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Cacoon vs. Cocoon — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 19, 2024
"Cacoon" is an incorrect spelling, while "Cocoon" is the correct term referring to a protective covering spun by certain insects during metamorphosis.
Cacoon vs. Cocoon — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Cacoon or Cocoon

How to spell Cocoon?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember the phrase, "Insects COme Out Of cocoONs."
"Co-coon" starts with "co-" just like "company."
Visualize the double "o's" in "cocoon" as the rounded shape of many cocoons.
Associate the two "o's" with two stages: caterpillar to butterfly.
Mistaking "cacoon" for "cocoon" is like turning a "cartoon" into reality; one is false.

How Do You Spell Cocoon Correctly?

Incorrect: The spa experience felt like being in a soothing cacoon.
Correct: The spa experience felt like being in a soothing cocoon.
Incorrect: The caterpillar forms a cacoon before becoming a butterfly.
Correct: The caterpillar forms a cocoon before becoming a butterfly.
Incorrect: She wrapped herself in a cacoon of blankets to stay warm.
Correct: She wrapped herself in a cocoon of blankets to stay warm.
Incorrect: He created a cacoon of pillows around himself on the couch.
Correct: He created a cocoon of pillows around himself on the couch.
Incorrect: The artist's studio was a cacoon of creativity and inspiration.
Correct: The artist's studio was a cocoon of creativity and inspiration.

Cocoon Definitions

A silky case spun by the larvae of many insects for protection during metamorphosis.
The butterfly emerged from its cocoon.
A protective cover around a person or thing.
The car was stored under a protective cocoon during winter.
A phase of introverted self-focus or rejuvenation.
After a tough week, he needed a weekend cocoon.
A structure made by some animals to protect their offspring or themselves during periods of vulnerability.
The spider wrapped its prey in a cocoon.
Something that envelops or isolates for protection or comfort.
She felt safe in her cocoon of blankets.
A silky case spun by the larvae of many insects for protection as pupae
The moth emerged from its pale yellow papery cocoon
A covering that prevents the corrosion of metal equipment.
Envelop in a protective or comforting way
We felt cold even though we were cocooned in our sleeping bags
We remain cocooned in our own little world of fantasies
Spray with a protective coating.
A protective case of silk or similar fibrous material spun by the larvae of moths and certain other insects as a cover for the pupa.
A similar natural protective covering or structure, such as the egg case of a spider.
A protective plastic coating that is placed over stored military or naval equipment.
Something that envelops, protects, or isolates
"a star hidden in a cocoon of dust" (Freeman Dyson). "Actors live in a cocoon of praise. They never meet people who don't like them" (Robert Morley).
To envelop (an insect) in a cocoon.
To wrap in a blanket or other covering.
To cause to be isolated or protected from harsh, dangerous, or disturbing realities; insulate.
To be isolated or protected from harsh, dangerous, or disturbing realities, especially by remaining indoors at home in one's free time.
The silky protective case spun by the larvae of some insects in which they metamorphose, the pupa.
Any similar protective case, whether real or metaphorical.
(transitive) To envelop in a protective case.
(intransitive) To withdraw into such a case.
An oblong case in which the silkworm lies in its chrysalis state. It is formed of threads of silk spun by the worm just before leaving the larval state. From these the silk of commerce is prepared.
The case constructed by any insect to contain its larva or pupa.
Silky envelope spun by the larvae of many insects to protect pupas and by spiders to protect eggs
Retreat as if into a cocoon, as from an unfriendly environment;
Families cocoon around the T.V. set most evenings
She loves to stay at home and cocoon
Wrap in or as if in a cocoon, as for protection

Cocoon Meaning in a Sentence

During winter, many animals create a cocoon-like environment to keep warm.
A cocoon is the silky case that a caterpillar makes to protect itself while it is a pupa.
The child made a cocoon with his blanket, pretending to be a butterfly.
The concept of a social cocoon has become more prevalent in today's digital age.
In mythology, beings often undergo transformation within a magical cocoon.
Creating a cocoon of your favorite books and music can be very comforting.
In gardening, a cocoon can protect plants from the harsh winter conditions.
The idea of emerging from a cocoon as a transformed being is a powerful metaphor for personal growth.
Sleeping bags are designed to act like a cocoon, providing warmth and comfort during camping.
A cocoon of privacy is crucial for some celebrities to escape the public eye.
Architects design some buildings to serve as a cocoon, shielding inhabitants from the outside environment.
The protective cocoon of family and close friends is essential for emotional support.
Crafting a cocoon from materials found in nature is a survival skill taught in some outdoor courses.
The fashion industry sometimes uses the term "cocoon" to describe certain types of clothing that envelop the body.
The psychological concept of a cocoon relates to the need for a safe and comfortable space.
Some luxury vehicles are designed to act as a cocoon, isolating passengers from the noise and bumps of the road.
Nature documentaries often show the fascinating process of a caterpillar spinning itself into a cocoon.
Silkworms are known for producing a cocoon from which silk is made.
A cocoon can also represent a phase of introspection before a period of growth and change.
The concept of a cocoon is also used in technology, referring to insulated or protected spaces.
Creating a cozy cocoon in your home can be a fun DIY project.
The therapist emphasized creating a mental cocoon for meditation and relaxation.
In meditation practices, visualizing oneself in a cocoon of light can be a protective and healing exercise.
In science fiction, characters sometimes use a cocoon for long-distance space travel.
Artists often describe their studios as a cocoon where their creativity can flourish.

Cocoon Idioms & Phrases

Come out of the cocoon

To reveal one's true self or to step out into the world after a period of change.
College can be a time when many people truly come out of the cocoon and find themselves.

Break out of one's cocoon

To emerge from a period of isolation or transformation improved or more confident.
After months of hard work, she finally broke out of her cocoon, ready to launch her new business.

Emerging from the cocoon

The process of undergoing significant personal development or transformation.
After her year abroad, she returned as if emerging from a cocoon, full of confidence and new ideas.

In a cocoon

In a state of being sheltered or protected from the outside world.
He spent the weekend in a cocoon at home, reading and relaxing away from the stress of work.

Spin a cocoon around

To create a protective barrier around oneself or something.
She spun a cocoon around her heart, wary of getting hurt again.

Silken cocoon

A term often used metaphorically to describe a luxurious or very comfortable environment.
The deluxe spa offered an experience like being wrapped in a silken cocoon.

Social cocoon

A metaphor for a person's small, comfortable social environment where they feel safe.
After moving to a new city, it took him a while to build a new social cocoon.

Cocoon of privacy

A personal space where one feels completely secure from outside intrusion.
Celebrities often struggle to maintain a cocoon of privacy in their lives.

Wrap oneself in a cocoon

To isolate oneself, often in order to achieve peace or comfort.
On stressful days, he would wrap himself in a cocoon of blankets and watch old movies.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Cocoon?

The root is from the French word "cocon" and Latin "cucullus."

Which vowel is used before Cocoon?

It depends on context; however, "a" or "the" can often precede "cocoon."

Which conjunction is used with Cocoon?

Any conjunction can be used with "cocoon" based on the sentence structure.

What is the plural form of Cocoon?

The plural form is "cocoons."

Which preposition is used with Cocoon?

Prepositions such as "in," "of," or "on" can be used, depending on context.

What is the verb form of Cocoon?

The verb form is "cocooning," meaning to envelop or surround protectively.

Why is it called Cocoon?

It's derived from the Latin "cucullus" meaning "hood," referring to its protective covering nature.

What is the pronunciation of Cocoon?

Cocoon is pronounced as /kəˈkun/.

Which article is used with Cocoon?

"A" or "the" can be used before "cocoon."

Is Cocoon an adverb?

No, "cocoon" is not an adverb.

What is the singular form of Cocoon?

The singular form is "cocoon."

Is Cocoon a collective noun?

No, "cocoon" is not a collective noun.

Is Cocoon a countable noun?

Yes, you can have one cocoon or multiple cocoons.

Is the word “Cocoon” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Cocoon" can function as a direct object, e.g., "I found a cocoon."

Which determiner is used with Cocoon?

Determiners like "this," "that," "a," "an" can be used.

Is Cocoon a noun or adjective?

"Cocoon" is primarily a noun but can be used as a verb.

How many syllables are in Cocoon?

There are two syllables in "cocoon."

What is the stressed syllable in Cocoon?

The second syllable is stressed.

How do we divide Cocoon into syllables?


What is another term for Cocoon?

"Chrysalis" for certain insects.

Is Cocoon a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but can have positive connotations of protection or negative ones of isolation.

Is Cocoon a vowel or consonant?

"Cocoon" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the Cocoon term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to describe protection or isolation.

What is the third form of Cocoon?

As a verb, the third form is "cocooned."

Is Cocoon an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun, but can have abstract connotations in metaphorical uses.

Is the word Cocoon imperative?


Is the word Cocoon gerund?

"Cocooning" is the gerund form.

What part of speech is Cocoon?

It is primarily a noun but can also be a verb.

What is the opposite of Cocoon?

There isn't a direct antonym, but "emergence" or "freedom" can contrast its protective or isolating connotations.

What is the first form of Cocoon?

As a verb, the first form is "cocoon."

What is the second form of Cocoon?

As a verb, the second form is "cocooned."

How is Cocoon used in a sentence?

"The butterfly emerged from its cocoon after weeks of transformation."

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