Honorary vs. Honourary - What's the difference?


  • Honorary (adjective)

    Given as an honor/honour, with no duties attached, and without payment.

    "honorary degree; honorary doctorate"

  • Honorary (adjective)


  • Honorary (adjective)

    Describes the holder of a position or title that is assigned to him as a special honor rather than by normal channels.

    "honorary citizen"

    "honorary consul"

    "honorary vice president"

    "honorary member of the family"

  • Honorary (noun)

    An honorarium; a fee for services of no fixed value.

  • Honorary (noun)

    A kind of secret society that operates in name only, with membership given to honor some achievement.

  • Honourary (adjective)

    archaic spelling of honorary

Oxford Dictionary

  • Honorary (adjective)

    conferred as an honour, without the usual requirements or functions

    "an honorary doctorate"

  • Honorary (adjective)

    (of a person) holding an honorary title or position

    "an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons"

  • Honorary (adjective)

    (of an office or its holder) unpaid

    "Honorary Secretary of the Association"

Webster Dictionary

  • Honorary (adjective)

    Done as a sign or evidence of honor; as, honorary services.

  • Honorary (adjective)

    Conferring honor, or intended merely to confer honor without emolument; as, an honorary degree.

  • Honorary (adjective)

    Holding a title or place without rendering service or receiving reward; as, an honorary member of a society.

Princeton's WordNet

  • Honorary (adjective)

    given as an honor without the normal duties;

    "an honorary degree"

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