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Representate vs. Represent — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 21, 2024
"Representate" is incorrect. The correct term is "Represent," which means to stand for or symbolize something.
Representate vs. Represent — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Representate or Represent

How to spell Represent?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Link it with "tent" as in "Represent has a 'tent' but no 'ate'."
Associate "Represent" with the word "Present," which is within it.
"Represent" has no extra 'ate' at the end.
Think of "re-present" like presenting something again.
Remember that "representatives" represent people, without the 'ate' in the main word.

How Do You Spell Represent Correctly?

Incorrect: Can this graph representate our sales growth accurately?
Correct: Can this graph represent our sales growth accurately?
Incorrect: She was chosen to representate the company at the conference.
Correct: She was chosen to represent the company at the conference.
Incorrect: He wants to representate that district in the legislature.
Correct: He wants to represent that district in the legislature.
Incorrect: The lawyer will representate me in court.
Correct: The lawyer will represent me in court.
Incorrect: The painting is said to representate the artist's early style.
Correct: The painting is said to represent the artist's early style.

Represent Definitions

Represent can mean to depict in art or literature.
The painting represents the artist's emotions.
Represent also means to act on behalf of someone.
She represents the defendant in court.
To have as a meaning, suggestion, or association; stand for or symbolize
The rose represents beauty. The bald eagle represents the United States.
To indicate or communicate by signs or symbols
Letters of the alphabet represent sounds.
To depict in art; portray
The painting represents a woman wearing a hat.
To describe or present in words; set forth
The article represents the shortcomings of our school system in some detail.
To act the part or role of
Represented the villain in the story.
To present clearly to the mind
How are sense data represented to the mind?.
To draw attention to by way of remonstrance or protest
Our parents represented to us the need for greater caution.
To describe or put forward (a person or thing) as an embodiment of a specified quality
Tried to represent his opponent as untrustworthy.
To serve as a delegate or agent for
She represents a district that is very concerned about high rents.
To act as a spokesperson for.
To be an example or examples of
The museum had several paintings representing the artist's early style.
To be the equivalent of; amount to
The money in the bank represents the better part of their life savings.
(transitive) To present again or anew; to present by means of something standing in the place of; to exhibit the counterpart or image of; to typify.
(transitive) To portray visually; to delineate
A landscape can be represented in a picture.
The sculptor represented a horse in bronze.
(transitive) To portray by mimicry or acting; to act the part or character of
It has always been his dream to represent Hamlet on Broadway.
(transitive) To stand or act in the place of; to perform the duties, exercise the rights, or otherwise act on behalf of
He sent his agent to represent himself at the meeting.
As he was too ill to accept the award, his brother represented him at the ceremony.
An attorney's job is to represent his client in court
To act as a representative of (a country, state, district etc.)
They chose a member of Congress to represent their district.
(transitive) To portray to another using language; to show; to give one's own impressions and judgement of
He represented that he was investigating for the police department.
(transitive) To give an account of; to describe.
(transitive) To serve as a sign or symbol of
The @ symbol represents the online world.
A dove is often used to represent peace.
(transitive) To bring a certain sensation of into the mind; to cause to be known, felt, or apprehended; to present.
(transitive) To form or image again in consciousness, as an object of cognition or apprehension (something presentative, which was originally apprehended by direct presentation).
(transitive) To constitute, to make up, to be an example of.
To participate as a team member
To constitute a good example or symbol of a group of people; to acquit oneself well.
(medicine) To present again, for instance for medical attention.
Represented to the emergency department
To present again or anew; to present by means of something standing in the place of; to exhibit the counterpart or image of; to typify.
Before him burnSeven lamps, as in a zodiac representingThe heavenly fires.
To portray by pictoral or plastic art; to delineate; as, to represent a landscape in a picture, a horse in bronze, and the like.
To portray by mimicry or action of any kind; to act the part or character of; to personate; as, to represent Hamlet.
To stand in the place of; to supply the place, perform the duties, exercise the rights, or receive the share, of; to speak and act with authority in behalf of; to act the part of (another); as, an heir represents his ancestor; an attorney represents his client in court; a member of Congress represents his district in Congress.
To exhibit to another mind in language; to show; to give one's own impressions and judgement of; to bring before the mind; to set forth; sometimes, to give an account of; to describe.
He represented Rizzio's credit with the queen to be the chief and only obstacle to his success in that demand.
This bank is thought the greatest load on the Genoese, and the managers of it have been represented as a second kind of senate.
To serve as a sign or symbol of; as, mathematical symbols represent quantities or relations; words represent ideas or things.
To bring a sensation of into the mind or sensorium; to cause to be known, felt, or apprehended; to present.
Among these. Fancy nextHer office holds; of all external thingsWhich he five watchful senses represent,She forms imaginations, aery shapes.
To form or image again in consciousness, as an object of cognition or apprehension (something which was originally apprehended by direct presentation). See Presentative, 3.
The general capability of knowledge necessarily requires that, besides the power of evoking out of unconsciousness one portion of our retained knowledge in preference to another, we posses the faculty of representing in consciousness what is thus evoked . . . This representative Faculty is Imagination or Phantasy.
Take the place of or be parallel or equivalent to;
Because of the sound changes in the course of history, an 'h' in Greek stands for an 's' in Latin
Express indirectly by an image, form, or model; be a symbol;
What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?
Be representative or typical for;
This period is represented by Beethoven
Be a delegate or spokesperson for; represent somebody's interest or be a proxy or substitute for, as of politicians and office holders representing their constituents, or of a tenant representing other tenants in a housing dispute;
I represent the silent majority
This actor is a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association
Serve as a means of expressing something;
The flower represents a young girl
Be characteristic of;
This compositional style is exemplified by this fugue
Form or compose;
This money is my only income
The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance
These constitute my entire belonging
The children made up the chorus
This sum represents my entire income for a year
These few men comprise his entire army
Be the defense counsel for someone in a trial;
Ms. Smith will represent the defendant
Create an image or likeness of;
The painter represented his wife as a young girl
Play a role or part;
Gielgud played Hamlet
She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role
She played the servant to her husband's master
Perform (a play), especially on a stage;
We are going to stage `Othello'
Describe or present, usually with respect to a particular quality;
He represented this book as an example of the Russian 19th century novel
Point out or draw attention to in protest or remonstrance;
Our parents represented to us the need for more caution
Bring forward and present to the mind;
We presented the arguments to him
We cannot represent this knowledge to our formal reason
To establish a mapping (of mathematical elements or sets)
Represent means to symbolize or stand for something.
The eagle represents freedom in many cultures.
To portray or describe in a particular way.
The movie represents the protagonist as a hero.
To be an example or equivalent of something.
These results represent a significant change.

Represent Meaning in a Sentence

These figures represent the company's revenue over the past year.
These colors represent the different elements in traditional beliefs.
Our company aims to represent quality and innovation.
That term is used to represent a complex concept in philosophy.

Represent Idioms & Phrases

Represent a challenge

To embody or constitute a difficult task or problem.
The new project represents a challenge for the entire team.

Represent interests

To advocate or promote the concerns or benefits of a group.
The senator represents the interests of her constituents effectively.

Represent someone

To act on behalf of another person in a legal, political, or professional capacity.
The lawyer will represent the defendant in this case.

Represent a change

To signify or indicate a transformation.
This policy represents a significant change in our approach.

Represent an idea

To symbolize or stand for a concept.
In the novel, the river represents the flow of time.

Represent a culture

To exemplify or portray the characteristics of a specific culture.
The festival represents the rich culture of the community.

Represent a company

To be a spokesperson or delegate for a corporation or business.
She was chosen to represent the company at the international conference.

Represent oneself

To act on one's own behalf, especially in a legal context.
He chose to represent himself in court.

Represent a nation

To act or serve as a symbol or delegate of a country.
The athletes represent their nation at the Olympics.

Represent a viewpoint

To express or articulate a particular opinion or perspective.
The article represents a controversial viewpoint on the issue.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Represent?

"An" as in "an accurate representation."

What is the verb form of Represent?

"Represent" is already in its verb form.

What is the pronunciation of Represent?

It is pronounced as /ˌrɛprɪˈzɛnt/.

Why is it called Represent?

The term "represent" comes from the Latin "repraesentare," which means to "show, present, or display."

Is Represent an abstract noun?

No, but its noun form "representation" can be abstract.

What is the root word of Represent?

The root is from the Latin word "repraesentare."

What is the singular form of Represent?

"Represent" is singular.

Which conjunction is used with Represent?

No specific conjunction is linked to "represent"; it depends on the sentence context.

Is Represent a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but context can influence its connotation.

Is Represent a vowel or consonant?

"Represent" is a word, not a letter.

Is the word Represent imperative?

It can be used in the imperative mood, e.g., "Represent us well."

Is Represent a noun or adjective?

"Represent" is a verb.

Is Represent a countable noun?

"Represent" is a verb, but its related noun "representation" is countable.

Is the word Represent a gerund?

No, but "representing" is its gerund form.

What is the stressed syllable in Represent?

The stressed syllable is "sent."

What is the plural form of Represent?

Verbs do not have plural forms, but the related noun "representations" is plural.

Which preposition is used with Represent?

"Of" as in "representative of a group."

What part of speech is Represent?

It is a verb.

Is Represent a collective noun?


Is the Represent term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in Represent?

Three syllables.

What is another term for Represent?


Which determiner is used with Represent?

No specific determiner is linked to "represent." Determiners like "this," "that," "some" can be used depending on context with its related noun form.

What is the second form of Represent?


How is Represent used in a sentence?

"The blue color in the painting represents tranquility and peace."

Which article is used with Represent?

Either "a" or "the" can be used, depending on context with the related noun form.

Is Represent an adverb?


Is the word “Represent” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As a verb, "represent" can have a direct object, e.g., "She represents the team."

How do we divide Represent into syllables?


What is the opposite of Represent?


What is the first form of Represent?


What is the third form of Represent?


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