussed information confidential.
I’m only telling you this because I trust you, this stays between us, capisce?

Common Curiosities

How do we divide capisce into syllables?

Capisce is divided as ca-pi-sce.

How is capisce used in a sentence?

Capisce is often used at the end of a statement to confirm understanding, similar to saying "understand?" or "got it?"

How many syllables are in capisce?

Capisce has three syllables.

Why is it called capisce?

It is called capisce because it comes from the Italian verb 'capire', meaning to understand, and is used in the form 'capisci', which means 'do you understand?' in English usage.

What is a stressed syllable in capisce?

The second syllable is stressed in capisce.

What is the root word of capisce?

The root word of capisce is the Italian verb 'capire', meaning to understand.

Is capisce an adverb?

No, capisce is not an adverb.

Is capisce a noun or adjective?

Capisce is neither a noun nor an adjective; it is an interjection.

Is capisce a negative or positive word?

Capisce is neutral but can be used in a positive or negative context depending on the tone and the content of the conversation.

What is the verb form of capisce?

Capisce is derived from the verb 'capire' in Italian, but in English, it is used as an interjection without a verb form.

What is the pronunciation of capisce?

Capisce is pronounced as /kəˈpiːʃ/.

What is another term for capisce?

Another term for capisce could be "understand?" or "get it?"

What is the singular form of capisce?

Capisce is used singularly as an interjection.

What is the opposite of capisce?

The opposite of capisce might be "confused?" or "not clear?" if someone does not understand.

Is capisce a countable noun?

Capisce is not a noun; it is an interjection and thus not countable.

Is the word “capisce” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Capisce cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an interjection.

Which determiner is used with capisce?

Determiners are not used with capisce as it does not function as a noun.

What is the plural form of capisce?

Capisce does not have a plural form as it is used as an interjection.

Is capisce an abstract noun?

Capisce is not a noun; it is an interjection and does not qualify as abstract or concrete.

Is the capisce term a metaphor?

Capisce itself is not a metaphor; it is a straightforward query about understanding.

Is the word capisce is imperative?

Yes, capisce can be considered imperative as it commands confirmation of understanding.

Which conjunction is used with capisce?

Conjunctions are not typically used with capisce, as it is an interjection used at the end of statements.

What part of speech is capisce?

Capisce is used as an interjection in English.

Is capisce a collective noun?

No, capisce is an interjection and not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before capisce?

Capisce does not typically require an article or vowel before it in English.

Which article is used with capisce?

No article is used with capisce, as it is an interjection.

Is capisce a vowel or consonant?

Capisce starts with a consonant.

Is the word capisce Gerund?

No, capisce is not a gerund; it does not function as a verb in English.

Which preposition is used with capisce?

Capisce generally does not associate with prepositions as it is used independently as an interjection.

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