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Noticeable vs. Noticable — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 19, 2024
The correct spelling is "Noticeable," meaning easily seen or recognized. "Noticable" is an incorrect spelling.
Noticeable vs. Noticable — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Noticeable or Noticable

How to spell Noticeable?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

A "notice" is "able" to be seen; combine them to spell "noticeable."
Think of "table" and how it ends with "-able," just like "noticeable."
The word "notice" is in "noticeable," so spell "notice" first and then add "-able."
The 'e' in "notice" stays when adding "-able."
Remember that "ice" is also in "noticeable," and "ice" is easy to "notice."

How Do You Spell Noticable Correctly?

Incorrect: There was a noticable change in the weather.
Correct: There was a noticeable change in the weather.
Incorrect: Her excitement was noticable when she heard the news.
Correct: Her excitement was noticeable when she heard the news.
Incorrect: The error was barely noticable on the page.
Correct: The error was barely noticeable on the page.
Incorrect: The difference in quality was noticable.
Correct: The difference in quality was noticeable.
Incorrect: His improvement was noticable after the training.
Correct: His improvement was noticeable after the training.

Noticeable Definitions

Significant enough to be observed or measured.
There was a noticeable improvement in his health.
Easily seen or detected.
The stain on the carpet was noticeable.
Distinguishable from others.
His accent was noticeable among the locals.
Attracting attention or worthy of notice.
Her performance was the most noticeable of the evening.
Clearly marked or defined.
The boundary was noticeable by the line of trees.
Easily seen or noticed; clear or apparent
A noticeable increase in staff motivation
Noticeable grey hairs
Evident; observable
Noticeable changes in temperature.
Worthy of notice; significant
A noticeable change in the composer's style.
Capable of being seen or noticed.
Worthy of note; significant.
Capable of being observed; worthy of notice; likely to attract observation; conspicuous.
A noticeable man, with large gray eyes.
Capable or worthy of drawing attention;
Noticeable shadows under her eyes
Noticeable for its vivid historical background
A noticeable lack of friendliness
Capable of being detected;
After a noticeable pause the lecturer continued
Undesirably noticeable;
The obtrusive behavior of a spoiled child
Equally obtrusive was the graffiti
Readily noticed;
A noticeable resemblance

Noticeable Meaning in a Sentence

He had a noticeable limp after the accident.
Her performance had a noticeable improvement over the season.
A noticeable trend in technology is the move towards smaller, more powerful devices.
There's a noticeable gap between the two pieces of wood.
The car has a noticeable scratch on the door.
The painting had a noticeable influence from earlier works.
The noticeable decline in pollution was welcomed by the city's residents.
The color difference is noticeable when you put the fabrics side by side.
A noticeable number of people have switched to electric cars.
They made a noticeable effort to include everyone in the discussion.
She spoke with a noticeable accent.
The progress made by the team this year is noticeable.
There was a noticeable silence after the announcement.
His enthusiasm was noticeable to everyone in the room.
The teacher's absence was noticeable in the classroom dynamic.
The temperature drop was sudden and noticeable.
The stars were especially noticeable tonight.
A noticeable change in consumer behavior has emerged in recent years.
He received noticeable recognition for his work in the field.
The flowers added a noticeable splash of color to the room.
There was a noticeable increase in traffic this morning.
Her talent was noticeable from a young age.
There's a noticeable difference in taste between the two brands.
The new policy had a noticeable impact on the community.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Noticeable?

The verb form is "to notice."

What is the root word of Noticeable?

The root word is "notice."

Which vowel is used before Noticeable?

Typically "a," as in "a noticeable difference."

Why is it called Noticeable?

It is called "noticeable" because it describes something that can be easily noticed or seen.

What is the plural form of Noticeable?

As an adjective, "noticeable" doesn't have a plural form.

Which conjunction is used with Noticeable?

"And," as in "noticeable and significant."

What is the pronunciation of Noticeable?

Pronounced as /ˈnoʊtɪsəbəl/.

What is the singular form of Noticeable?

"Noticeable" is an adjective, so it doesn't have a singular or plural form.

Which preposition is used with Noticeable?

"In," as in "noticeable in its absence."

Is Noticeable a noun or adjective?

It is an adjective.

Which article is used with Noticeable?

"A" or "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is Noticeable a countable noun?

No, it is an adjective.

Is Noticeable an abstract noun?

No, it is an adjective.

Is Noticeable a vowel or consonant?

The word contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Noticeable a collective noun?


Is the word Noticeable imperative?

No, it's an adjective.

Is the word Noticeable a Gerund?


How many syllables are in Noticeable?

Four syllables.

What part of speech is Noticeable?


What is another term for Noticeable?

Observable, evident.

What is the opposite of Noticeable?

Unnoticeable, inconspicuous.

Which determiner is used with Noticeable?

"The," "this," "that."

What is a stressed syllable in Noticeable?

The first syllable "No-" is stressed.

Is Noticeable a negative or positive word?

Neutral; its connotation depends on context.

How do we divide Noticeable into syllables?


Is Noticeable an adverb?


Is the Noticeable term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

Is the word “Noticeable” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It is neither; it is an adjective.

How is Noticeable used in a sentence?

"His new haircut was immediately noticeable."

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