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Reminent vs. Remnant — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 26, 2024
"Reminent" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Remnant," referring to a small remaining quantity of something.
Reminent vs. Remnant — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Reminent or Remnant

How to spell Remnant?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Remnant" ends in "ant," like "elephant" which is memorable for its size, opposite to the small quantity that "remnant" indicates.
Think of "remnant" like "remain" with an "ant" at the end.
"Reminent" sounds like "reminisce," which is about memory, not leftovers.
Visualize "remnant" as a leftover piece of fabric.
Associate "remnant" with "rant" about leftovers, both ending in "ant."

How Do You Spell Remnant Correctly?

Incorrect: He found a reminent of an old letter in the attic.
Correct: He found a remnant of an old letter in the attic.
Incorrect: The archaeologists were excited to discover a reminent of the ancient civilization.
Correct: The archaeologists were excited to discover a remnant of the ancient civilization.
Incorrect: She kept a reminent of the fabric as a keepsake.
Correct: She kept a remnant of the fabric as a keepsake.
Incorrect: Only a reminent of the original forest still stands today.
Correct: Only a remnant of the original forest still stands today.

Remnant Definitions

A small remaining quantity of something.
After the sale, only a remnant of the stock was left.
A surviving trace or vestige.
A remnant of the ancient civilization can still be seen today.
A piece of cloth left when the greater part has been used.
She purchased a remnant of silk for her project.
A part or quantity left after processing.
The remnant of the grain was collected after milling.
A small group remaining after the majority have departed.
A remnant of loyal followers stayed by his side.
Something left over; a remainder.
A piece of fabric remaining after the rest has been used or sold.
A surviving trace or vestige
A remnant of his past glory.
Often remnants A small surviving group of people.
The small portion remaining of a larger thing or group.
The remaining fabric at the end of the bolt.
Usually not enough to make an entire project by itself, remnants of several fabrics can be used to make quilts.
An unsold end of piece goods, as cloth, ribbons, carpets, etc.
(archaic) Still left; remaining.
Remaining; yet left.
And quiet dedicate her remnant lifeTo the just duties of an humble wife.
That which remains after a part is removed, destroyed, used up, performed, etc.; residue.
The remnant that are left of the captivity.
The remnant of my tale is of a lengthTo tire your patience.
A small portion; a slight trace; a fragment; a little bit; a scrap.
Some odd quirks and remnants of wit.
A small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists
A piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

Remnant Meaning in a Sentence

Only a small remnant of the original building remains.
They found a remnant of an old wall buried under the ground.
A remnant of the ancient forest can still be seen in the preserve.
The remnant of the meal was saved for later.
Wildlife thrives in the remnant patches of undisturbed land.
A remnant of the community's heritage still influences its culture.
A remnant of the original manuscript was discovered in the library.
The explosion left a remnant of the structure standing.
The castle ruins are a remnant of medieval times.
He kept a remnant of the note as a memento.
She found a remnant of lace that belonged to her grandmother.
A remnant of the old law still affects some cases.
They managed to salvage a remnant of the wrecked ship.
The forest is a vital remnant of the city's natural environment.
The fire destroyed most of the house, leaving only a charred remnant.
The garden is a remnant of the estate's former glory.
Only a remnant of the once vast empire exists today.

Remnant Idioms & Phrases

A remnant of hope

A small remaining amount of hope.
In the midst of despair, they clung to a remnant of hope.

A remnant of the past

Something that has survived from an earlier time.
This old building is a remnant of the past, reminding us of the city's history.

The last remnant

The final surviving piece or part.
The heirloom represents the last remnant of the family's fortune.

A living remnant

A surviving example of something.
The ancient tree is a living remnant of the primeval forest.

A remnant of truth

A small piece of truth that remains.
In every legend, there is often a remnant of truth.

A cultural remnant

A surviving piece of a culture's heritage.
The dance is a cultural remnant, passed down through generations.

Remnant of a dream

A small part that remains of what was once a larger ambition or aspiration.
The unfinished novel was the remnant of a dream he once pursued.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Remnant?

Typically, "a" as in "a remnant."

Why is it called Remnant?

It's derived from the Old French word "remanant" meaning "remaining."

What is the root word of Remnant?

The root word is from Old French "remanant."

What is the singular form of Remnant?

The singular form is "remnant."

What is the verb form of Remnant?

"Remnant" is primarily a noun; there isn't a direct verb form.

Which conjunction is used with Remnant?

Any conjunction can be used with "remnant" depending on the sentence structure.

What is the pronunciation of Remnant?

"Remnant" is pronounced as /ˈrɛmnənt/.

Which preposition is used with Remnant?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "remnant of something."

Is Remnant a noun or adjective?

"Remnant" is primarily a noun, but can be used adjectivally.

What is the plural form of Remnant?

The plural form is "remnants."

Is Remnant an adverb?

No, "remnant" is not an adverb.

How do we divide Remnant into syllables?

It's divided as Rem-nant.

What is the second form of Remnant?

There isn't a second form as "remnant" is primarily a noun.

Is Remnant an abstract noun?

No, it refers to tangible leftovers or remains, though it can describe intangible concepts in some contexts.

Is Remnant a negative or positive word?

Neutral. It merely denotes something remaining.

Is Remnant a vowel or consonant?

"Remnant" is a word and contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Remnant a countable noun?

Yes, e.g., "There were several remnants."

Is the Remnant term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, as in "a remnant of the past."

What is a stressed syllable in Remnant?

The stressed syllable is "Rem-."

What is the first form of Remnant?

The first form is "remnant" (as it's primarily a noun).

What is the third form of Remnant?

There isn't a third form as "remnant" is primarily a noun.

Is Remnant a collective noun?

No, "remnant" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in Remnant?

There are two syllables in "remnant."

What part of speech is Remnant?

"Remnant" is a noun.

What is another term for Remnant?

Another term is "residue" or "leftover."

How is Remnant used in a sentence?

"After the grand feast, only a small remnant of the cake remained."

Which article is used with Remnant?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "remnant" depending on context.

Which determiner is used with Remnant?

Determiners like "a," "the," "this," "that," etc., can be used.

Is the word Remnant imperative?

No, "remnant" is not used in the imperative mood.

What is the opposite of Remnant?

The opposite could be "whole" or "complete."

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