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Broid vs. Braid — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Sumaia Saeed — By Munazza Shafiq — Updated on April 20, 2024
Broid is the incorrect spelling of Braid, a pattern created by interweaving three or more strands of flexible material such as hair or yarn.
Broid vs. Braid — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Broid or Braid

How to spell Braid?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Visualize "braid" looking interwoven like its strands, with 'a' surrounded by 'b' and 'd'.
Consider the traditional craft technique in "braid," linking it with artisan (a-r-t) words.
The word "braid" rhymes with "made," suggesting the construction or creation by interweaving.
"Braid" is spelled with an "a" as it involves arranging (a) strands.
Remember that "braid" contains "aid," hinting at its use in helping manage hair.

How Do You Spell Braid Correctly?

Incorrect: Do you know how to broid a rope?
Correct: Do you know how to braid a rope?
Incorrect: She decided to broid her hair for the party.
Correct: She decided to braid her hair for the party.
Incorrect: The artisan uses leather to broid beautiful patterns.
Correct: The artisan uses leather to braid beautiful patterns.
Incorrect: His sister taught him how to broid.
Correct: His sister taught him how to braid.
Incorrect: Can you broid these threads into a necklace?
Correct: Can you braid these threads into a necklace?

Braid Definitions

To create something by interlacing strands.
They used vines to braid a sturdy rope.
A braid (also referred to as a plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing two or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarns, wire, or hair. Braids have been made for thousands of years, in many different cultures around the world, for a variety of uses.
Threads of silk, cotton, or other material woven into a decorative band for edging or trimming garments
Fancy braids
A coat trimmed with gold braid
A length of hair made up of three or more interlaced strands
Her hair curled neatly in blonde braids
Interlace three or more strands of (hair or other flexible material) to form a length
Their long hair was tightly braided
Edge or trim (a garment) with braid
Braided red trousers
(of a river or stream) flow into shallow interconnected channels divided by deposited earth or alluvium
A braided river carries an enormous burden of sand and gravel
To interweave three or more strands, strips, or lengths of in a diagonally overlapping pattern
Braided the rags into a strong rope.
To create (something) by such interweaving
Braid a rug.
To style (the hair) by such interweaving.
To mingle (discrete elements, for example) as if by such interweaving
Braided the ideas into a complex thesis.
To decorate or edge (something) with a trim of interwoven strands
Finished the jacket by braiding the collar and cuffs.
To fasten or decorate (hair) with a band or ribbon.
To flow, twist, or wind as if interwoven
A stream braiding through the woods.
A braided segment or length, as of hair, fabric, or fiber.
Ornamental cord or ribbon, used especially for decorating or edging fabrics.
A ribbon or band used to fasten the hair.
To make a sudden movement with, to jerk.
To start into motion.
(transitive) To weave together, intertwine (strands of fibers, ribbons, etc.); to arrange (hair) in braids.
To mix, or make uniformly soft, by beating, rubbing, or straining, as in preparing food.
(obsolete) To reproach; to upbraid.
(obsolete) A sudden movement; a jerk, a wrench.
A weave of three or more strands of fibers, ribbons, cords or hair often for decoration.
A stranded wire composed of a number of smaller wires twisted together
A tubular sheath made of braided strands of metal placed around a central cable for shielding against electromagnetic interference.
(obsolete) A caprice or outburst of passion or anger.
To weave, interlace, or entwine together, as three or more strands or threads; to form into a braid; to plait.
Braid your locks with rosy twine.
To mingle, or to bring to a uniformly soft consistence, by beating, rubbing, or straining, as in some culinary operations.
To reproach. [Obs.] See Upbraid.
To start; to awake.
A plait, band, or narrow fabric formed by intertwining or weaving together different strands.
A braid of hair composed of two different colors twined together.
A narrow fabric, as of wool, silk, or linen, used for binding, trimming, or ornamenting dresses, etc.
A quick motion; a start.
A fancy; freak; caprice.
Since Frenchmen are so braid,Marry that will, I live and die a maid.
A hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair
Trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains
Make by braiding or interlacing;
Lace a tablecloth
Decorate with braids or ribbons;
Braid a collar
Form or weave into a braid or braids;
Braid hair
A complex pattern formed by intertwining three or more strands of hair, rope, or other material.
She wore a braid to school every day.
A technique used in hairstyle, crafts, and clothing decoration.
He learned to braid his sister's hair.
A length of braided hair or other flexible material.
She tied the package with a braid of colorful yarn.
Refers also to a narrow, ornamental trim.
The dress was edged with a fine gold braid.

Braid Meaning in a Sentence

Tom learned to braid by watching videos.
They used a braid to tie the tent down.
Making a braid can be a fun craft activity.
A braid is often seen in traditional folk costumes.
Sarah likes to braid her doll's hair.
A braid can be a simple way to style unruly hair.
They learned to braid as part of their survival training.
A braid can turn plain yarn into something special.
He admired the intricate braid in her hair.
Braid the pastry dough to make it look fancy.
For the play, they all wore their hair in a braid.
She taught him how to braid using three colors.
He wore a hat with a leather braid around it.
Braid your hair to keep it out of your face while running.
Braid the rope tightly to ensure it holds.
Braid these wires together to secure the connection.
She uses a braid to decorate her handmade pillows.
Braid the ribbons for a festive look.
A braid helps manage her thick hair.
Braid a few wildflowers into your hair for the festival.
She added beads to her braid for the concert.
Her favorite hairstyle is a thick braid down her back.

Braid Idioms & Phrases

Braid into the fabric of

To become an integral part of something.
Traditional values are braided into the fabric of the community.

Tight as a braid

Means very close-knit or closely bound.
The team worked together tight as a braid.

Braid ideas

To merge various thoughts or concepts together creatively.
In the meeting, we braided ideas to come up with a solution.

Let your hair down or braid it up

Used to suggest either relaxing or preparing for serious work.
It's the weekend, let your hair down or braid it up for the party.

Common Curiosities

How is Braid used in a sentence?

Braid is used as both a noun and a verb, referring to the style or the action of interlacing.

How do we divide Braid into syllables?

Braid is a single-syllable word and cannot be divided further.

Why is it called Braid?

Braid refers to the technique of interlacing materials to form a coherent structure.

What is a stressed syllable in Braid?

The entire word "Braid" is stressed as it contains only one syllable.

How many syllables are in Braid?

There is one syllable in Braid.

What is the verb form of Braid?

The verb form is "braid," as in to create a braid.

What is the pronunciation of Braid?

Braid is pronounced as /breɪd/.

What is another term for Braid?

Another term for braid is plait.

What is the root word of Braid?

The root word of "braid" is the Old English "bregdan," meaning to weave or twist.

What is the first form of Braid?

The first form is "braid."

What is the singular form of Braid?

The singular form is "braid."

What is the opposite of Braid?

The opposite of braid, in the context of hair, might be to untangle or unweave.

What is the second form of Braid?

The second form is "braided."

What part of speech is Braid?

Braid is a noun when referring to the hairstyle and a verb when referring to the action of making a braid.

Is Braid a noun or adjective?

Braid is primarily a noun and a verb but can also function as an adjective in contexts like "braid pattern."

Is Braid a countable noun?

Yes, Braid is a countable noun.

Which determiner is used with Braid?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "my" can be used with Braid, e.g., "a braid," "the braid," "my braid."

Which vowel is used before Braid?

Typically, the article "a" is used before Braid, e.g., "a braid."

What is the third form of Braid?

The third form is "braided."

Is Braid a negative or positive word?

Braid is a neutral word, neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is Braid an abstract noun?

No, Braid is a concrete noun as it refers to a physical object or action.

Is Braid a collective noun?

No, Braid is not a collective noun.

Is the word Braid imperative?

No, Braid is not inherently imperative but can be used as an imperative verb in commands.

Is the word “Braid” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Braid" can be used as both, depending on the sentence structure.

Which preposition is used with Braid?

Common prepositions used with Braid include "in," "with," and "into," depending on the context.

Is the Braid term a metaphor?

The term "braid" itself is not typically used as a metaphor but can be part of metaphorical expressions.

Is the word Braid Gerund?

No, the gerund form of "braid" is "braiding."

Which conjunction is used with Braid?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used with Braid, depending on the sentence.

Which article is used with Braid?

The articles "a" or "the" are commonly used with Braid.

What is the plural form of Braid?

The plural form is "braids."

Is Braid an adverb?

No, Braid is not an adverb.

Is Braid a vowel or consonant?

The word Braid begins with a consonant.

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