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Piece vs. Peice — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 18, 2024
The correct spelling is "Piece," referring to a portion of something. "Peice" is incorrect and should not be used.
Piece vs. Peice — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Piece or Peice

How to spell Piece?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "piece of pie," both of which have "i" before "e."
Remember that "peace" is different from "piece," and only "piece" is spelled with 'i' before 'e'.
Associate "Piece" with similar words like "niece" to remember the correct sequence of "i" and "e."
Recall the saying "i before e except after c" to remember that "Piece" has "i" before "e."
Use mnemonic phrases like "A piece of pie is easy" to remember the correct order of 'i' and 'e'.

How Do You Spell Peice Correctly?

Incorrect: She added a beautiful peice to her art collection.
Correct: She added a beautiful piece to her art collection.
Incorrect: Can I have a peice of your cake?
Correct: Can I have a piece of your cake?
Incorrect: I need one more peice to complete my outfit.
Correct: I need one more piece to complete my outfit.
Incorrect: He lost a peice of his puzzle.
Correct: He lost a piece of his puzzle.
Incorrect: This peice of advice changed my life.
Correct: This piece of advice changed my life.

Piece Definitions

A piece is a portion separated from a whole.
I took a piece of cake.
In music, a piece refers to a composition for performance.
That was a beautiful piece by Beethoven.
A piece can mean a firearm.
He was carrying a concealed piece.
In art, a piece can denote a specific work.
The museum displayed a famous piece by Picasso.
In games like chess, a piece is one of the playing objects.
I moved my piece forward.
A portion of an object or of material, produced by cutting, tearing, or breaking the whole
A piece of cheese
The dish lay in pieces on the floor
A written, musical, or artistic creation
A haunting piece of music
An instance or example
A crucial piece of evidence
A coin of specified value
A 10p piece
A figure or token used to make moves in a board game
A chess piece
A firearm.
A woman.
A sandwich or other item of food taken as a snack.
Assemble something from parts or pieces
The dinosaur was pieced together from 119 bones
Extend something
His coming and assisting them was like a cordial given to a dying man, which doth piece out his life
Patch (something)
If it be broken it must be pieced
A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion
A piece of string.
A portion or part that has been separated from a whole
A piece of pie.
An object that is one member of a group or class
A piece of furniture.
An artistic, musical, or literary work or composition
"They are lively and well-plotted pieces, both in prose" (Tucker Brooke).
An instance; a specimen
A piece of sheer folly.
What one has to say about something; an opinion
Speak one's piece.
A coin
A ten-cent piece.
One of the counters or figures used in playing various board games.
Any one of the chess figures other than a pawn.
(Slang) A firearm, especially a rifle.
(Informal) A given distance
"There was farm country down the road on the right a piece" (James Agee).
To mend by adding pieces or a piece to
Piece a dress.
To join or unite the pieces of
He pieced together the vase. She pieced together an account of what had gone on during the stormy meeting.
A part of a larger whole, usually in such a form that it is able to be separated from other parts.
I’d like another piece of pie.
I've lost a piece of this jigsaw puzzle.
A single item belonging to a class of similar items.
A piece of machinery
A piece of software
A useful piece of advice
(chess) One of the figures used in playing chess, specifically a higher-value figure as distinguished from a pawn; by extension, a similar counter etc. in other games.
A coin, especially one valued at less than the principal unit of currency.
A sixpenny piece
An artistic creation, such as a painting, sculpture, musical composition, literary work, etc.
She played two beautiful pieces on the piano.
An article published in the press.
Today's paper has an interesting piece on medical research.
(military) An artillery gun.
A gun.
He's packin' a piece!
A toupee or wig, especially when worn by a man.
The announcer is wearing a new piece.
A slice or other quantity of bread, eaten on its own; a sandwich or light snack.
A shoddy or worthless object usually applied to consumer products like vehicles or appliances.
Ugh, my new computer is such a piece. I'm taking it back to the store tomorrow.
A cannabis pipe.
Used to describe a pitch that has been hit but not well, usually either being caught by the opposing team or going foul. Usually used in the past tense with get.
He got a piece of that one;
She got a piece of the ball...and it's going foul.
An individual; a person.
(obsolete) A castle; a fortified building.
(US) A pacifier; a dummy.
(colloquial) A distance.
A far piece
Located a fair piece away from their camp
A fair piece off
(rowing) A structured practice row, often used for performance evaluation.
At practice we rowed four 5,000 meter pieces.
That last piece was torture.
An amount of work to be done at one time; a unit of piece work.
(slang) An ounce of a recreational drug.
To assemble (something real or figurative).
These clues allowed us to piece together the solution to the mystery.
To make, enlarge, or repair, by the addition of a piece or pieces; to patch; often with out.
To piece a garment
(slang) To produce a work of graffiti more complex than a tag.
A fragment or part of anything separated from the whole, in any manner, as by cutting, splitting, breaking, or tearing; a part; a portion; as, a piece of sugar; to break in pieces.
Bring it out piece by piece.
A definite portion or quantity, as of goods or work; as, a piece of broadcloth; a piece of wall paper.
Any one thing conceived of as apart from other things of the same kind; an individual article; a distinct single effort of a series; a definite performance
An individual; - applied to a person as being of a certain nature or quality; often, but not always, used slightingly or in contempt.
Thy mother was a piece of virtue.
His own spirit is as unsettled a piece as there is in all the world.
One of the superior men, distinguished from a pawn.
A castle; a fortified building.
To make, enlarge, or repair, by the addition of a piece or pieces; to patch; as, to piece a garment; - often with out.
To unite; to join; to combine.
His adversaries . . . pieced themselves together in a joint opposition against him.
To unite by a coalescence of parts; to fit together; to join.
A separate part of a whole;
An important piece of the evidence
An item that is an instance of some type;
He designed a new piece of equipment
She bought a lovely piece of china
A portion of a natural object;
They analyzed the river into three parts
He needed a piece of granite
A musical work that has been created;
The composition is written in four movements
An instance of some kind;
It was a nice piece of work
He had a bit of good luck
An artistic or literary composition;
He wrote an interesting piece on Iran
The children acted out a comic piece to amuse the guests
A portable gun;
He wore his firearm in a shoulder holster
A serving that has been cut from a larger portion;
A piece of pie
A slice of bread
A distance;
It is down the road a piece
A work of art of some artistic value;
This store sells only objets d'art
It is not known who created this piece
A period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition;
He was here for a little while
I need to rest for a piece
A spell of good weather
A patch of bad weather
A share of something;
A slice of the company's revenue
Game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games;
He taught me to set up the men on the chess board
He sacrificed a piece to get a strategic advantage
To join or unite the pieces of;
Patch the skirt
Make by putting pieces together;
She pieced a quilt
He tacked together some verses
Join during spinning;
Piece the broken pieces of thread, slivers, and rovings
Eat intermittently; take small bites of;
He pieced at the sandwich all morning
She never eats a full meal--she just nibbles
Repair by adding pieces;
She pieced the china cup

Piece Meaning in a Sentence

She found a piece of glass on the beach.
She read a fascinating piece in the newspaper.
He shared a piece of chocolate with his friend.
This is the most challenging piece I've played on the piano.
She keeps a piece of her grandmother's jewelry in a safe.
He donated a piece of land to the community center.
I enjoyed every piece of the meal.
Every piece of the puzzle is important.
That's a unique piece of furniture in your living room.
He wrote a piece about his travels in Asia.
The museum showcased a rare piece from ancient Rome.
He carved a beautiful piece out of wood.
Each piece of artwork in this gallery tells a story.
She gave me a piece of her mind about being late.
I found a piece of an old letter in the attic.
She practiced the new piano piece for weeks.
I need a piece of paper to jot down your number.
This puzzle is missing one piece.
He offered her a piece of gum during the exam.
That documentary was a moving piece about climate change.
The artist explained the meaning behind each piece.
A piece of this cake is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Every piece of advice you gave me was helpful.
I'm looking for a statement piece for my hallway.
She sewed a piece of fabric onto her dress as decoration.

Piece Idioms & Phrases

A piece of cake

Something very easy to do.
The math test was a piece of cake.

A piece of the action

A part of the activity or profit.
He wanted a piece of the action in the new business venture.

Of a piece

Consistent with; similar to.
His actions were of a piece with his earlier behavior.

Say your piece

To say what you are thinking or feeling.
She finally got the chance to say her piece at the meeting.

Give someone a piece of your mind

To tell someone your honest opinion in a direct way, usually when angry.
I gave him a piece of my mind about leaving the door unlocked.

A piece of the pie

A share of something.
Everyone wants a piece of the pie when it comes to the inheritance.

A piece of work

A person who is difficult to deal with or understand.
He's really a piece of work, always causing trouble.

Piece by piece

Gradually, in stages.
He restored the classic car piece by piece.

Two of a piece

Very similar or identical.
Those two are two of a piece, always getting into mischief together.

Not a piece of evidence

Not a single piece of proof.
There was not a piece of evidence to support his claim.

To take a piece out of someone

To criticize or insult someone harshly.
The coach took a piece out of the players for their lackluster performance.

Every piece as important

Every part is crucial to the whole.
In a watch, every piece as important as the next for it to function properly.

A missing piece

Something that is lacking or needed to complete something.
Finding the right manager was the missing piece for the team's success.

To piece together

To gradually understand a situation or story by collecting different pieces of information.
Detectives pieced together the events leading up to the crime.

A piece of history

An important or historic event or artifact.
That old building is a piece of history, marking a significant event in the town.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Piece?

To piece.

Why is it called Piece?

It derives from Old French "piece," meaning a part or portion.

What is the root word of Piece?

From Old French "piece," and Latin "pettia."

What is the singular form of Piece?


Which conjunction is used with Piece?

And, or, but.

What is the pronunciation of Piece?


Which vowel is used before Piece?

Often 'a,' as in "a piece," but depends on context.

Which article is used with Piece?

A or the.

Is Piece a noun or adjective?


Is Piece a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a letter.

Which preposition is used with Piece?

Of, as in "piece of cake."

Is Piece an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun.

Is Piece a countable noun?


How do we divide Piece into syllables?

It's a single-syllable word.

What is the plural form of Piece?


Is the word "Piece" a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on sentence structure.

What is the opposite of Piece?


Which determiner is used with Piece?

A or the.

Is Piece a negative or positive word?


Is Piece a collective noun?


Is the word Piece a gerund?


Is Piece an adverb?


Is the Piece term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

Is the word Piece imperative?


What part of speech is Piece?


How many syllables are in Piece?


What is a stressed syllable in Piece?

The word has only one syllable, which is stressed.

What is another term for Piece?

Portion, segment, section.

How is Piece used in a sentence?

"She broke the cookie into two pieces and shared one with her friend."

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