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Hatable vs. Hateable — Which is Correct Spelling?

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Hatable is the incorrect spelling of hateable, which means capable of being hated.
Hatable vs. Hateable — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Hatable or Hateable

How to spell Hateable?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember, hateable contains the root word "hate" followed by "-able" which signifies the ability or capacity.
The addition of "-able" in hateable aligns with similar constructions like "likable" where the base verb is followed by "-able" without modifying the base verb.
Avoid dropping any vowels from the root verb "hate" when adding the "-able" suffix.

How Do You Spell Hateable Correctly?

Incorrect: He's just so hatable because of his arrogance.
Correct: He's just so hateable because of his arrogance.
Incorrect: Her behavior made her appear very hatable in the public's eyes.
Correct: Her behavior made her appear very hateable in the public's eyes.
Incorrect: That movie was very hatable; I wouldn't recommend it.
Correct: That movie was very hateable; I wouldn't recommend it.
Incorrect: This policy is hatable and needs to be reconsidered.
Correct: This policy is hateable and needs to be reconsidered.
Incorrect: This character’s motives are hatable and shallow.
Correct: This character’s motives are hateable and shallow.

Hateable Definitions

Eliciting feelings of aversion or antipathy.
The new policy was hateable, prompting widespread protests.
Deserving of contempt or scorn.
The villain's actions were so hateable that audiences cheered when he was defeated.
Invoking a strong desire to avoid or shun.
Her hateable attitude caused her to lose many friends.
Related to being objectionable or unacceptable.
The book's hateable message sparked a lot of controversy.
Capable of being intensely disliked or hated.
His hateable smirk made everyone in the room uncomfortable.
Alternative form of hatable

Hateable Meaning in a Sentence

I find his attitude completely hateable.
That character in the movie was so hateable, I hoped he wouldn't win.
It’s hateable when someone cuts in line.
Her disregard for others’ feelings is hateable.
She has a hateable habit of talking over people.
They introduced a hateable antagonist in the story.
The noise from the construction site is hateable.
His rude comments made him hateable at the party.
Their hateable decision divided the community.
It’s hateable when people litter in public parks.
Her constant negativity is really hateable.
They managed to make a perfectly hateable villain in the film.
Many found the politician’s views to be hateable.
He had a hateable way of gloating about his successes.
His manipulation of the facts was hateable.
Being dishonest in any relationship is hateable.
His smirk was just as hateable as his arrogance.
The new rule at school is totally hateable.
A hateable smell came from the spoiled food.
Their hateable behavior at the event was noted by all.
The delay in justice was hateable.
Misuse of power is always hateable.
I find their lack of empathy quite hateable.
The film had a hateable twist that upset many viewers.
It’s hateable to see injustice go unpunished.

Hateable Idioms & Phrases

A hateable face

A face that is easy to dislike or despise.
He had a hateable face that made you distrust him immediately.

A hateable moment

A situation or event that is particularly frustrating or infuriating.
Missing the train was a hateable moment for everyone involved.

To find something hateable

To discover qualities in something that make it undesirable or loathsome.
It didn't take long to find something hateable about the new policy.

As hateable as a toothache

Extremely annoying or unpleasant.
The meeting was as hateable as a toothache, dragging on for hours.

Beyond hateable

So objectionable it's hard to express in words.
His betrayal was beyond hateable, hurting all his close friends.

A hateable task

A task that is very unpleasant or disagreeable.
Cleaning the gutters is a hateable task that no one wants to do.

Hateable to the core

Thoroughly despicable or detestable.
The villain in the novel was hateable to the core, committing heinous acts without remorse.

Turn hateable

To become disliked or despised.
The celebrity turned hateable after the scandal broke.

Make oneself hateable

To act in a way that causes others to despise or dislike one.
He made himself hateable by lying to everyone.

Hateable behavior

Actions that are extremely objectionable or offensive.
His constant interruptions during the meeting were hateable behavior.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in hateable?

Hateable has three syllables.

How do we divide hateable into syllables?

Hateable is divided into syllables as ha-tea-ble.

What is the pronunciation of hateable?

Hateable is pronounced as /ˈheɪtəbəl/.

Why is it called hateable?

It is called hateable because it describes something that can easily be hated.

What is a stressed syllable in hateable?

The stressed syllable in hateable is the first one, "ha".

What is the singular form of hateable?

The singular form of hateable is "hateable".

How is hateable used in a sentence?

Hateable is used as an adjective to describe someone or something that is capable of being hated.

What is the verb form of hateable?

The verb form from which hateable is derived is "hate".

What is the root word of hateable?

The root word of hateable is "hate".

What is the plural form of hateable?

Hateable does not have a plural form; it is used the same way for singular and plural contexts.

What is the opposite of hateable?

The opposite of hateable is "lovable".

Is hateable a noun or adjective?

Hateable is an adjective.

Is hateable an abstract noun?

No, hateable is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is hateable a collective noun?

No, hateable is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the word hateable imperative?

No, hateable is an adjective, not a verb form.

Is hateable a vowel or consonant?

The word hateable starts with a consonant.

Is hateable a countable noun?

Hateable is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with hateable?

Determiners like "a," "an," and "the" can be used with hateable, depending on the context.

What part of speech is hateable?

Hateable is an adjective.

Is the hateable term a metaphor?

No, hateable is not typically used as a metaphor.

Which vowel is used before hateable?

Typically, no vowel is used before hateable; it is used with consonants or by itself.

Is hateable an adverb?

No, hateable is not an adverb.

Is hateable a negative or positive word?

Hateable is a negative word.

Is the word hateable a Gerund?

No, hateable is an adjective, not a gerund.

Which article is used with hateable?

The article used with hateable can be "a" or "the," depending on the context.

What is another term for hateable?

Another term for hateable is "despicable".

Is the word “hateable” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Hateable, being an adjective, cannot be a direct or indirect object.

Which preposition is used with hateable?

Common prepositions used with hateable include "to" and "for."

Which conjunction is used with hateable?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," and "or" can be used with hateable.

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