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Idealogy vs. Ideology — Which is Correct Spelling?

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"Idealogy" is an incorrect spelling, while "ideology" is correct. Ideology refers to a system of beliefs or principles held by a group or individual.
Idealogy vs. Ideology — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Idealogy or Ideology

How to spell Ideology?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Visual cue: picture an "idea" with a logical ending - "ideology."
Remember "ideal" is a different word; "ideology" has "ideo" at the start.
Think of "video" as a hint; it also has "ideo."
Only "ideology" has dictionary definitions and examples.
"Idealogy" might sound ideal, but it’s not the real deal.

How Do You Spell Ideology Correctly?

Incorrect: The party's idealogy has evolved over the years.
Correct: The party's ideology has evolved over the years.
Incorrect: His political idealogy is influenced by his upbringing.
Correct: His political ideology is influenced by his upbringing.
Incorrect: The idealogy behind the movement is complex and multifaceted.
Correct: The ideology behind the movement is complex and multifaceted.
Incorrect: She criticized the dominant idealogy for being too narrow-minded.
Correct: She criticized the dominant ideology for being too narrow-minded.

Ideology Definitions

Ideology denotes a manner of thinking characteristic of a class or individual.
The book critiques modern consumer ideology.
Ideology is a set of beliefs or principles guiding an individual or group.
Democracy and communism are political ideologies.
Ideology refers to a system of ideas forming a social or political theory.
His ideology was rooted in social justice.
Ideology is an organized collection of ideas representing a cultural or societal belief system.
The company's ideology emphasizes sustainability.
A set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group or that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.
Doctrine, philosophy, body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group.
A dictatorship bans things, that do not conform to its ideology, to secure its reign.
(uncountable) The study of the origin and nature of ideas.
The science of ideas.
A theory of the origin of ideas which derives them exclusively from sensation.
A set or system of theories and beliefs held by an individual or group, especially about sociopolitical goals and methods to attain them; in common usage, ideology is such a set of beliefs so strongly held by their adherents as to cause them to ignore evidence against such beliefs, and thus fall into error - in this sense it is viewed as a negative trait; contrasted to pragmatism, and distinct from idealism.
An orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation
Imaginary or visionary theorization
Ideology is the foundational beliefs shaping behaviors and perceptions.
Her ideology was evident in the causes she supported.

Ideology Meaning in a Sentence

The ideology of democracy is popular around the world.
The new policy reflects a shift in the government's ideology.
Many writers express their personal ideology through their work.
Understanding a culture's ideology can help in international relations.
His ideology focuses on freedom and equality for all.
The ideology of capitalism promotes free market and private ownership.
Teachers sometimes share their ideology with students to provoke thought.
He challenged the traditional ideology of his community.
The film portrays the ideology of heroism and sacrifice.
Some people adopt a new ideology after a significant life event.
The ideology of non-violence has influenced many leaders.
The museum's exhibit reflects the ideology of cultural preservation.
Environmentalism is an ideology that emphasizes the protection of nature.
The book explores the ideology behind the civil rights movement.
The ideology of the organization promotes peace and unity.
His ideology was shaped by his experiences as a soldier.
In her speech, she outlined her ideology for a better society.
The ideology of the group emphasizes community support.
Her ideology about education stresses the importance of critical thinking.
Social media platforms can spread ideology rapidly.
A strong ideology can inspire people to take action.
The ideology of feminism seeks equality for all genders.

Ideology Idioms & Phrases

Spread one's ideology

To promote and disseminate one's beliefs or principles.
The leader aimed to spread his ideology through social media.

Subscribe to an ideology

To adopt or support a particular ideology.
He subscribes to the ideology that education can solve most societal problems.

Challenge the prevailing ideology

To question or oppose the dominant set of beliefs.
The new theory challenges the prevailing ideology in scientific circles.

Rooted in ideology

Based on or influenced by a specific ideology.
The policy is rooted in the ideology of economic freedom.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of ideology?

There isn’t a direct verb form. However, "ideologize" is sometimes used to mean making something ideological.

What is the pronunciation of ideology?

It's pronounced as /ˌaɪ.dɪˈɒl.ə.dʒi/.

What is the root word of ideology?

The root word is "idea" from Greek.

What is the singular form of ideology?

The singular form is "ideology."

Which vowel is used before ideology?

Typically, the indefinite article "an" is used before "ideology."

Which article is used with ideology?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on context.

Is ideology an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with ideology?

Any conjunction can be used with "ideology" depending on the sentence structure; common ones include "and" or "but."

Why is it called ideology?

It's called "ideology" because it stems from the Greek words "idea" (form or pattern) and "logos" (study or theory), indicating a study or system of ideas.

Which preposition is used with ideology?

Various prepositions can be used, but commonly "of" as in "ideology of freedom."

Is ideology an abstract noun?

Yes, it's an abstract noun.

Is ideology a negative or positive word?

It's neutral. Its connotation depends on the context and the specific ideology referenced.

Is ideology a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is ideology a vowel or consonant?

"Ideology" is a word, not a single letter. It starts with a vowel sound.

What is the opposite of ideology?

There isn't a direct opposite, but "realism" can be contrasted with ideology in some contexts.

What is the second form of ideology?

Again, ideology is a noun and doesn't have verb forms.

What is the plural form of ideology?

The plural form is "ideologies."

Is the word ideology imperative?

No, "ideology" is not imperative; it's a noun.

How many syllables are in ideology?

There are five syllables.

How do we divide ideology into syllables?


Which determiner is used with ideology?

Determiners like "this," "that," "my," and "our" can be used, depending on context.

Is ideology a countable noun?

Yes, you can have one ideology or many ideologies.

Is the ideology term a metaphor?

No, it's a literal term, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is another term for ideology?

Another term is "doctrine" or "belief system."

What is the first form of ideology?

Ideology doesn't have verb forms. As a noun, "ideology" is its base form.

How is ideology used in a sentence?

"The party's ideology focuses on environmental conservation and social equity."

What is a stressed syllable in ideology?

The second syllable "ol" is stressed.

What part of speech is ideology?

Ideology is a noun.

Is ideology a noun or adjective?

Ideology is a noun.

What is the third form of ideology?

Ideology, being a noun, doesn't have verb forms.

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