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Handover Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Updated on March 5, 2024
Handover refers to the process of transferring responsibility or control of something to someone else. e.g., The project handover to the new team was smooth and well-coordinated.

Handover Definitions

Project Transition: Transferring a project from one team to another.
Effective communication is crucial during a project handover.
Shift Change: The process of transferring duties from one worker or group to another at the end of a shift.
Nurses conduct a handover at the end of each shift to ensure continuity of care.
Operational Control Transfer: Handing over control of operations, such as in a facility or system.
The handover of the control room was done every eight hours.
Information Sharing: Passing detailed information from one person to another for continuity.
The manager ensured all relevant information was included in the handover document.
Authority Transfer: Passing control or authority from one person or entity to another.
The handover of presidential power is a significant event.
Technology System Handover: Transferring a technology system or software from development to operational use.
After testing, there was a handover of the software to the IT department.
Responsibility Shift: The transfer of responsibility for a task or role.
There was a formal handover of responsibilities during the meeting.
Property Transfer: The act of transferring ownership of property or real estate.
The handover of the keys marked the completion of the sale.
Custody Exchange: Transferring the custody of a person, such as in law enforcement or child custody.
The handover of the suspect to the authorities was carefully documented.
The transference of authority, control, power or knowledge from one agency to another, or from one state to another.
The information passed on in such a case.
The daytime team got an urgent handover from the afterhours department.
(cellular telecommunications) the process of transferring an ongoing call or data session from one channel connected to the core network to another channel.
(satellite telecommunications) the process of transferring satellite control responsibility from one earth station to another without loss or interruption of service.
The transfer of goods from the dealer to the purchaser, often of illegal goods.
The act of relinquishing property or authority etc. to another; as, the handover of occupied territory to the original posssessors; the handover of power from the military back to the civilian authorities.
Act of relinquishing property or authority etc;
The handover of occupied territory
Leadership Transition: The process of transferring leadership from one individual to another.
The company planned a leadership handover to ensure a smooth transition.

Handover Snonyms


To move something from one place to another.
The property was transferred to the new owner.


To voluntarily cease to keep or claim; to give up.
She relinquished her claim to the throne.

Pass on

To give something to someone else.
He passed on his old books to his younger brother.


To give up something to another.
The soldiers were forced to surrender their weapons.


To give control of something to another person or group.
The territory was ceded to the neighboring country after the war.


To deliver something to a person's custody, typically in order for it to be sold.
The goods were consigned to the auction house.


To hand over to the custody of another.
The package was delivered to the recipient's doorstep.


To pass something on or leave something to someone else.
He bequeathed his entire estate to his children.


To transfer or delegate (power) to a lower level.
The central government devolved more powers to the local authorities.


To give way to arguments, demands, or pressure.
After hours of negotiation, they finally yielded.

Handover Idioms & Phrases

Handover of the baton

Passing on responsibilities, often used to describe a change in leadership or important roles.
The retiring principal made the handover of the baton to her successor during the school assembly.

Bumpy handover

A transition that encounters problems or difficulties.
Due to lack of planning, the project experienced a bumpy handover to the new team.

Forced handover

A transition that occurs under pressure or without the willingness of one party.
The merger led to a forced handover of control to the acquiring company.

Smooth handover

A transition of responsibility or control that is done seamlessly and without issue.
The company ensured a smooth handover of leadership when the CEO retired.

Handover on a silver platter

To make the transition of responsibility as easy as possible for the next person.
He organized all the client files and project details to handover on a silver platter to his replacement.

Handover protocol

A set of procedures or guidelines designed to ensure a smooth transition.
The organization developed a handover protocol to manage leadership changes more effectively.

Handover meeting

A meeting specifically arranged to facilitate the transition of responsibilities.
We scheduled a handover meeting to discuss the details of transferring the project tasks.

Handover checklist

A list of tasks or items to be completed as part of the transition process.
The manager provided a handover checklist to ensure nothing was missed during the transition.

Midnight handover

A transition of responsibility that happens at the last possible moment.
The legal documents were signed in a midnight handover, just before the deadline.

Conditional handover

A transition of control or responsibility that depends on certain conditions being met.
The conditional handover of the premises was agreed upon, subject to renovations being completed.

Handover ceremony

An event or formal occasion marking the transition of responsibility or control.
The handover ceremony of the command flag to the new captain was held on deck.

Legacy handover

The process of passing on values, traditions, or achievements in addition to responsibilities.
The founder's legacy handover to his children included both the business and his philanthropic ideals.

Complete the handover

To finish the process of transferring responsibility or control.
It took several weeks to complete the handover of all the project responsibilities.

Strategic handover

A carefully planned and executed transition to ensure continued success.
The strategic handover of the CEO position was planned years in advance.

Handover with grace

To transfer responsibilities or control smoothly and with dignity.
She handed over her responsibilities with grace, ensuring her successor was fully prepared.

Takeover after handover

The act of assuming control or responsibility after the transition has been completed.
The new department head will takeover after handover from the interim manager.

Documented handover

A transition that includes thorough documentation of all processes, responsibilities, and important information.
The project's documented handover included detailed reports, blueprints, and access codes.

Handover hurdles

Challenges or obstacles that complicate the transition process.
Navigating the handover hurdles required careful coordination between all parties involved.


The period after the transition has taken place.
In the post-handover phase, the team adjusted well to the new leadership.

Pre-handover preparation

The actions taken to prepare for a smooth transition of responsibilities.
Pre-handover preparation involved extensive training sessions for the incoming team.

Handover Example Sentences

The handover process started with a detailed briefing.
They scheduled the handover for the end of the month.
Documentation is essential for a successful handover.
The team prepared a comprehensive handover report.
The handover included training for the new operators.
A smooth handover depends on thorough preparation.
She was responsible for the handover of patient care.
They celebrated the successful handover of the project.
The handover meeting covered all outstanding issues.
He received a handover note from his predecessor.
The handover of command was a historic moment.
The handover of equipment required a checklist.
The software handover included a demo for the users.
The handover ceremony was brief but significant.
After the handover, he felt relieved of his duties.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in handover?

There are two syllables in handover.

What is a stressed syllable in handover?

The stressed syllable in handover is the first syllable, "hand."

Why is it called handover?

It is called handover because it refers to the act of transferring responsibility, control, or possession from one person to another.

What is the pronunciation of handover?

The pronunciation of handover is /ˈhændˌoʊvər/.

What is another term for handover?

Another term for handover could be "transfer" or "transition."

How do we divide handover into syllables?

Handover is divided into syllables as hand-over.

How is handover used in a sentence?

"The handover of the project to the new team will take place next week."

What is the root word of handover?

The root words are "hand" and "over."

Is handover an abstract noun?

Handover is a concrete noun when referring to the act or process of transferring something; however, it can be abstract when referring to the concept of transfer of responsibilities.

What is the verb form of handover?

The verb form is "hand over" (two words).

What is the singular form of handover?

The singular form is "handover."

What is the plural form of handover?

The plural form is "handovers."

Is handover a countable noun?

Yes, handover is a countable noun.

Is the handover term a metaphor?

Handover can be used metaphorically in contexts beyond physical transfers, to imply the transfer of responsibilities or roles.

Is the word handover Gerund?

No, "handover" is a noun. The gerund form related to this would be "handing over" from the verb "to hand over."

Is the word “handover” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Handover" as a noun can serve as a direct object in a sentence, e.g., "We completed the handover."

Which vowel is used before handover?

The choice between "a" and "an" does not apply to "handover" as it starts with a consonant sound.

Is handover a noun or adjective?

Handover is a noun.

Which conjunction is used with handover?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences involving "handover."

What is the opposite of handover?

The opposite of handover could be "takeover" or "retention."

Is handover a negative or positive word?

Handover is neutral; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is handover a vowel or consonant?

The question does not apply to the word "handover" as a whole; it pertains to individual letters. "H" is a consonant.

Is the word handover is imperative?

The noun "handover" cannot be imperative. The verb form "hand over" can be used in an imperative mood.

Which preposition is used with handover?

Common prepositions used with "handover" include "of" and "to," e.g., "handover of the documents to the new owner."

What part of speech is handover?

Handover is a noun.

Is handover an adverb?

No, handover is not an adverb.

Is handover a collective noun?

No, handover is not typically considered a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with handover?

Determiners such as "the," "a," or "this" can be used with "handover."

Which article is used with handover?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite article "a" can be used with "handover" depending on the context.

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