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Triple vs. Tripple — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 18, 2024
The correct spelling is "Triple," which means threefold or consisting of three parts. "Tripple" is incorrect and should not be used.
Triple vs. Tripple — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Triple or Tripple

How to spell Triple?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

Connect "Triple" to the word "trilogy," both indicating "three" and having only one 'p.'
Remember that "triple" means "three," and it only has one 'p' just like the word "one."
Think of "Triple" as a single 'p' surrounded by three other letters on each side.
"Triple" starts with "Trip," like a journey, which also has one 'p.'
Recite the phrase "Triple the fun, not the 'p's" to remember only one 'p' is needed.

How Do You Spell Tripple Correctly?

Incorrect: The recipe calls for tripple the amount of sugar.
Correct: The recipe calls for triple the amount of sugar.
Incorrect: He scored a tripple in the last game.
Correct: He scored a triple in the last game.

Triple Definitions

Triple means consisting of three parts or elements.
He hit a triple in baseball.
Triple can mean to multiply by three.
The company's profits tripled.
In geometry, a triple refers to three related numbers or quantities.
The sides of the triangle form a Pythagorean triple.
In betting, a triple is a type of bet involving three selections.
He made a triple bet on the horses.
In computer science, triple refers to a data structure with three elements.
A RGB color can be represented as a triple.
Consisting of or involving three items or people
Triple somersaults
A triple murder
A thing that is three times as large as usual or is made up of three standard units or items
Two whiskies—triples, please
A sporting contest in which each side has three players.
A system of change-ringing using seven bells, with three pairs changing places each time.
A hit which enables the batter to reach third base.
Become three times as much or as many
Grain prices were expected to triple
Hit a triple
He tripled into right field
Consisting of three parts or members.
Three times as much in size, strength, number, or amount.
(Music) Having three beats to a measure.
A number or quantity three times as great as another.
Something having three identifiable or prominent parts or members.
Something capable of carrying or moving three people or things, as a chairlift.
(Baseball) A hit enabling the batter to reach third base. Also called three-bagger, three-base hit.
See trifecta.
To make three times as great in number or amount.
To be or become three times as great in number or amount.
(Baseball) To make a triple.
Made up of three related elements, often matching
The triple markings on this vase are quite unique.
Of three times the quantity.
Give me a triple serving of mashed potatoes.
Designed for three users.
A triple room
Folded in three; composed of three layers.
Having three aspects.
A triple meaning
(music) Of time, three times as fast as very fast.
(obsolete) One of three; third.
Three times or thrice the number, amount, size, etc..
(informal) A drink with three portions of alcohol.
I've had a hard day; make that a triple.
(US) A hamburger with three patties.
I'd like a triple with cheese.
(baseball) A three-base hit.
The shortstop hit a triple to lead off the ninth.
(basketball) A three-point field goal.
(curling) A takeout shot in which three stones are removed from play.
A sequence of three elements or 3-tuple.
To multiply by three.
The company tripled their earnings per share over last quarter.
(baseball) To get a three-base hit.
The batter tripled into the gap.
To become three times as large.
Our earnings have tripled in the last year.
To serve or operate as (something), in addition to two other functions.
Consisting of three united; multiplied by three; threefold; as, a triple knot; a triple tie.
By thy triple shape as thou art seen.
Three times repeated; treble. See Treble.
One of three; third.
To make threefold, or thrice as much or as many; to treble; as, to triple the tax on coffee.
A base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base
A quantity that is three times as great as another
Increase threefold;
Triple your income!
Hit a three-base hit
Having three units or components or elements;
A ternary operation
A treble row of red beads
Overcrowding made triple sessions necessary
Triple time has three beats per measure
Triplex windows
Three times as great or many;
A claim for treble (or triple) damages
A threefold increase

Triple Meaning in a Sentence

Scoring a triple in baseball is a significant achievement.
The gymnast performed a triple somersault flawlessly.
Investing in renewable energy can triple our savings on utilities.
Their goal is to triple the company's outreach in underprivileged areas.
Her design for a triple-decker bus was innovative and practical.
To handle the workload, we need to triple our efforts.
Triple-checking your work can help avoid mistakes.
A triple layer cake is perfect for big celebrations.
The athlete's triple jump broke the school record.
He made a triple play, stunning the opposing team.
He was amazed by the triple rainbow after the storm.
With triple insulation, the house remained warm throughout the winter.
The project aims to triple awareness about climate change.
He earned a triple degree in law, business, and economics.
By using this strategy, you can triple your reading speed.
The recipe suggests a triple blend of cheeses for the best flavor.
The film's triple plot twist surprised everyone.
They celebrated their triple anniversary with a grand party.
Using a triple lens camera, she captured stunning photos.
The magician's triple illusion trick left the audience in awe.
A triple heart bypass surgery is a complex but life-saving procedure.
Their charity event was a triple success, exceeding all goals.
To combat the issue, a triple approach was adopted.
They plan to triple the size of the garden to grow more vegetables.
The new policy could triple the number of beneficiaries.

Triple Idioms & Phrases

Triple crown

In sports, winning three major championships in a single season.
The horse racing team aimed for the triple crown.

Triple date

When three couples go out together on a date.
They planned a triple date to the amusement park for the weekend.

Triple digits

Referring to temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more.
The heat wave brought triple digits to the region, making it unbearably hot.

Triple jump

An athletic event where the competitor makes a hop, a step, and a jump in one continuous sequence.
She trained hard for the triple jump, hoping to set a new personal best.


To verify something three times to ensure accuracy.
He always triple-checks his emails before sending them to avoid errors.


Three consecutive games or events held on the same day.
The baseball fans were excited for the triple-header weekend.

Triple sec

A type of orange-flavored liqueur used in many cocktails.
The recipe for the classic margarita calls for triple sec.

Triple play

In baseball, a single play that results in three outs.
The team executed a triple play, ending the inning dramatically.

Triple decker

A sandwich or burger with three layers of bread or a three-story building.
The diner's signature triple decker was a hit among the hungry students.

Triple threat

Someone or something with three notable qualities or abilities.
As a singer, dancer, and actor, he was considered a triple threat in the theater community.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Triple?

It comes from Latin "triplus," meaning threefold.

What is the pronunciation of Triple?


What is the verb form of Triple?

To triple.

Which vowel is used before Triple?

Depends on context, often 'a,' as in "a triple."

Is Triple a noun or adjective?


Is Triple a negative or positive word?

Neutral, context-dependent.

Is Triple an abstract noun?


What is the root word of Triple?

Latin "triplus."

Which conjunction is used with Triple?

And, or, but.

What is the singular form of Triple?


What is the plural form of Triple?


Which preposition is used with Triple?

By, as in "triple by next year."

Is Triple an adverb?


Is Triple a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a letter.

Is the word Triple a gerund?


Which determiner is used with Triple?

A or the.

What is the first form of Triple?

Triple (it's a noun and an adjective).

What is another term for Triple?

Threefold, triad.

How many syllables are in Triple?


What is the third form of Triple?

Tripled (when used as a verb).

Which article is used with Triple?

A or the.

Is Triple a countable noun?


Is the word “Triple” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on sentence structure.

How do we divide Triple into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Triple?

The first syllable, "Trip."

What is the second form of Triple?

Tripled (when used as a verb).

Is Triple a collective noun?


Is the Triple term a metaphor?

Can be used metaphorically.

Is the word Triple imperative?


What part of speech is Triple?

Noun or Adjective.

What is the opposite of Triple?

Single, or one-third.

How is Triple used in a sentence?

"The athlete completed a triple jump."

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