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29st vs. 29th — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 22, 2024
29st is incorrect. The right ordinal representation is 29th, indicating the position following the twenty-eighth.
29st vs. 29th — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: 29st or 29th

How to spell 29th?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Visualize "29th" on calendars to associate with the correct spelling.
Recall "first," "second," and "third," but all numbers from "fourth" to "twentieth" end with "th."
"Nine" in ordinals ends with "th" as in "ninth," so "twenty-nine" follows suit with 29th.
Remember, "st" typically only follows numbers ending in "1" except for "eleventh."
Use mnemonic devices like "Nine has an 'N,' and so does 29th."

How Do You Spell 29th Correctly?

Incorrect: She will celebrate her 29st anniversary next year.
Correct: She will celebrate her 29th anniversary next year.
Incorrect: He finished 29st in the race.
Correct: He finished 29th in the race.
Incorrect: The event takes place on December 29st.
Correct: The event takes place on December 29th.
Incorrect: My birthday is on March 29st.
Correct: My birthday is on March 29th.
Incorrect: The meeting is scheduled for May 29st.
Correct: The meeting is scheduled for May 29th.

29th Definitions

Indicates a specific position in a sequence.
It was his 29th attempt at the challenge.
Refers to a specific day in months with more than 28 days.
February 29th occurs during a leap year.
Represents a specific point or item in enumerations.
He was the 29th person to arrive.
Denotes a percentage or fraction when used in such contexts.
She scored in the 29th percentile of the test.
The ordinal number after the twenty-eighth and before the 30th.
She marked the 29th on her calendar.
Abbreviation of twenty-ninth
Coming next after the twenty-eighth in a series
Coming next after the twenty-eighth in position

29th Meaning in a Sentence

The conference starts on the 29th of June.
Her 29th birthday was a memorable one.
On the 29th, we will have a full moon.
The 29th of February is a leap day.
The 29th edition of the book includes recent updates.
The 29th chapter of the novel is the most thrilling.
She will be going on vacation starting the 29th.
The 29th annual charity ball was a huge success.
Their 29th monthly meeting was held virtually.
The 29th of October is a public holiday.
They moved to their new house on the 29th.
He completed his 29th marathon this year.
The festival's 29th year promises to be the biggest yet.
He's retiring on the 29th after 30 years of service.
The package is expected to arrive by the 29th.
The team's 29th game of the season is this Saturday.
His 29th project was the most challenging yet.
On the 29th, the company will announce its earnings.
The 29th of December is always a day of reflection for her.
On his 29th attempt, he finally perfected the recipe.
The 29th amendment was a significant change to the constitution.
The documentary's 29th episode explores ancient civilizations.
The 29th floor has the best views of the city.
She received her 29th award for excellence in journalism.
The 29th precinct reported a decrease in crime rates.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of 29th?

29th doesn't have a verb form; it's an ordinal number.

What is the root word of 29th?

The root word is "twenty-nine."

Which vowel is used before 29th?

Typically, "a" is used as in "a 29th."

What is the pronunciation of 29th?

It's pronounced "twenty-ninth."

What is the plural form of 29th?

Ordinal numbers like 29th don't have a standard plural form.

What is the singular form of 29th?

29th is already in its singular form.

Is 29th a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; neither negative nor positive.

Which conjunction is used with 29th?

Any conjunction can be used with "29th" based on the sentence structure; there isn't a specific one.

Is 29th an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete representation of position or order.

Why is it called 29th?

It's called 29th because it denotes the ordinal position after the twenty-eighth.

Which article is used with 29th?

Both "the" and "a" can be used with 29th, depending on the context.

Is the 29th term a metaphor?

Not inherently, though it could be used metaphorically in specific contexts.

Is the word “29th” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can serve as either, depending on the sentence structure.

What is another term for 29th?

There isn't a specific synonymous term for the ordinal number 29th.

Which preposition is used with 29th?

For dates, "on" is commonly used, as in "on the 29th."

Which determiner is used with 29th?

Common determiners include "the" or "a."

Is 29th a noun or adjective?

29th can function as both a noun (e.g., "the 29th of the month") and an adjective (e.g., "the 29th contestant").

Is 29th a vowel or consonant?

29th is an ordinal number and doesn't fit into vowel or consonant categories.

Is the word 29th imperative?

No, 29th isn't an imperative.

How many syllables are in 29th?

There are three syllables: "twen-ty-ninth."

How do we divide 29th into syllables?


What part of speech is 29th?

It can be an adjective or a noun, depending on its use.

What is the opposite of 29th?

There isn't a direct opposite, but in a sequence, the first would be farthest from the 29th.

Is 29th an adverb?

No, 29th isn't an adverb.

Is 29th a countable noun?

No, 29th itself isn't countable.

Is 29th a collective noun?

No, 29th isn't a collective noun.

Is the word 29th a gerund?

No, 29th isn't a gerund.

What is the stressed syllable in 29th?

The second syllable, "ty," is stressed.

How is 29th used in a sentence?

"Her birthday falls on the 29th of March."

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