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Leaste vs. Least — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 31, 2024
Leaste is incorrect. The correct spelling is Least, which refers to the smallest extent, amount, or degree.
Leaste vs. Least — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Leaste or Least

How to spell Least?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Leaste has extra – remember "least" is minimalistic.
Recall "least effort" - it also requires the "least" letters.
There's no "e" at the end because it's already the least possible form.
"Least" is concise, just like its meaning.
Think of "least" as the "least" number of letters needed.

How Do You Spell Least Correctly?

Incorrect: She was the leaste concerned about the outcome of the meeting.
Correct: She was the least concerned about the outcome of the meeting.
Incorrect: I paid the leaste amount of attention to the lecture.
Correct: I paid the least amount of attention to the lecture.
Incorrect: This method has the leaste impact on the environment.
Correct: This method has the least impact on the environment.
Incorrect: He finished the race in the leaste amount of time.
Correct: He finished the race in the least amount of time.
Incorrect: Of all the options, this one is the leaste expensive.
Correct: Of all the options, this one is the least expensive.

Least Definitions

If nothing else.
Read the summary, at least.
Smallest in size, amount, or degree.
She ate the least amount of cake.
Indicates minimal likelihood or probability.
The least likely to succeed.
At a minimum.
She visits at least once a year.
Lowest in importance or rank.
Smallest in magnitude or degree.
Slightest or tiniest
Didn't care the least bit.
To or in the lowest or smallest degree.
One that is the lowest or smallest in importance, rank, magnitude, or degree
The dinner menu is the least of my worries tonight. The least you can do is to be polite.
The most little; the smallest amount or quantity of something.
He earns the least money in his family.
Of all the sisters, she has the least patience.
Can only afford to pay the least of the bills.
I'm giving (the) least of all towards her present.
Used for forming superlatives of adjectives, especially those that do not form the superlative by adding -est.
It was the least surprising thing.
In the smallest or lowest degree; in a degree below all others.
To reward those who least deserve it
I never hid the truth, least of all from you.
I don't much like housework, and I like cooking least.
(philosophy) Something of the smallest possible extent; an indivisible unit.
Superlative of little; smallest
Least weasel
Least common multiple
Smallest, either in size or degree; shortest; lowest; most unimportant; as, the least insect; the least mercy; the least space.
I am the least of the apostles.
He who tempts, though in vain, at least aspersesThe tempted with dishonor.
Upon the mast they saw a young man, at least if he were a man, who sat as on horseback.
In the smallest or lowest degree; in a degree below all others; as, to reward those who least deserve it.
The superlative of `little' that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the'; a quantifier meaning smallest in amount or extent or degree;
Didn't care the least bit
He has the least talent of anyone
Minimal in magnitude;
Lowest wages
The least amount of fat allowed
The smallest amount
Having or being distinguished by diminutive size;
The least bittern
Used to form the superlative;
The garter snake is the least dangerous snake
Refers to a person with the lowest importance.
He was the least of my concerns.

Least Meaning in a Sentence

He's the least likely to win the competition.
The least we can do is offer to help.
This is the least expensive option we have.
That's the least of my concerns right now.
At least someone appreciates my cooking.
It's the least I can do to show my gratitude.
I want to spend the least amount possible.
It requires the least effort to maintain.
She's interested in everything, least of all her own safety.
You should at least try before giving up.
To say the least, I was very surprised by the news.
This route takes the least time during rush hour.
To be honest, it's my least concern at the moment.
Of everyone I know, he's the least judgemental.
The least said about it, the better.
That was the least enjoyable vacation I've ever had.
The least complicated solution is often the best.
This model is the least efficient in the lineup.
It's the color I like least.
He was the least affected by the change in plans.
It's least likely to rain tomorrow, according to the forecast.
Of all her books, this one is my least favorite.
He always does the least work possible.
She was least impressed with the final proposal.
This job pays the least, but it's the most rewarding.

Least Idioms & Phrases

Least said, soonest mended

It's better not to talk about something to avoid making the situation worse.
When it comes to their argument, least said, soonest mended.

At least

No less than; as a minimum.
It will take at least an hour to get there.

Least of all

Especially not.
No one believed it could happen, least of all me.

To say the least

Used to indicate that something is more significant or extreme than one is actually saying.
The dinner was interesting, to say the least.

The least bit

Even slightly.
I'm not the least bit worried about the exam.

Make the least of

To minimize the importance of something.
He always makes the least of his achievements.

In the least

At all.
If you're worried in the least, you should talk to someone about it.

Last but not least

The last in a list, but not the least in importance.
Last but not least, we need to thank our volunteers.

Not in the least

Not at all.
I'm not in the least surprised by the outcome.

The least you could do

The minimum expected action or effort.
Calling to say thank you is the least you could do after all they've done for you.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Least?

Least is not a verb; it doesn't have a verb form.

What is the pronunciation of Least?


What is the root word of Least?

The root word is "little", with "least" being its superlative form.

What is the singular form of Least?

Least is both singular and plural in form.

Which vowel is used before Least?

The letter "a" can precede it, as in "at least."

Is Least an abstract noun?


Which preposition is used with Least?

"At" is commonly used with "least" as in "at least."

Is Least a noun or adjective?

Least can be both an adjective and an adverb.

Why is it called Least?

It derives from Old English "lǣst", meaning smallest or slightest.

Is Least a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but context can give it a negative or positive connotation.

Is Least a collective noun?


Which conjunction is used with Least?

No specific conjunction is exclusively paired with "least."

Is the word Least imperative?


Is the word “Least” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Least" can be a direct object depending on the sentence structure.

How many syllables are in Least?

One syllable.

What part of speech is Least?

Least can be an adjective or adverb.

What is the plural form of Least?

Least does not have a separate plural form.

What is a stressed syllable in Least?

The entire word "least" is stressed.

What is the opposite of Least?


Which determiner is used with Least?

"The" can be used, as in "the least."

Is Least a vowel or consonant?

Least is a word, not a letter.

Is Least a countable noun?


What is the second form of Least?

See above.

What is the third form of Least?

See above.

Which article is used with Least?

Both "the" and "a" can be used with "least", depending on context.

Is the Least term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

Is the word Least a gerund?


How do we divide Least into syllables?

It doesn't divide as it's one syllable.

What is another term for Least?


What is the first form of Least?

Least is not a verb, so it doesn’t have verb forms.

How is Least used in a sentence?

She has the least experience among us, but she's eager to learn.

Is Least an adverb?

Yes, e.g., "She visits least often."

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