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Clearance vs. Clearence — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 19, 2024
The correct spelling is "Clearance," while the incorrect version is "Clearence." "Clearance" refers to the removal or authorization of something.
Clearance vs. Clearence — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Clearance or Clearence

How to spell Clearance?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

Remember "Ear" is in the wrong place in "Clearence."
"Clearance" starts with "clear," as in easy to see through.
Think of "clear the air," which is spelled with an 'a' and not an 'e.'
"Clearance" and "appearance" both have 'ear' in the middle but in different arrangements.

How Do You Spell Clearence Correctly?

Incorrect: They need to get clearence from their boss before proceeding.
Correct: They need to get clearance from their boss before proceeding.
Incorrect: She got a great deal at the clearence section.
Correct: She got a great deal at the clearance section.
Incorrect: Clearence sales are happening at the mall.
Correct: Clearance sales are happening at the mall.
Incorrect: The clearence between the car and the garage door was tight.
Correct: The clearance between the car and the garage door was tight.
Incorrect: The store announced a big clearence event next week.
Correct: The store announced a big clearance event next week.

Clearance Definitions

Clearance refers to the action of clearing or removing obstructions.
The clearance of trees is necessary for construction.
Clearance is an official approval or authorization.
Security clearance was granted to the employee.
Clearance describes the distance between two objects.
There was insufficient clearance between the two vehicles.
Clearance can mean selling off goods at reduced prices.
The store is having a clearance sale.
Clearance refers to the volume of blood or plasma cleared of waste.
Kidney clearance is a crucial health metric.
The action or process of clearing or of being dispersed
Cleaning of the machine should include clearance of blockages
There will be sunny intervals after clearance of any early mist
Official authorization for something to proceed or take place
The aircraft hadn't got diplomatic clearance to land in Mexico
Clear space allowed for a thing to move past or under another
Always give cyclists plenty of clearance
The act or process of clearing.
A space cleared; a clearing.
The amount of space or distance by which a moving object clears something.
The height or width of a passage
An underpass with a 13-foot clearance.
An intervening space or distance allowing free play, as between machine parts.
Permission for an aircraft, ship, or other vehicle to proceed, as after an inspection of equipment or cargo or during certain traffic conditions.
Official certification of blamelessness, trustworthiness, or suitability.
A sale, generally at reduced prices, to dispose of old merchandise.
The passage of checks and other bills of exchange through a clearing-house.
The removal by the kidneys of a substance from blood plasma.
Renal clearance.
The act of clearing or something (such as a space) cleared.
The distance between two moving objects, especially between parts of a machine
The height or width of a tunnel, bridge or other passage, or the distance between a vehicle and the walls or roof of such passage; a gap, headroom.
A permission for a vehicle to proceed, or for a person to travel.
The plane got clearance from air traffic control, and we were off.
He got clearance to travel to America, even though he had previous links to terrorists.
A permission to have access to sensitive or secret documents or other information.
A permission to use something, usually intellectual property, that is legally, but not otherwise, protected.
(retail) A sale of merchandise, especially at significantly reduced prices, usually in order to make room for new merchandise or updated versions of the same merchandise.
The settlement of transactions involving securities or means of payment such as checks by means of a clearing house.
(medicine) The removal of harmful substances from the blood; renal clearance.
The act of potting all the remaining balls on a table at one visit.
(chess) Removal of pieces from a rank, file or diagonal so that a bishop, rook or queen is free to move along it.
Clear or net profit.
(Australian rules football) The first disposal in a chain that leaves the area of a stoppage, or a disposal that leaves the area of a stoppage itself.
(Australian rules football) The act of leaving the area of a stoppage.
The act of clearing; as, to make a thorough clearance.
A certificate that a ship or vessel has been cleared at the customhouse; permission to sail.
Every ship was subject to seizure for want of stamped clearances.
The distance by which one object clears another, as the distance between the piston and cylinder head at the end of a stroke in a steam engine, or the least distance between the point of a cogwheel tooth and the bottom of a space between teeth of a wheel with which it engages.
The distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them
Vertical space available to allow easy passage under something
Permission to proceed;
The plane was given clearance to land
(soccer) The act of kicking a ball away from the goal one is defending.

Clearance Meaning in a Sentence

Clearance sales attract lots of shoppers looking for bargains.
The clearance items were all 50% off.
There's just enough clearance for the truck to pass under the bridge.
He checked the clearance between the machine parts.
She has top-secret clearance at her job.
The car's low clearance makes it difficult to drive on uneven roads.
Employees often get an additional discount on clearance items.
You need security clearance to enter this area.
The pilot waited for clearance from air traffic control.
Clearance lights on the vehicle ensure it's visible at night.
The store's clearance rack is always my first stop.
They received clearance for the new building design.
The end-of-season clearance sale starts next week.
The boat had just enough clearance to go under the bridge.
The clearance process for importing goods can be lengthy.
Make sure there's enough clearance for the fan blades to spin.
Clearance from the committee is required for the project to proceed.
Clearance prices make shopping for clothes more affordable.
Clearance levels determine access to classified information.
The clearance between the train and the platform is narrow.
Clearance for the drug was finally granted by the FDA.
Finding parking clearance in the city can be a challenge.
Clearance sales are a great time to stock up on gifts.
He was waiting for medical clearance to return to the sport.
The clearance section is at the back of the store.

Clearance Idioms & Phrases

Clearance space

The physical space required around equipment or between objects.
Ensure there is enough clearance space around the heater for safety.

Clearance sale

A sale to clear out merchandise, often at reduced prices.
I bought this jacket at a clearance sale for half off.

Clearance to land

Permission given to an aircraft to land.
The plane circled the airport until it received clearance to land.

Security clearance

A formal authorization allowing access to classified information or areas.
Her job required a high level of security clearance.

Clearance fit

A type of fit where two parts can move freely without interference.
The machine parts were designed with a clearance fit to prevent jamming.

Low clearance

A warning that there is limited space above, often seen on road signs.
The low clearance sign warns drivers that tall vehicles might not fit.

Clearance delay

A holdup in processing items through customs or clearance procedures.
The package experienced a clearance delay, so it will arrive late.

Vertical clearance

The vertical space available for vehicles or boats to pass safely.
The bridge's vertical clearance is too low for some trucks to pass under.

Under clearance

A sale or discount on items being cleared out.
I found these shoes in the under clearance section for a great price.

Clearance rate

The percentage of cases solved by the police.
The department improved its clearance rate for burglary cases.

Floor clearance

The minimum distance between the floor and the bottom of a piece of furniture.
The bed has a floor clearance of six inches for under-bed storage.

Medical clearance

Official approval stating that someone is fit for an activity or procedure.
She received medical clearance to run the marathon after her injury.

Clearance lights

Lights on a vehicle or aircraft indicating its dimensions.
Trucks use clearance lights to signal their width and height.

Clearance item

Merchandise sold at a reduced price to clear inventory.
That coffee table is a clearance item, so it's really affordable.

Planning clearance

Approval granted for building or construction plans.
The new office building received planning clearance last month.

Clearance certificate

A document proving that a vehicle, person, or item has passed certain checks.
You'll need a clearance certificate to prove the car is not stolen.

Clearance level

The level of access granted to classified information.
Only a few people have the clearance level required to see those documents.

Clearance distance

The safe or required distance between two objects or surfaces.
The clearance distance between the stove and the wall needs to be at least 30 cm.

Height clearance

The maximum height allowed for vehicles, often marked before tunnels or bridges.
Pay attention to the height clearance before driving into the parking garage.

Customs clearance

The process of passing goods through customs so they can enter or leave a country.
The shipment is delayed awaiting customs clearance.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Clearance?

"A," as in "a clearance."

What is the pronunciation of Clearance?


Why is it called Clearance?

It's called "Clearance" to indicate the removal or authorization of something.

What is the singular form of Clearance?


What is the plural form of Clearance?


What is the root word of Clearance?

The root word is "clear."

Is Clearance an abstract noun?

No, it can refer to tangible or intangible things.

What is the verb form of Clearance?

The related verb form is "to clear."

Which conjunction is used with Clearance?

"And," as in "clearance and approval."

Is Clearance a noun or adjective?

It's a noun.

Which preposition is used with Clearance?

"For," as in "clearance for takeoff."

Which article is used with Clearance?

"A" or "the."

Is Clearance a collective noun?


Is Clearance a countable noun?


Is the word Clearance imperative?


Is Clearance an adverb?


Is Clearance a negative or positive word?


How many syllables are in Clearance?

Two syllables.

What is another term for Clearance?

Authorization, approval.

Which determiner is used with Clearance?

"A" or "the."

Is Clearance a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the word Clearance a gerund?


Is the Clearance term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

Is the word “Clearance” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on the sentence.

How do we divide Clearance into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Clearance?

The first syllable, "Clear."

What is the opposite of Clearance?

Denial, obstruction.

How is Clearance used in a sentence?

"You need special clearance to enter the building."

What part of speech is Clearance?


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