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Tidyup Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 5, 2024
Tidyup (or "tidy up") means to clean and organize a space or area. e.g., After the party, we had to tidy up the living room.

Tidyup Definitions

Straightening Items: Adjusting items to look neat and orderly.
He tidied up the books on the shelf.
Decluttering: Reducing clutter by removing unnecessary items.
The family spent the weekend tidying up the garage.
Housekeeping Activity: Performing general cleaning and organizing tasks.
Saturday mornings are reserved for a household tidyup.
Cleaning Up Mess: Removing clutter or mess from an area.
The children helped to tidy up their playroom.
Restoring Order: Returning a space to its original neat state.
After the flood, the community came together to tidy up.
Workspace Arrangement: Organizing a work area for efficiency.
A tidyup of the office led to a more productive environment.
Outdoor Cleanup: Clearing and beautifying outdoor spaces.
The park's tidyup day attracted many volunteers.
Preparing for Guests: Cleaning and arranging a space for visitors.
We need to tidy up the guest room before they arrive.
Personal Grooming: Neatening one's appearance or belongings.
He tidied up his appearance before the interview.
Organizing Space: Arranging items in an orderly manner.
She did a quick tidyup of her desk before starting work.

Tidyup Snonyms

Straighten up

To make a place neat by adjusting or aligning items.
He straightened up the living room before the guests arrived.

Clear up

To remove clutter or obstacles.
They cleared up the debris in the yard after the storm.


To make neat or tidy.
She neatened the pile of books on the table.


To arrange or put in order.
She spent the afternoon organizing her desk.

Clean up

To make a place clean or orderly.
After the party, we had to clean up the kitchen.


To put things in a neat, attractive, or required order.
He arranged his tools neatly in the toolbox.


To put in an orderly arrangement.
She likes to order her office at the end of each day.


To remove clutter from a room, area, etc.
It's time to declutter the garage and get rid of unused items.

Spruce up

To make neat, clean, or more attractive.
They decided to spruce up the guest room before the visitors arrived.

Smarten up

To improve the appearance of by cleaning or tidying.
He smartened up his apartment before his parents' visit.

Tidyup Idioms & Phrases

Tidy up one's affairs

To organize personal or business matters, often before a major change or event.
Knowing he'd be out of the country for a year, he spent weeks tidying up his affairs.

Tidy up the books

To organize financial records, ensuring they are accurate and up-to-date.
The new accountant was hired primarily to tidy up the books before the audit.

Tidy up the situation

To resolve a complicated or problematic scenario.
The mediator was brought in to tidy up the situation between the two parties.

Time to tidy up

A call to action indicating it is the appropriate moment to clean or organize.
After the party ended, she announced to her family that it was time to tidy up.

Tidy up one's language

To make one's speech more polite or appropriate for the audience.
He had to tidy up his language when he started working in the elementary school.

Tidy up loose ends

To resolve unfinished business or complete the final details of a project.
Before launching the product, the team worked overtime to tidy up loose ends.

Tidy up one's image

To improve one’s public perception or reputation.
The politician hired a PR firm to help tidy up his image after the scandal.

Tidy up the edges

To refine or perfect the final details of something.
The designer spent the afternoon tidying up the edges of her latest creation.

Tidy up one's thoughts

To organize one's ideas or plans clearly in one's mind.
He took a long walk to tidy up his thoughts before making the big decision.

Give it a tidy up

To clean or organize something to a certain extent but not thoroughly.
The room doesn't need a deep clean, just give it a tidy up before our guests arrive.

Tidy up before you leave

To clean or organize your immediate area before departing.
Please tidy up before you leave; we want to keep the workspace neat for everyone.

Tidy up the mess

To clean up disorder or chaos in a particular area.
After the storm, the community came together to tidy up the mess left behind.

Tidy up one's schedule

To organize or clear one’s calendar of unnecessary or conflicting appointments.
She spent the morning tidying up her schedule for the week.

Tidy up the plot

To refine or clarify the storyline in writing or narration.
The author took a few weeks to tidy up the plot based on feedback from her editor.

A good tidy up

A thorough cleaning or organizing session.
The garage is overdue for a good tidy up; it's getting hard to find anything.

Tidy up the details

To address and organize the minor but important aspects of something.
Before finalizing the contract, both parties met to tidy up the details and ensure clarity.

Tidy up after oneself

To clean or organize the area one has used, leaving no mess behind.
It's important to tidy up after oneself, especially in shared living spaces.

Tidy up the data

To organize or clean data, making it easier to analyze or understand.
Before we can analyze the survey results, we need to tidy up the data.

Tidy up relationships

To resolve lingering issues or conflicts within personal or professional relationships.
He made an effort to tidy up relationships with old friends he had drifted apart from.

Tidy up the yard

To clean and organize the outdoor space around one’s home.
Every spring, we spend a weekend tidying up the yard and planting new flowers.

Tidyup Example Sentences

The garden needs a good tidyup.
Tidying up after crafting is important.
Let's tidy up the kitchen together.
He decided to tidy up his computer files.
Tidying up the pantry revealed forgotten supplies.
They organized a community tidyup effort.
Tidying up regularly keeps the clutter away.
Mom asked me to tidy up my room.
A tidyup can make a big difference in how a room looks.
The teacher asked students to tidy up their desks.
After the picnic, they tidied up the area.
Every morning, she tidies up her workspace before starting.
Before vacation, we do a thorough tidyup of the house.
After dinner, everyone pitches in to tidy up.
A quick tidyup can make your home feel welcoming.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in tidyup?

In the phrase "tidy up," there are three syllables.

How is tidyup used in a sentence?

"I need to tidy up my room before my friends arrive."

How do we divide tidyup into syllables?

Tidy up is divided as ti-dy-up.

What is a stressed syllable in tidyup?

The stressed syllable is on "ti" in the word tidy.

Why is it called tidyup?

It's called "tidy up" (usually two words) because it refers to the act of cleaning or organizing an area to make it neat.

What is the root word of tidyup?

The root word is "tidy."

What part of speech is tidyup?

"Tidy up" functions as a phrasal verb.

What is the first form of tidyup?

The first form is "tidy" (as "to tidy up").

What is the singular form of tidyup?

As a verb phrase, "tidy up" does not have singular or plural forms.

What is the third form of tidyup?

The third form is "tidied up."

What is the opposite of tidyup?

The opposite could be "mess up" or "disarrange."

Is tidyup a noun or adjective?

"Tidy up" is a verb phrase. There is a noun form "tidy-up" referring to an act of cleaning, but it's less common.

What is the verb form of tidyup?

The verb form is "to tidy up."

What is the pronunciation of tidyup?

The pronunciation of "tidy up" is /ˈtaɪ.di ʌp/.

What is another term for tidyup?

Another term for "tidy up" could be "clean up."

Is the word tidyup Gerund?

"Tidying up" would be the gerund form.

Which vowel is used before tidyup?

Articles like "a" or "an" are typically not used directly before verb phrases like "tidy up."

Is tidyup an abstract noun?

The noun form "tidy-up" can be seen as concrete, referring to the action of cleaning or organizing.

Is tidyup a vowel or consonant?

This question applies to letters rather than words. "T" in "tidy" is a consonant.

Is tidyup a countable noun?

When used as a noun, "tidy-up" could be considered countable (e.g., after several tidy-ups, the room looked better).

Is tidyup a collective noun?

No, "tidy up" is not a collective noun.

Is the word “tidyup” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

In the verb form, "tidy up" does not serve as a direct or indirect object, but it can take a direct object, e.g., "Tidy up the room."

Which determiner is used with tidyup?

As a verb phrase, determiners are not typically used with "tidy up." As a noun, one might say "a tidy-up" with "a" as the determiner.

What is the second form of tidyup?

The second form is "tidied up."

What is the plural form of tidyup?

Not applicable, as "tidy up" is a verb phrase.

Is the word tidyup is imperative?

Yes, "tidy up" can be used in an imperative mood, e.g., "Please tidy up your desk."

Which article is used with tidyup?

When "tidy up" is used as a noun, "a" can precede it in phrases like "a quick tidy-up."

Is tidyup an adverb?

No, "tidy up" is not an adverb.

Is tidyup a negative or positive word?

"Tidy up" has a positive connotation, implying organization and cleanliness.

Is the tidyup term a metaphor?

"Tidy up" can be used metaphorically to refer to organizing or resolving non-physical things, like thoughts or affairs.

Which preposition is used with tidyup?

Common prepositions are not typically used with "tidy up," but "before" and "after" can set the context, e.g., "tidy up before guests arrive."

Which conjunction is used with tidyup?

Conjunctions such as "and," "but," or "or" can be used, e.g., "tidy up and vacuum."

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