Opportunity vs. Oppurtunity - What's the difference?


  • Opportunity (noun)

    A chance for advancement, progress or profit.

  • Opportunity (noun)

    A favorable circumstance or occasion.

    "Having a holiday is a great opportunity to relax."

  • Opportunity (noun)


    "The Court questioned the opportunity of introducing these measures in such an uncertain economic climate."

  • Oppurtunity (noun)

    misspelling of opportunity

Oxford Dictionary

  • Opportunity (noun)

    a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something

    "the night drive gave us the opportunity of spotting rhinos"

    "increased opportunities for export"

  • Opportunity (noun)

    a chance for employment or promotion

    "career opportunities in our New York headquarters"

Webster Dictionary

  • Opportunity (noun)

    Fit or convenient time or situation; a time or place permitting or favorable for the execution of a purpose; a suitable combination of conditions; suitable occasion; chance.

  • Opportunity (noun)

    Convenience of situation; fitness.

  • Opportunity (noun)

    Importunity; earnestness.

Princeton's WordNet

  • Opportunity (noun)

    a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances;

    "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"

    "now is your chance"

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