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Hootch vs. Hooch — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Maham Liaqat — Updated on April 18, 2024
"Hootch" is the incorrect spelling of "hooch," which refers to alcoholic liquor, especially homemade or illicitly obtained alcohol.
Hootch vs. Hooch — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Hootch or Hooch

How to spell Hooch?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Recall that "hooch" sounds like "ooze," which can help you remember the double "o" as something flowing like liquid.
The spelling "hooch" aligns with the pronunciation /huːtʃ/, where the double "o" represents the long "oo" sound.
"Hooch" is derived from "hoochinoo," a distilled drink made by the Hoochinoo Indians; remember the double "o" from both "hoochinoo" and "hooch."

How Do You Spell Hooch Correctly?

Incorrect: His grandfather used to make hootch during Prohibition.
Correct: His grandfather used to make hooch during Prohibition.
Incorrect: You can smell the strong aroma of the hootch from a distance.
Correct: You can smell the strong aroma of the hooch from a distance.
Incorrect: They were caught selling illegal hootch at the club.
Correct: They were caught selling illegal hooch at the club.
Incorrect: He brewed some hootch in his backyard.
Correct: He brewed some hooch in his backyard.
Incorrect: They discovered a hidden stash of hootch in the basement.
Correct: They discovered a hidden stash of hooch in the basement.

Hooch Definitions

Illicitly distilled alcoholic liquor, often with a very high alcohol content.
During the dry county days, he was known for making potent hooch.
Slang derived from "hoochinoo," used mainly in North America to describe homemade spirits.
He crafted his own hooch using an old family recipe.
Alcoholic beverage made under unregulated conditions, usually implying a rough or raw quality.
The homemade hooch was stronger than anything available in stores.
Informal term for any alcoholic drink.
They shared a bottle of hooch and talked all night.
Alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or bootleg liquor
"bootleggers smashed on their own hooch" (Christopher Hitchens).
A dwelling, especially a thatched hut.
Alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or illicit whisky.
A thatched hut, CHU, or any simple dwelling.
An illicitly distilled (and usually inferior) alcoholic liquor.
A living quarters;
An illicitly distilled (and usually inferior) alcoholic liquor
Colloquially, any cheap or inferior liquor.
At that dive bar, you're likely to find nothing but cheap hooch.

Hooch Meaning in a Sentence

At the party, someone brought out some homemade hooch.
They found jars of hooch hidden under the floorboards.
The old man brewed hooch that was famous in the village.
The hooch had a kick that could knock you off your feet.
He joked that his hooch could fuel a car.
During Prohibition, hidden stills for making hooch were common.
She remembered her grandfather talking about making hooch in his youth.
Every now and then, they would have a hooch tasting at the club.
Local authorities cracked down on hooch production in the area.
Stories of the potent hooch became part of family legend.
Some hooch was so bad, it was only good for stripping paint.
He developed a reputation for making the best hooch around.
The quality of the hooch varied from batch to batch.
They used whatever they could find to flavor the hooch.
A hidden stash of hooch was discovered during the house renovation.
The hooch was bottled in old wine bottles to avoid suspicion.
It was not just any hooch; it was apple-based and quite smooth.
He tried to improve the hooch by refining the distillation process.
The hooch was so strong it was almost medicinal.
He warned them about the dangers of drinking unregulated hooch.
There was always a demand for good hooch, legal or not.
The recipe for the hooch had been passed down through generations.
Making hooch was one of the local traditions during tough times.
Everyone in town knew where to get hooch if they wanted it.
The hooch brewing was a secret, but poorly kept one.

Hooch Idioms & Phrases

Cheap as hooch

Referring to something very inexpensive, usually of questionable quality.
The furniture was cheap as hooch but lasted surprisingly long.

Hooch hangover

A particularly severe hangover from drinking cheap or strong liquor.
He woke up with a hooch hangover that lasted all day.

Homemade hooch

Specifically referring to alcohol made at home, often with rudimentary methods.
There's nothing like the taste of homemade hooch.

Hold the hooch

To refrain from drinking alcohol.
She decided to hold the hooch at the wedding to stay clear-headed.

Hooch haul

A significant find or collection of illicit alcohol.
The police made a hooch haul worth thousands in the raid.

Hooch helper

A person who assists in the making or distribution of homemade alcohol.
His cousin was the hooch helper, always ready with supplies.

Hooch house

A place where homemade alcohol is made or sold.
That old shed turned out to be a hooch house.

Hit the hooch

To start drinking alcohol, especially in large amounts.
After the bad news, he went home to hit the hooch.

Hooch heartburn

Discomfort or indigestion caused by drinking strong or poor-quality alcohol.
Cheap wine at the bar left him with hooch heartburn.

High on hooch

Being intoxicated, especially from homemade or strong liquor.
They were high on hooch by midnight and singing loudly.

Hooch headache

A headache resulting from drinking low-quality alcohol.
He ended up with a hooch headache after the party.

Hooch history

The history or background of homemade or illicit alcohol in a certain area or family.
His book explored the hooch history of the Appalachians.

Hooch holiday

A period spent indulging in drinking, usually implying the consumption of homemade liquor.
They went on a hooch holiday, visiting various distilleries.

Hooch havoc

The chaos or trouble caused by excessive drinking.
The party ended in hooch havoc, with several fights breaking out.

Handle the hooch

To manage or cope with drinking alcohol without adverse effects.
Not everyone can handle the hooch; some get too rowdy.

Hooch-heated argument

An argument fueled by alcohol consumption.
The discussion turned into a hooch-heated argument as the night went on.

Hooch habit

The habit of frequently drinking alcohol, particularly homemade or strong types.
He picked up a hooch habit during his college days.

Hide the hooch

To conceal alcohol, especially when it's illegal or against the rules.
They had to hide the hooch when the landlord came around.

Hooch hauler

Someone who transports illicit alcohol.
Back in the day, he was known as a hooch hauler for local bootleggers.

Hooch hoarder

A person who collects or stores large amounts of alcohol.
The old man was a hooch hoarder, with barrels of it in his basement.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called hooch?

"Hooch" is short for "hoochinoo," which refers to a type of alcoholic beverage originally made by the Hoochinoo Indians of Alaska.

What is a stressed syllable in hooch?

In "hooch," the entire word is the stressed syllable, as it is monosyllabic.

How do we divide hooch into syllables?

Hooch is a single-syllable word and is not divided.

How is hooch used in a sentence?

"Hooch" is used to refer to any type of illicitly made or homemade alcohol.

What is the verb form of hooch?

"Hooch" does not have a verb form; it is used as a noun.

What is the pronunciation of hooch?

Hooch is pronounced as /huːtʃ/.

How many syllables are in hooch?

"Hooch" has one syllable.

Is hooch an abstract noun?

No, "hooch" is a concrete noun as it refers to a tangible substance.

Is the word hooch a Gerund?

No, "hooch" is not a gerund; it is a noun.

What is the root word of hooch?

The root of "hooch" is from "hoochinoo," the name of the tribe that originally made the drink.

What part of speech is hooch?

"Hooch" is a noun.

What is the singular form of hooch?

The singular form is "hooch."

Is hooch a noun or adjective?

"Hooch" is a noun.

Is hooch a countable noun?

Yes, "hooch" is a countable noun.

Is hooch a collective noun?

No, "hooch" is not typically considered a collective noun.

Is the hooch term a metaphor?

"Hooch" itself is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically to describe something raw or unrefined.

Is the word “hooch” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Hooch" can serve as a direct object in a sentence, depending on its use.

Which vowel is used before hooch?

Typically, the vowel "a" is used before "hooch" as in "a bottle of hooch."

What is the plural form of hooch?

The plural form is "hooches."

What is the opposite of hooch?

There is no direct opposite of "hooch," but conceptually, it might be considered as "legally obtained alcohol" or simply "water" as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Is hooch an adverb?

No, "hooch" is not an adverb.

Is the word hooch imperative?

No, "hooch" is not imperative as it is a noun, not a verb form.

Which determiner is used with hooch?

Determiners like "a," "the," or numeric values can be used with "hooch."

Which article is used with hooch?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "hooch," depending on whether it is specified or unspecified.

What is another term for hooch?

Another term for "hooch" could be "moonshine" or "bootleg liquor."

Is hooch a negative or positive word?

"Hooch" typically has a negative connotation, associated with illegality and poor quality.

Is hooch a vowel or consonant?

The word "hooch" begins with a consonant.

Which preposition is used with hooch?

Common prepositions used with "hooch" include "of" (a bottle of hooch) and "with" (drinks with hooch).

Which conjunction is used with hooch?

Common conjunctions are not specifically used with "hooch;" it depends on sentence construction.

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