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Recipiant vs. Recipient — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 30, 2024
"Recipiant" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "recipient," referring to one who receives something.
Recipiant vs. Recipient — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Recipiant or Recipient

How to spell Recipient?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "recipient" contains the word "receive" as its base.
Envision "recipient" as someone on the receiving end.
Associate "recipient" with common words with similar endings like "patient" or "persistent."
Think of "recip" as the starting sound, followed by "ient."
Focus on the ending "-ent," which is common in English, rather than "-ant."

How Do You Spell Recipient Correctly?

Incorrect: The letter was delivered to the wrong recipiant.
Correct: The letter was delivered to the wrong recipient.
Incorrect: She was the chosen recipiant for the scholarship.
Correct: She was the chosen recipient for the scholarship.
Incorrect: The recipiant of the award was announced last night.
Correct: The recipient of the award was announced last night.
Incorrect: Each recipiant must fill out an application form.
Correct: Each recipient must fill out an application form.

Recipient Definitions

The individual to whom something is directed or given.
He was the recipient of the letter.
One who receives specific treatment or an experience.
As a frequent flyer, he was a recipient of special privileges.
A person or thing that receives or is awarded something.
She was the recipient of the prestigious award.
One that receives or is given something
Recipients of the award.
One who receives blood, tissue, or an organ from a donor.
Functioning as a receiver; receptive.
One who receives.
The recipient of money or goods
My e-mail never reached the intended recipient.
(medicine) An individual receiving donor organs or tissues.
(chemistry) The portion of an alembic or other still in which the distilled liquid is collected.
A receiver; the person or thing that receives; one to whom, or that to which, anything is given or communicated; specifically, the receiver of a still.
Receiving; receptive.
A person who gets something
The semantic role of the animate entity that is passively involved in the happening denoted by the verb in the clause
One that benefits or is affected by a particular event or action.
The disaster victims were the main recipients of the donations.
An entity that gets or inherits something.
The museum is the recipient of the artist's work.

Recipient Meaning in a Sentence

The recipient of the Nobel Prize gave an inspiring speech.
The grant recipient used the funds to start a community garden.
As the recipient of numerous accolades, the author was highly respected.
The recipient of the inheritance was surprised to learn about his fortune.
The bursary recipient dedicated her studies to environmental science.
The message was encrypted to ensure privacy for the recipient.
Each meal kit recipient received ingredients for a week's worth of meals.
The package's recipient wasn't home, so it was left with a neighbor.
The recipient of the volunteer award dedicated it to her team.
The recipient of the scholarship thanked her teachers for their guidance.
The recipient of the best actor award gave credit to his co-stars.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of recipient?

The pronunciation is /rɪˈsɪpiənt/.

Why is it called recipient?

It's called "recipient" because it derives from the Latin word "recipiens," meaning "receiving," emphasizing the act of receiving.

Which preposition is used with recipient?

Common prepositions used with "recipient" include "of" and "for," as in "recipient of the award" or "recipient for the scholarship."

What is the plural form of recipient?

The plural form is "recipients."

What is the root word of recipient?

The root word is "receive."

What is the singular form of recipient?

The singular form is "recipient."

Which vowel is used before recipient?

There isn’t a specific vowel that always precedes "recipient." Its usage depends on the context of the sentence.

What is the verb form of recipient?

The related verb is "receive."

Which conjunction is used with recipient?

There isn't a specific conjunction exclusively paired with "recipient." It can be used with various conjunctions such as "and" or "but" depending on the context.

Is recipient a noun or adjective?

"Recipient" is a noun.

Is recipient an adverb?

No, "recipient" is not an adverb.

Is recipient an abstract noun?

No, "recipient" is a concrete noun as it refers to a tangible person or entity.

Is the word recipient imperative?

No, "recipient" is not an imperative word.

How many syllables are in recipient?

"Recipient" has four syllables.

How do we divide recipient into syllables?

It can be divided as re-cip-i-ent.

What is another term for recipient?

Another term for "recipient" is "beneficiary."

Is recipient a vowel or consonant?

"Recipient" is a word, not a single letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is recipient a countable noun?

Yes, "recipient" is a countable noun.

What is the opposite of recipient?

The opposite could be "giver" or "donor."

Is recipient a collective noun?

No, "recipient" is not a collective noun.

Which article is used with recipient?

The articles "a" or "the" can be used with "recipient," depending on the context.

What part of speech is recipient?

"Recipient" is a noun.

Which determiner is used with recipient?

Common determiners used with "recipient" include "the," "a," and "each."

What is the first form of recipient?

"Recipient" is a noun and does not have verb forms.

What is the third form of recipient?

"Recipient" doesn't have different forms since it's not a verb.

Is recipient a negative or positive word?

"Recipient" is a neutral word; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is the recipient term a metaphor?

No, "recipient" is not typically used as a metaphor.

What is a stressed syllable in recipient?

The stressed syllable is "cip."

What is the second form of recipient?

"Recipient" does not have different forms as it is not a verb.

How is recipient used in a sentence?

Example: "The charity organization identified a recipient for their yearly grant."

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