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Hobbiest vs. Hobbyist — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 20, 2024
"Hobbiest" is an incorrect spelling, while "Hobbyist" is the correct form, referring to a person who pursues a particular hobby.
Hobbiest vs. Hobbyist — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Hobbiest or Hobbyist

How to spell Hobbyist?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "hobby" + "ist" becomes "hobbyist," similar to "piano" + "ist" becomes "pianist."
"Hobbiest" might sound like it's referring to the 'most hobby-like', similar to "happiest," but that's not the case.
Think of other words that end in "ist" like "artist" or "florist" to guide your spelling.
Avoid the extra 'e' as no hobby needs an extra effort.
Remember, "Hobby is a list of interests," emphasizing the "ist" in "hobbyist."

How Do You Spell Hobbyist Correctly?

Incorrect: She considers herself a professional hobbiest in gardening.
Correct: She considers herself a professional hobbyist in gardening.
Incorrect: This exhibition is a perfect venue for hobbiest photographers.
Correct: This exhibition is a perfect venue for hobbyist photographers.
Incorrect: He is the hobbiest person I know, always trying something new.
Correct: He is the hobbyist person I know, always trying something new.

Hobbyist Definitions

"Hobbyist" indicates an individual passionate about a specific leisure activity.
The workshop was open to all, from beginners to advanced hobbyists.
A "hobbyist" is someone who immerses themselves in an activity for relaxation or recreational purposes.
Even as a hobbyist, her paintings drew attention at local exhibitions.
A "hobbyist" is someone who engages in a hobby for pleasure, not as a profession.
She's not a professional photographer, just a hobbyist.
"Hobbyist" refers to an enthusiast or amateur in a particular activity or field of interest.
The convention attracted both professional writers and hobbyists.
An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.
A person who is interested in an activity or a subject as a hobby.
This computer magazine is targeted at both professionals and hobbyists.
A "hobbyist" is a person who dedicates time to an activity or interest outside of their main occupation.
As a hobbyist, Mark spends weekends building model trains.
A client in a girlfriend experience.
A person who pursues and activity in their spare time for pleasure

Hobbyist Meaning in a Sentence

A true hobbyist finds joy in the process, not just the outcome.
She's an avid hobbyist who collects vintage stamps.
He transitioned from hobbyist to professional photographer.
The hobbyist spent weekends working on his model trains.
Hobbyist brewers experiment with different ingredients to create unique beers.
Gardening as a hobbyist can bring beauty and sustainability to one's home.
The competition is open to amateur and hobbyist filmmakers.
A hobbyist knows the value of patience and practice.
Hobbyist programmers contribute to open-source projects for fun and experience.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Hobbyist?

It is called "hobbyist" because it refers to someone who engages in a hobby.

What is the verb form of Hobbyist?

There isn't a direct verb form of "hobbyist." However, related actions might include "to hobby" or "to pursue a hobby," though these are not standard.

What is the pronunciation of Hobbyist?

It is pronounced as "HOB-ee-ist."

What is the root word of Hobbyist?

The root word is "hobby."

What is the singular form of Hobbyist?

The singular form is "hobbyist."

Which vowel is used before Hobbyist?

The vowel "y" is used before ending with "ist."

Which article is used with Hobbyist?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "hobbyist" depending on context.

Which conjunction is used with Hobbyist?

Any conjunction can be used with "hobbyist" depending on the sentence context, e.g., "and," "or," "but."

Is Hobbyist an adverb?

No, "hobbyist" is not an adverb.

Which preposition is used with Hobbyist?

The preposition "of" as in "hobbyist of photography."

Is the word Hobbyist imperative?

No, it is not imperative.

Is the word “Hobbyist” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Hobbyist" can function as a direct object depending on the sentence. e.g., I met a hobbyist.

How do we divide Hobbyist into syllables?


What is the plural form of Hobbyist?

The plural form is "hobbyists."

Is Hobbyist a vowel or consonant?

"Hobbyist" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Hobbyist a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

Is Hobbyist an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun because it refers to a specific type of person.

Is Hobbyist a countable noun?

Yes, it is countable. e.g., There are many hobbyists in the club.

Is the Hobbyist term a metaphor?

No, it is not a metaphor.

How many syllables are in Hobbyist?

There are three syllables.

What part of speech is Hobbyist?

It is a noun.

What is another term for Hobbyist?


What is the opposite of Hobbyist?


What is the second form of Hobbyist?

Again, "hobbyist" is a noun, so it doesn't have different verb forms.

What is the third form of Hobbyist?

As mentioned, "hobbyist" is a noun and doesn't have verb forms.

Is Hobbyist a negative or positive word?

It is neutral, neither negative nor positive.

Is the word Hobbyist a Gerund?

No, it is not a gerund.

How is Hobbyist used in a sentence?

As a dedicated hobbyist, Jane has an impressive collection of hand-painted miniatures.

Is Hobbyist a noun or adjective?

"Hobbyist" is a noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Hobbyist?

The first syllable "Hob" is stressed.

Which determiner is used with Hobbyist?

Determiners like "a," "the," "my," "this" can be used depending on context.

What is the first form of Hobbyist?

"Hobbyist" is a noun, so it doesn't have verb forms like first, second, or third form.

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