Believe vs. Belive

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  • Believe (verb)

    To accept as true, particularly without absolute certainty (i.e., as opposed to knowing)

    "If you believe the numbers, you'll agree we need change."

    "I believe there are faeries."

  • Believe (verb)

    To accept that someone is telling the truth.

    "Why did I ever believe you?"

  • Believe (verb)

    To have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth.

    "After that night in the church, I believed."

  • Believe (verb)

    To consider likely

    "ux|en|I believe it might rain tomorrow. (Here, the speaker merely accepts the accuracy of the conditional.)"

  • Belive (verb)

    To remain, stay.

  • Belive (adverb)

    Quickly, forthwith.

  • Belive (adverb)

    Soon, presently, before long; by and by; anon

Oxford Dictionary
  • Believe

    To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider; as, to believe a person, a statement, or a doctrine.

  • Believe (verb)

    To have a firm persuasion, esp. of the truths of religion; to have a persuasion approaching to certainty; to exercise belief or faith.

  • Believe (verb)

    To think; to suppose.

  • Belive (adverb)

    Forthwith; speedily; quickly.

Webster Dictionary
Princeton's WordNet

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