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Tomorow vs. Tomorrow — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 27, 2024
"Tomorow" is the incorrect spelling, while "Tomorrow" is correct. "Tomorrow" refers to the day after the present day.
Tomorow vs. Tomorrow — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Tomorow or Tomorrow

How to spell Tomorrow?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "tomorrow" having two 'r's, like a pair you'll wear tomorrow.
Remember the phrase "Mo' days, mo' Rs" to include both 'r's.
Link "tomorrow" with "borrow" as both have double 'r's.
Think of the rhyme: "One 'm', two 'r's, and you’ll go far!"
Associate "tomorrow" with "sorrow", both having double 'r's.

How Do You Spell Tomorrow Correctly?

Incorrect: I will see you tomorow at the usual place.
Correct: I will see you tomorrow at the usual place.
Incorrect: Can we reschedule our meeting for tomorow?
Correct: Can we reschedule our meeting for tomorrow?
Incorrect: He promised to finish the work by tomorow.
Correct: He promised to finish the work by tomorrow.
Incorrect: The weather forecast says it will rain tomorow.
Correct: The weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow.
Incorrect: She hopes to start her new job tomorow.
Correct: She hopes to start her new job tomorrow.

Tomorrow Definitions

"Tomorrow" can mean a future time.
Hopes for a better tomorrow.
"Tomorrow" also refers to the near future.
Innovations of tomorrow are born from today's dreams.
"Tomorrow" indicates the day immediately after today.
We'll finish the project tomorrow.
"Tomorrow" is an expression of delay.
Procrastinators often say, I'll do it tomorrow.
"Tomorrow" can symbolize potential or future possibilities.
The leaders of tomorrow are learning today.
On the day after today
The show opens tomorrow
The day after today
Tomorrow is going to be a special day
The day following today.
The future.
On or for the day following today
"I won't think of it now.... I'll think of it tomorrow" (Margaret Mitchell).
On the day after the present day.
At some point in the future; later on
If you don’t get your life on track today, you’re going to be very sorry tomorrow.
On next (period of time other than a day, such as a week or a month), following the present (period of time).
(obsolete) On the next day (following some date in the past).
The day after the present day.
Tomorrow will be sunny.
On the day after the present day; on the next day; on the morrow.
Summon him to-morrow to the Tower.
The day after the present; the morrow.
One today is worth two to-morrows.
The day after today;
What are our tasks for tomorrow?
The near future;
Tomorrow's world
Everyone hopes for a better tomorrow
The next day, the day after, following the present day

Tomorrow Meaning in a Sentence

Tomorrow, we're going to the zoo.
She's planning to start her diet tomorrow.
Tomorrow is another day.
I'll call you first thing tomorrow morning.
We're leaving for our vacation tomorrow.
The big game is tomorrow night.
He's looking forward to his birthday party tomorrow.
Let's hope for a better tomorrow.
Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be sunny and warm.
She said she would give me her answer tomorrow.
Tomorrow, the new movie releases, and we're going to watch it.
The science project is due tomorrow.
The meeting has been postponed to tomorrow.
I'm planning a surprise for her tomorrow.
They're forecasting snow for tomorrow.
Tomorrow's forecast calls for rain, so bring an umbrella.
He hopes to fix his bike tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I'll visit my grandparents.
Tomorrow, I'll try to wake up earlier.
Tomorrow is the last day to submit your essay.
Don't leave till tomorrow what you can do today.
Tomorrow, we will discuss the future of our project.
The test results will be announced tomorrow.
She's expecting an important packa

Tomorrow Idioms & Phrases

Here today, gone tomorrow

Something that is temporary or fleeting.
Fame is often here today, gone tomorrow, so it's important to stay grounded.

Promise them tomorrow

To offer hope for the future.
The candidate's speech aimed to promise them tomorrow filled with prosperity and peace.

Leave till tomorrow what you can do today

Procrastination; delaying something that can be done immediately.
Don't leave till tomorrow what you can do today, or you might find yourself overwhelmed.

Wait till tomorrow

To postpone an action or decision until the next day.
If you're too tired to make a decision, it's best to wait till tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes

A reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed, encouraging prompt action.
Start working on your dreams now because tomorrow never comes.

Tomorrow is another day

There's always a chance for things to improve in the future.
After the team's loss, the coach said, Tomorrow is another day, to motivate them.

On the eve of tomorrow

Referring to something happening in the very near future.
On the eve of tomorrow, we'll launch our most ambitious project yet.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Tomorrow?

No specific vowel is standardly used before "tomorrow".

Why is it called Tomorrow?

The word "tomorrow" comes from Old English "tō morgenne", meaning "on (the) morrow".

What is the singular form of Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is inherently singular.

What is the verb form of Tomorrow?

"Tomorrow" doesn't have a verb form. It's primarily a noun or adverb.

What is the pronunciation of Tomorrow?

It's pronounced as /təˈmɒr.oʊ/ in American English.

Which preposition is used with Tomorrow?

It depends on context, but "by" (as in "by tomorrow") is commonly used.

Is Tomorrow a noun or adjective?

"Tomorrow" is primarily a noun or adverb.

What is the plural form of Tomorrow?

Tomorrow doesn't have a standard plural form.

What is the root word of Tomorrow?

The root is the Old English "morgenne" meaning "morrow" or "morning".

Which article is used with Tomorrow?

Typically, no article is used directly before "tomorrow".

Is Tomorrow an adverb?

Yes, as in "I'll do it tomorrow."

Is Tomorrow a countable noun?


Which conjunction is used with Tomorrow?

No specific conjunction is tied to "tomorrow". Any could be used depending on the sentence.

Is Tomorrow a vowel or consonant?

"Tomorrow" is a word, not a single letter.

Is Tomorrow a collective noun?


Is the word Tomorrow imperative?


What is a stressed syllable in Tomorrow?

The second syllable "mor".

What is the opposite of Tomorrow?


How do we divide Tomorrow into syllables?


Is the word Tomorrow a Gerund?


Is the word “Tomorrow” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be a direct object, as in "I await tomorrow".

How many syllables are in Tomorrow?


What part of speech is Tomorrow?

Noun or adverb.

What is the first form of Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is not a verb; it doesn't have verb forms.

What is the second form of Tomorrow?

Same as above.

Is the Tomorrow term a metaphor?

It can be, as in "leaders of tomorrow", but not inherently.

What is another term for Tomorrow?

The day after today.

What is the third form of Tomorrow?

Same as above.

How is Tomorrow used in a sentence?

"I will meet you tomorrow at the park."

Is Tomorrow an abstract noun?

Yes, it represents a concept of time.

Is Tomorrow a negative or positive word?

Neutral; context determines its sentiment.

Which determiner is used with Tomorrow?

Typically, none.

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