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Persual vs. Perusal — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on April 1, 2024
"Persual" is a misspelling. The correct term is "Perusal," referring to the act of reading or examining something carefully.
Persual vs. Perusal — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Persual or Perusal

How to spell Perusal?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Associate "Perusal" with "Personal" reading or examination.
Focus on the “-use” in “peruse” to avoid adding the unnecessary "s."
Think of "Peru" and add "sal" – like a trip to Peru and a salad.
Think of the phrase “at your perusal” as a common context.
Remember "peruse" is the verb form, and "perusal" is the noun.

How Do You Spell Perusal Correctly?

Incorrect: A quick persual of the report should give us the basic idea.
Correct: A quick perusal of the report should give us the basic idea.
Incorrect: For your persual, I've included the latest sales figures.
Correct: For your perusal, I've included the latest sales figures.
Incorrect: She recommended a persual of the classic novel for our next book club.
Correct: She recommended a perusal of the classic novel for our next book club.
Incorrect: Persual of the document is necessary before the meeting.
Correct: Perusal of the document is necessary before the meeting.
Incorrect: I need a persual from our legal team on these contracts.
Correct: I need a perusal from our legal team on these contracts.

Perusal Definitions

The act of surveying or inspecting.
The perusal of the scene brought clarity.
A scrutiny or analysis of a document.
His contract requires thorough perusal.
The action of reading or examining something.
He handed the document for her perusal.
A careful examination or review.
After a brief perusal, she found the information.
To read or examine, typically with great care.
Usage Problem To glance over; skim.
The act of perusing; studying something carefully.
The act of carefully viewing or examining.
The act of reading, especially of reading through or with care.
Reading carefully with intent to remember
Reading or studying in a leisurely manner.
Sunday afternoons are reserved for the perusal of novels.

Perusal Meaning in a Sentence

The teacher asked for a detailed perusal of the chapter before the next class.
Before making any decision, a thorough perusal of the contract is advised.
After a quick perusal, she found the information she needed.
He set aside some time for the perusal of his emails after lunch.
The perusal of old letters brought back many memories.
She offered her notes for my perusal before the exam.
I enjoyed a leisurely perusal of the magazine over coffee this morning.
A careful perusal of the instructions will prevent mistakes during assembly.
Perusal of the data showed a significant trend.
They encouraged a perusal of the safety manual before using the equipment.
A brief perusal of the brochure revealed several interesting facts.
The document requires your immediate perusal and feedback.
His perusal of different philosophies deepened his understanding.
For an effective meeting, perusal of the agenda beforehand is necessary.
A perusal of historical documents can provide insight into the past.
During the flight, he made a perusal of the company's annual report.
His perusal of the rules confirmed that they were allowed to proceed.
After a diligent perusal, he noted several key points for discussion.
The artist's perusal of various styles influenced his work.
The legal team’s perusal of the case laws helped in forming a strong argument.
The librarian recommended the perusal of several journals for the research project.
A nightly perusal of a good book helps her relax.
The perusal of the manuscript took longer than expected.
The perusal of the archives was necessary for the research paper.
She made a perusal of the market trends report every morning.

Perusal Idioms & Phrases

Upon closer perusal

After examining or reviewing something more thoroughly.
Upon closer perusal, several discrepancies in the account were discovered.

At first perusal

Upon initial examination or review.
At first perusal, the plan seems solid and well-thought-out.

Worthy of perusal

Deserving to be read or examined carefully.
This article is particularly worthy of perusal for anyone interested in environmental science.

Perusal at leisure

To read or examine something in a relaxed manner, without hurry.
I recommend a perusal at leisure of these poems; they are quite moving.

For your perusal

For you to read or examine.
I have left the documents on your desk for your perusal.

Perusal before purchase

Examining something carefully before buying it.
I always insist on a perusal before purchase when it comes to used cars.

Invite perusal

To encourage or suggest that something be read or examined.
The intriguing cover of the book invites perusal.

Perusal and approval

The process of reading and then approving something.
The contract is ready for your perusal and approval.

Subject to perusal

Something that needs to be read or examined.
The terms and conditions are subject to perusal before agreeing.

A matter of perusal

Something that requires reading or examination to understand.
Understanding the manual is simply a matter of perusal.

Perusal over time

The process of examining or studying something gradually.
His understanding of philosophy deepened with perusal over time.

Perusal and consideration

The act of reading something and then carefully thinking about it.
Your proposal will be given careful perusal and consideration.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Perusal?

The vowel "a."

Why is it called Perusal?

It originates from the verb "peruse," meaning to read or examine thoroughly.

What is the pronunciation of Perusal?


Which conjunction is used with Perusal?

No specific conjunction is tied exclusively to "perusal."

What is the root word of Perusal?


What is the verb form of Perusal?


Is Perusal an abstract noun?

Yes, as it represents an idea or action rather than a concrete object.

Which article is used with Perusal?


What is the singular form of Perusal?


What is the plural form of Perusal?


Which preposition is used with Perusal?

"For" (as in, for your perusal).

What is a stressed syllable in Perusal?


What is the first form of Perusal?

The word "Perusal" doesn't have verb forms.

Is Perusal a noun or adjective?


Is Perusal an adverb?


Is Perusal a negative or positive word?


Is the Perusal term a metaphor?


How many syllables are in Perusal?


What is another term for Perusal?


Is the word Perusal a gerund?

No, but "perusing" is.

How do we divide Perusal into syllables?


What part of speech is Perusal?


Is Perusal a vowel or consonant?

"Perusal" is a word, not a single letter.

Is Perusal a countable noun?


Is Perusal a collective noun?


What is the opposite of Perusal?


Which determiner is used with Perusal?

"Your" (as in, at your perusal).

How is Perusal used in a sentence?

"The documents are on the desk for your perusal."

Is the word Perusal imperative?


Is the word “Perusal” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on the sentence structure.

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