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Indurance vs. Endurance — Which is Correct Spelling?

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Indurance is the incorrect spelling of endurance, which refers to the ability to withstand hardship or adversity.
Indurance vs. Endurance — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Indurance or Endurance

How to spell Endurance?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "endurance" includes "end," suggesting the capability to reach or extend to an end point without giving up.
Note that "indurance" may mistakenly blend "insurance" and "endurance," but the correct term is "endurance."
Focus on the prefix "endur-" in "endurance," which relates to lasting or holding out.

How Do You Spell Endurance Correctly?

Incorrect: He showed great indurance during the difficult climb.
Correct: He showed great endurance during the difficult climb.
Incorrect: She has incredible indurance when it comes to running marathons.
Correct: She has incredible endurance when it comes to running marathons.
Incorrect: Their indurance in the face of challenges was inspiring.
Correct: Their endurance in the face of challenges was inspiring.
Incorrect: This job requires a lot of mental indurance.
Correct: This job requires a lot of mental endurance.
Incorrect: The team's indurance was tested during the long tournament.
Correct: The team's endurance was tested during the long tournament.

Endurance Definitions

The capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.
The endurance of these materials makes them perfect for outdoor use.
The ability to withstand stress or hardship.
His endurance was key to surviving the extreme conditions.
Physiological term for how long a muscle can perform.
Increasing your endurance is important for marathon training.
In sports, the ability to continue against barrier of fatigue.
Marathon runners work hard to build their endurance.
Continuance in a state, or the extension of time that something exists.
The endurance of her patience was truly remarkable.
Endurance (also related to sufferance, resilience, constitution, fortitude, and hardiness) is the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue. It is usually used in aerobic or anaerobic exercise.
The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress
A marathon tests a runner's endurance.
The state or fact of persevering
Through hard work and endurance, we will complete this project.
Continuing existence; duration.
The measure of a person's stamina or persistence.
He has great endurance: he ran a marathon and then cycled home.
Ability to endure hardship.
(nautical) The length of time that a ship's rations will supply
A state or quality of lasting or duration; lastingness; continuance.
Slurring with an evasive answer the question concerning the endurance of his own possession.
The act of bearing or suffering; a continuing under pain or distress without resistance, or without being overcome; sufferance; patience.
Their fortitude was most admirable in their patience and endurance of all evils, of pain and of death.
The power to withstand hardship or stress;
The marathon tests a runner's endurance
A state of surviving; remaining alive

Endurance Meaning in a Sentence

The marathon tests both physical and mental endurance.
Building endurance helps in performing better under stress.
Endurance is critical for athletes in long-distance sports.
The endurance of ancient buildings amazes tourists.
They admired his endurance throughout the recovery process.
Endurance training can be very demanding.
They tested the endurance of the materials under extreme weather conditions.
The book's popularity proved the endurance of its themes.
She built her endurance by running every day.
Endurance athletes require specialized training.
Learning a new language requires patience and endurance.
His endurance inspired his teammates to push harder.
Endurance sports are gaining popularity worldwide.
Her endurance in studying long hours brought her academic success.
She increased her jogging time gradually to boost her endurance.
Climbing the mountain was a true test of their endurance.
The documentary highlighted the endurance of human rights activists.
Building endurance is crucial for professional cyclists.
His endurance was a key factor in his career success.
She demonstrated great endurance during the dance competition.
He showed remarkable endurance in dealing with his illness.
Endurance is a valuable trait in emergency responders.
The endurance of their love was evident through their lifelong commitment.
The endurance of these cars in rough terrain makes them ideal for off-roading.
Their relationship's endurance was tested by numerous challenges.

Endurance Idioms & Phrases

Test of endurance

A situation that tests one's ability to continue despite difficulties.
The triathlon is a real test of endurance.

Endurance limit

The maximum stress or strain a material can withstand without failing.
Engineers need to know the endurance limit of metals used in construction.

Push to the limits of endurance

To exert oneself to the point of one's maximum capacity to endure stress or hardship.
The military training was designed to push the recruits to the limits of endurance.

Endurance race

A race that tests the stamina of the participants over long distances.
He participated in his first endurance race last month.

Beyond endurance

More than one can tolerate.
The heat was beyond endurance for the hikers.

Stretch one's endurance

To cause someone to use up nearly all of their ability to withstand or endure.
The long delay at the airport stretched everyone's endurance.

Show great endurance

To demonstrate a strong ability to continue despite difficulties.
The team showed great endurance during the final minutes of the match.

Endurance training

Exercise intended to increase stamina and endurance.
She included endurance training in her weekly routine.

Endurance athlete

An athlete who competes in sports that require endurance, such as marathon running.
Endurance athletes often train at high altitudes.

Break one's endurance

To cause someone to reach their limit of being able to endure.
The continuous noise finally broke his endurance.

Endurance sports

Sports that require participants to sustain prolonged physical effort.
Triathlons are one of the most challenging endurance sports.

Endurance riding

A type of sport where riders travel long distances on horseback.
She competed in her first endurance riding event this year.

Mental endurance

The capacity to sustain cognitive effort and focus over long periods.
Completing the puzzle required more mental endurance than expected.

Spiritual endurance

The ability to maintain spiritual faith and practice under adversity.
Her spiritual endurance helped her through the crisis.

Endurance level

The extent to which one can endure physical or mental stress.
Regular training can significantly improve your endurance level.

Extreme endurance

The ability to withstand unusually severe or prolonged stress.
The explorers showed extreme endurance during the expedition.

The endurance of pain

The ability to tolerate pain for a prolonged period.
His endurance of pain during the procedure was remarkable.

Endurance feat

An act of remarkable endurance.
The swimmer's cross-channel swim was an incredible endurance feat.

Endurance challenge

A challenge that tests how long one can withstand a particular situation or task.
The 24-hour dance marathon is an ultimate endurance challenge.

Physical endurance

The ability of the body to continue exerting force without tiring.
Physical endurance is essential for soldiers.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in endurance?

The stressed syllable in endurance is "dur."

How do we divide endurance into syllables?

Endurance is divided as en-dur-ance.

What is the root word of endurance?

The root word of endurance is the Latin "endurare."

What is the first form of endurance?

The first form, being a noun, is "endurance." As a verb, it is "endure."

What is the pronunciation of endurance?

Endurance is pronounced as /enˈdʊrəns/.

What is the singular form of endurance?

The singular form is "endurance."

Why is it called endurance?

It is called endurance because it comes from the Latin "endurare," meaning to last or withstand.

How many syllables are in endurance?

Endurance has three syllables.

How is endurance used in a sentence?

Endurance is used to refer to the ability to withstand hardship or to continue a difficult task without giving up.

What is another term for endurance?

Another term for endurance is "stamina" or "resilience."

What is the verb form of endurance?

The verb form related to endurance is "endure."

What part of speech is endurance?

Endurance is a noun.

What is the second form of endurance?

The second form of the verb "endure" is "endured."

What is the third form of endurance?

The third form of the verb "endure" is also "endured."

Is endurance an abstract noun?

Yes, endurance is an abstract noun.

Is endurance a countable noun?

No, endurance is typically used as an uncountable noun.

Is the word “endurance” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Endurance can be used as a direct object (e.g., "They tested his endurance").

Which determiner is used with endurance?

Determiners such as "much" or "great" can be used (e.g., "She showed great endurance").

Is endurance a negative or positive word?

Endurance is generally considered a positive word, associated with resilience and strength.

Is endurance a vowel or consonant?

The word "endurance" starts with a vowel.

Is the endurance term a metaphor?

The term can be used metaphorically to describe prolonged or sustained efforts in various contexts.

Is the word endurance Gerund?

No, endurance is not a gerund; however, "enduring" can be used as a gerund.

Is endurance a collective noun?

No, endurance is not a collective noun.

Which article is used with endurance?

The indefinite article "an" is typically used with endurance when necessary (e.g., "an extraordinary amount of endurance").

What is the plural form of endurance?

The plural form is "endurances," though it is rarely used as it is generally considered a non-count noun.

Which vowel is used before endurance?

The vowel "e" is used at the start of endurance.

Which conjunction is used with endurance?

Conjunctions such as "and" and "but" can be used with endurance in sentences.

What is the opposite of endurance?

The opposite of endurance might be "surrender" or "weakness."

Is endurance a noun or adjective?

Endurance is a noun.

Is endurance an adverb?

No, endurance is not an adverb.

Is the word endurance imperative?

No, endurance itself is not imperative; however, "endure" can be used as an imperative verb.

Which preposition is used with endurance?

Common prepositions used with endurance include "of" and "for" (e.g., "endurance of pain," "need for endurance").

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