Colourfull vs. Colourful - What's the difference?


  • Colourfull (adjective)

    archaic form of colourful

  • Colourfull (adjective)

    nonstandard spelling of colourful

  • Colourful (adjective)

    standard spelling of from=British spelling

Oxford Dictionary

  • Colourful (adjective)

    having much or varied colour; bright

    "a colourful array of fruit"

  • Colourful (adjective)

    full of interest; lively and exciting

    "a colourful account"

    "a controversial and colourful character"

  • Colourful (adjective)

    involving variously disreputable activities

    "the financier had had a colourful career"

  • Colourful (adjective)

    (of language) vulgar or rude

    "she made it clear, in colourful language, that she did not wish to talk to the police"

Webster Dictionary

  • Colourful

    same as colorful.

Princeton's WordNet

  • Colourful (adjective)

    having striking color;

    "colorful autumn leaves"



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