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Nurd vs. Nerd — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Urooj Arif — By Rabia Sajjad — Updated on April 23, 2024
Nurd is the incorrect spelling of nerd. A nerd is someone highly intellectual, obsessive, or lacking social skills.
Nurd vs. Nerd — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Nurd or Nerd

How to spell Nerd?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Nerd rhymes with word, and both share the 'erd' ending.
"Nerd" is commonly seen in pop culture references, unlike "nurd."
Remember that 'nerd' contains the same letters as 'rend,' but in a different order.
Think of "NERD" as an acronym for Not Even Remotely Dumb, which emphasizes the intellectual aspect.
Associate 'nerd' with the stereotype of someone wearing glasses, which often starts with the letter 'n'.

How Do You Spell Nerd Correctly?

Incorrect: She won the award for 'Biggest Nurd' at the science fair.
Correct: She won the award for 'Biggest Nerd' at the science fair.
Incorrect: My little sister thinks she’s a nurd because she wears glasses.
Correct: My little sister thinks she’s a nerd because she wears glasses.
Incorrect: Many think of Bill Gates as a classic nurd.
Correct: Many think of Bill Gates as a classic nerd.
Incorrect: He was often called a nurd in school for his quiet demeanor and love for books.
Correct: He was often called a nerd in school for his quiet demeanor and love for books.
Incorrect: I bought a t-shirt that says "Proud Nurd" by mistake.
Correct: I bought a t-shirt that says "Proud Nerd" by mistake.

Nerd Definitions

A person who is very interested in intellectual or obscure subjects.
The young nerd spent hours studying astrophysics.
A derogatory term for a person perceived as overly intellectual.
In the 80s, nerd was often used to make fun of smart students.
A person who is exceptionally skilled in technical or scientific pursuits.
She was known as the school nerd for her ability to solve complex math problems.
Someone who obsessively collects and organizes trivial information on a topic.
He is a total movie nerd and can recite facts about every Oscar winner.
Someone who is considered socially awkward or unpopular.
Despite being a nerd, he found a great group of friends who shared his interests.
A nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted or lacking social skills. Such a person may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, little known, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical, abstract, or relating to topics of science fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities.
A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious
I was a serious nerd until I discovered girls and cars
A foolish, inept, or unattractive person.
A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.
A person who is intellectual but generally introverted.
One who has an intense, obsessive interest in something.
A computer nerd
A comic-book nerd
A member of a subculture revolving around intellectualism, video games, fantasy and science fiction, comic books and assorted media. from 1980s
An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or studying excessively

Nerd Meaning in a Sentence

She was the biggest nerd in school, always carrying around a pile of books.
He wore his nerd badge with pride, excelling in every academic challenge.
He proudly declared himself a computer nerd, fixing software issues effortlessly.
Being a science nerd helped him win the first prize at the fair.
She’s not just a music enthusiast; she's a true music nerd with an impressive vinyl collection.
He turned his passion for robots into a career, a dream come true for any tech nerd.
When it comes to video games, she's a total nerd; she knows all the best strategies.
She used her nerd status to tutor other students in math and science.
Every weekend, the young nerd visited the local library to explore new books.
As a nature nerd, she could name every bird in the forest.
As a literature nerd, she often quoted her favorite authors.
At the party, he felt like a nerd because he couldn't stop talking about his chess strategies.
She admired her brother, a nerd who had transformed his love for gadgets into a successful business.
He was known as the neighborhood tech nerd, always ready to help with computer problems.
In high school, he was a nerd, always secluded with his science experiments.
His knowledge of planets and stars made him the biggest astronomy nerd.
The nerd squad at school was always the first to join new science workshops.
Being a grammar nerd, he was always correcting people's punctuation.
She started a blog to share her experiences as a travel nerd.
She was the kind of nerd who preferred reading about adventures rather than living them.

Nerd Idioms & Phrases

Nerd chic

Fashion style that includes elements associated with nerds, like glasses.
His nerd chic style made him popular in college.

Nerd herd

A group of nerds.
She found her tribe when she met the school's nerd herd.


A highly intelligent, possibly obsessively focused person.
His nerd-brain solved the coding error in minutes.

Nerd out

To engage intensively in one's interests.
He loves to nerd out over classical music scores.


Accommodating or appealing to nerds.
The new cafe is nerd-friendly, with plenty of plugs and fast Wi-Fi.

Nerd glasses

Thick, oversized glasses associated with stereotypical nerd fashion.
He bought a pair of nerd glasses to complete his Halloween costume.

Nerd love

Affection between or among nerds.
They found nerd love over discussions about robotics.

Nerd alert

A humorous or mocking warning that someone's behavior is nerdy.
Nerd alert: he can talk about quantum physics all day.

Nerd culture

The community and activities that celebrate nerd interests.
He wrote a thesis on the impact of nerd culture in media.


The domain or realm of nerds.
She entered into nerd-dom with her new interest in programming.

Nerd fest

An event where many nerds gather to share their interests.
The annual comic convention is a real nerd fest.

Nerd talk

Conversation filled with technical or specialized language.
Lost in their nerd talk, they didn't notice the time pass.

Nerd pride

The pride one takes in being knowledgeable and enthusiastic about specific, often intellectual or obscure, topics.
Nerd pride was evident at the science fair.

Nerd appeal

The quality or aspect of something that attracts nerds.
The new game's complex strategy has a lot of nerd appeal.

Nerd power

The influence or success derived from being nerdy.
The tech startup's success showcased nerd power.


Something that is particularly attractive or appealing to nerds.
The new sci-fi series was pure nerd-bait.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in nerd?

Nerd has one syllable.

Why is it called nerd?

The term 'nerd' possibly originated from the 1950s Dr. Seuss book "If I Ran the Zoo" where a 'nerd' was a fictional animal.

What part of speech is nerd?

Nerd is a noun.

What is the singular form of nerd?

The singular form is nerd.

What is a stressed syllable in nerd?

Since nerd is one syllable, the entire word is stressed.

How do we divide nerd into syllables?

Nerd is a single syllable word, so it does not divide.

How is nerd used in a sentence?

A nerd is often used to describe someone intensely interested in a specific subject.

What is the plural form of nerd?

The plural form is nerds.

What is the pronunciation of nerd?

Nerd is pronounced as /nərd/.

What is the root word of nerd?

Nerd does not have a clear root word as its origins are uncertain.

Is nerd a countable noun?

Yes, nerd is a countable noun.

Is the nerd term a metaphor?

No, the term nerd is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word nerd imperative?

No, as a noun, nerd cannot be imperative.

Which determiner is used with nerd?

Determiners like 'a', 'the', 'every', and 'any' can be used with nerd.

What is the verb form of nerd?

There is no verb form of 'nerd'; it is only a noun.

What is another term for nerd?

Another term for nerd is geek.

Is nerd a collective noun?

No, nerd is not a collective noun.

Is the word nerd Gerund?

No, nerd is a noun and not a verb, so it cannot form a gerund.

What is the opposite of nerd?

The opposite of nerd could be jock or social butterfly.

Is nerd a noun or adjective?

Nerd is a noun.

Is nerd an adverb?

No, nerd is not an adverb.

Is nerd an abstract noun?

No, nerd is not an abstract noun; it describes a type of person.

Is nerd a negative or positive word?

Nerd can be either negative or positive, depending on context.

Is the word “nerd” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Nerd can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

Which vowel is used before nerd?

Typically, 'a' is used before nerd (a nerd).

Which conjunction is used with nerd?

Conjunctions like 'and', 'or', and 'but' can be used with nerd.

Which preposition is used with nerd?

Common prepositions used with nerd include 'of' (nerd of the class) and 'in' (interested in being a nerd).

Is nerd a vowel or consonant?

The word nerd begins with a consonant.

Which article is used with nerd?

Both 'a' and 'the' can be used with nerd, depending on the context (a nerd, the nerd).

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