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Pickpocketer vs. Pickpocket — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Maham Liaqat — By Urooj Arif — Updated on April 23, 2024
"Pickpocketer" is the incorrect spelling of "pickpocket," which refers to a person who steals from others' pockets, often without them noticing.
Pickpocketer vs. Pickpocket — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Pickpocketer or Pickpocket

How to spell Pickpocket?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The correct form "pickpocket" combines two simple words: "pick" and "pocket," directly describing the action and the target.
Remember that "pickpocket" is both a verb and a noun, making it unnecessary to add an extra suffix like "-er."
Think of "pickpocket" as complete on its own; adding "-er" is redundant since a pickpocket is already someone who picks pockets.
Visualize a pickpocket in action; the term itself illustrates someone picking at a pocket, which is succinct without the need for an extra "er."

How Do You Spell Pickpocket Correctly?

Incorrect: She learned how to identify a pickpocketer in a crowd.
Correct: She learned how to identify a pickpocket in a crowd.
Incorrect: He was arrested for being a pickpocketer.
Correct: He was arrested for being a pickpocket.
Incorrect: He suspected the man was a pickpocketer when he bumped into him.
Correct: He suspected the man was a pickpocket when he bumped into him.
Incorrect: The police caught the notorious pickpocketer yesterday.
Correct: The police caught the notorious pickpocket yesterday.

Pickpocket Definitions

As a verb, to pickpocket means to steal from someone's pocket or bag stealthily.
He was skilled at pickpocketing in busy marketplaces.
A pickpocket is someone who steals wallets and other valuables from the pockets or purses of others without them noticing.
The crowded bus station is a common place for a pickpocket to operate.
Informally, "pickpocket" can describe someone who is cunning and sneaky in taking advantage of others.
He's a political pickpocket, manipulating situations to his benefit.
It refers to a petty thief specializing in stealthy thefts in public places.
A pickpocket often works in pairs to distract the victim.
Pickpocket can also imply the act of theft involving stealth and minor contact.
She was unaware that she had been pickpocketed until she reached for her wallet.
One who steals from pockets.
One who steals from the pocket of a passerby, usually by sleight of hand.
To pick pockets; to steal.
One who steals purses or other articles from pockets.
A thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places

Pickpocket Meaning in a Sentence

The pickpocket managed to steal three wallets before being caught.
He had been a pickpocket since he was a teenager.
He felt a hand in his pocket and turned to see the pickpocket running away.
An experienced pickpocket can steal without drawing any attention.
He was accused of being a pickpocket but proved his innocence.

Pickpocket Idioms & Phrases

Mark of a pickpocket

A potential target for theft identified by a pickpocket.
Tourists are often the mark of a pickpocket.

Light-fingered pickpocket

A thief especially skilled at stealing without being noticed.
The light-fingered pickpocket had stolen wallets from over a dozen unsuspecting tourists.

Pickpocket's paradise

A place where pickpockets are likely to find many easy targets.
The bustling open-air market is a pickpocket’s paradise.

Fall prey to a pickpocket

To become a victim of a pickpocket.
Many distracted shoppers fall prey to pickpockets.

In the grasp of a pickpocket

To be under the threat of being stolen from.
In that crowded train, you’re always in the grasp of a pickpocket.

Pickpocket's haul

The total amount or value of items stolen by a pickpocket.
The pickpocket’s haul included several expensive smartphones.

Pickpocket's trick

A method or technique used by pickpockets to steal.
The old bump and grab is a classic pickpocket’s trick.

Pickpocket's nightmare

A situation where it is very difficult for pickpockets to steal.
The new security measures at the festival were a pickpocket’s nightmare.

Dance with a pickpocket

To be in a situation where one is vulnerable to theft.
Carrying a loosely zipped bag in a crowd is like dancing with a pickpocket.

Pickpocket's touch

The ability to steal from someone without them noticing.
He has the pickpocket’s touch, deft and almost invisible.

Outwit a pickpocket

To avoid being stolen from through cleverness or attentiveness.
He managed to outwit the pickpocket by using a decoy wallet.

Teach a pickpocket

To instruct someone in the skills of pickpocketing.
No one knows who taught the pickpocket his craft.

Shadow a pickpocket

To follow or monitor a pickpocket to catch them in the act.
The detective decided to shadow the suspected pickpocket through the mall.

School of pickpockets

A group or network of thieves who steal from individuals.
He was trained in the school of pickpockets from a young age.

Pickpocket's gaze

The careful observation that a pickpocket uses to select a target.
He scanned the crowd with a pickpocket’s gaze, looking for an easy mark.

Escape a pickpocket

To avoid being robbed despite being in a risky situation.
She managed to escape the pickpocket by securing her bag tightly.

Pickpocket's luck

The fortuitous circumstances that allow a pickpocket to succeed.
Only by pickpocket’s luck did he manage to steal the watch without being seen.

Pickpocket's dilemma

A situation where a pickpocket faces a moral or practical choice.
The pickpocket’s dilemma was whether to risk a big theft or settle for smaller, safer hauls.

Run with pickpockets

To associate with thieves or criminals.
Growing up, he ran with pickpockets, which led him down the wrong path.


Designed to prevent theft by pickpockets.
She bought a pickpocket-proof backpack for her trip to Europe.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide pickpocket into syllables?

It is divided as pick-pock-et.

How many syllables are in pickpocket?

Pickpocket has three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in pickpocket?

The stressed syllable in pickpocket is "pick."

How is pickpocket used in a sentence?

Pickpocket is used as a noun to describe someone who steals from others' pockets, often covertly.

What is the root word of pickpocket?

The root words are "pick" and "pocket."

What is the singular form of pickpocket?

The singular form is "pickpocket."

Why is it called pickpocket?

It is called "pickpocket" because it combines the actions of picking (selecting or taking) and pocket (the common target for theft).

What is the second form of pickpocket?

The second form, as a verb, is "pickpocketed."

What is the pronunciation of pickpocket?

Pickpocket is pronounced as /ˈpɪkˌpɒkɪt/.

What part of speech is pickpocket?

Pickpocket is a noun and can also be used as a verb.

What is the verb form of pickpocket?

The verb form is also "pickpocket," as in "to pickpocket someone."

What is the first form of pickpocket?

The first form is "pickpocket" as a noun; as a verb, it is "pickpocket."

What is the third form of pickpocket?

The third form, as a verb, is "pickpocketed."

Is pickpocket a negative or positive word?

Pickpocket carries a negative connotation as it involves stealing.

Is pickpocket a countable noun?

Yes, pickpocket is a countable noun.

Is pickpocket a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

Is the pickpocket term a metaphor?

It is typically not used metaphorically; it directly describes someone who steals from pockets.

Is the word pickpocket a Gerund?

The gerund form would be "pickpocketing."

Is pickpocket a noun or adjective?

Pickpocket is primarily a noun but can be used as a verb.

Is pickpocket a vowel or consonant?

The word starts with a consonant.

Is the word pickpocket imperative?

It can be used in an imperative form, e.g., "Don't pickpocket."

Which determiner is used with pickpocket?

Common determiners are "a" or "the," e.g., "a skilled pickpocket" or "the pickpocket was caught."

Which article is used with pickpocket?

The indefinite article "a" is most commonly used, as in "a pickpocket."

What is another term for pickpocket?

Another term for pickpocket could be "dip" or "cutpurse."

Is pickpocket an abstract noun?

No, it refers to a specific type of thief, making it a concrete noun.

Which conjunction is used with pickpocket?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used, e.g., "a pickpocket and a burglar."

What is the plural form of pickpocket?

The plural form is "pickpockets."

What is the opposite of pickpocket?

The opposite might be "benefactor" or someone who gives rather than takes stealthily.

Is pickpocket an adverb?

No, pickpocket is not used as an adverb.

Is the word “pickpocket” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be a direct object, e.g., "Police caught the pickpocket."

Which vowel is used before pickpocket?

The article "a" is used, as in "a pickpocket."

Which preposition is used with pickpocket?

Common prepositions include "by," as in "robbed by a pickpocket."

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