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Plus Definition and Meaning

Plus means in addition to or along with something. e.g., She ordered coffee plus a slice of cake.

Plus Definitions

Mathematical Addition: A sign or operation indicating addition.
Two plus two equals four.
Extra Feature: An additional feature or benefit.
The phone comes with a camera plus enhanced security features.
Positive Aspect: A positive factor or quality.
His experience is a big plus for the team.
More Than: Indicating a quantity greater than a specified number.
The crowd was fifty people plus.
In Addition: Used to indicate something extra or additional.
You need to complete your homework, plus clean your room.
Positive Quantity: A quantity greater than zero; positive.
Temperatures will be in the plus range tomorrow.
Higher Category or Level: Indicating a higher category or level, as in sizes.
The store offers sizes up to 2X plus.
(Mathematics) Increased by the addition of
Two plus two is four.
Added to; along with
Their strength plus their spirit makes them formidable. Intelligence plus wit makes for an interesting person.
Usage Problem And
"[He] is a committed man, plus he has imagination, vitality and national stature" (Merv Griffin).
Positive or on the positive part of a scale
A plus value.
A temperature of plus five degrees.
Added or extra
A plus benefit.
(Informal) Increased to a further degree or number
"At 70 plus, [he] is old enough to be metaphysical" (Anatole Broyard).
Ranking on the higher end of a designated scale
A grade of C plus.
(Physics) Positive.
(Mathematics) The plus sign (+).
A positive quantity.
A favorable condition or factor
The clear weather was a plus for the golf tournament.
And; sum of the previous one and the following one.
Two plus two equals four.
A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms plus one of oxygen.
(colloquial) With; having in addition.
I've won a holiday to France plus five hundred euros in spending money!
And also; in addition; besides (which).
Let's go home now. It's late, plus I'm not feeling too well.
A positive quantity.
An asset or useful addition.
He is a real plus to the team.
(arithmetic) A plus sign: +.
Being positive rather than negative or zero.
−2 * −2 = +4 ("minus 2 times minus 2 equals plus four")
Positive, or involving advantage.
He is a plus factor.
(physics) Electrically positive.
A battery has both a plus pole and a minus pole.
(postpositive) (Of a quantity) Equal to or greater than; or more; upwards.
The bus can fit 60 plus kids, but we only get 48.
(informal) To add; to subject to addition.
(often followed by 'up') To increase in magnitude.
To improve.
To provide critical feedback by giving suggestions for improvement rather than criticisms.
(sales) To sell additional related items with an original purchase.
(psychology) To frame in a positive light; to provide a sympathetic interpretation.
To give a mark of approval on Google+.
(homeopathy) To increase the potency of a remedy by diluting it in water and stirring.
(optometry) To increase a correction.
More, required to be added; positive, as distinguished from negative; - opposed to minus.
Hence, in a literary sense, additional; real; actual.
Success goes invariably with a certain plus or positive power.
A useful or valuable quality
The arithmetic operation of summing; calculating the sum of two or more numbers;
The summation of four and three gives seven
Four plus three equals seven
On the positive side or higher end of a scale;
A plus value
Temperature of plus 5 degrees
A grade of C plus
Involving advantage or good;
A plus (or positive) factor
Advantage: A beneficial aspect or advantage.
A convenient location is a plus for any business.
Symbol of Inclusion: Used to indicate inclusion or involvement.
Everyone is invited, parents plus children.
Enhancement: Something that enhances or improves.
The software update is a definite plus for users.

Plus Snonyms


In addition to; apart from.
Besides the main course, there are several vegetarian options.


Used to introduce an additional comment or interjection.
Additionally, we need to consider the budget constraints.


In addition; too.
She's a talented singer and also plays the guitar.


In addition to what has been said.
Furthermore, the study confirms our initial hypothesis.

In addition

Used when adding information.
In addition to the report, a presentation will be given.


Used to introduce a further and stronger or more surprising point.
The technology is very efficient; moreover, it's cost-effective.


In addition to; more than.
The job requires skills beyond basic computer knowledge.


Indicating an addition.
The hotel offers a gym plus a swimming pool.

As well as

In addition to.
The course teaches French as well as Spanish.

On top of

In addition to something else, often something unexpected.
On top of the rent, you'll have to pay for utilities.

Plus Idioms & Phrases

And plus

Used to add emphasis or introduce an additional point.
It's expensive, and plus, it doesn't even work well.

Plus factor

Something that serves as an additional benefit or positive aspect.
The hotel's location was a major plus factor in our decision to stay there.

Plus side

The advantageous or positive part of a situation.
The plus side of working from home is having no commute.

Ten plus

More than ten; used to indicate a number that exceeds the one mentioned.
We're expecting ten plus people at the dinner tonight.

On the plus side

Speaking about the positive aspect of a situation.
The project was challenging, but on the plus side, we learned a lot.

Plus point

An advantage or beneficial feature.
The main plus point of this software is its user-friendly interface.

A plus

Used to indicate something positive or an additional quality.
Having experience in social media marketing is a plus for this job role.

Plus or minus

Approximately; used to indicate that a number is not exact and could be more or less.
The trip will cost $500, plus or minus a few dollars.

Size plus

Referring to clothing sizes that are larger than average.
The store recently introduced a new range of size plus options.

Age plus

Used to signify that something is suitable for a certain age and older.
This game is recommended for ages 12 plus.

With a plus

With an additional quality or benefit.
The job offer came with a salary increase, with a plus of extra vacation days.


Evaluating both the positive and negative aspects of something.
Let's do a plus-minus analysis to decide if we should invest in this project.

Quality plus

Indicating something of high quality with additional benefits.
The service at this hotel is quality plus, with attention to every detail.

Pluses and minuses

The advantages and disadvantages of something.
Before making a decision, consider all the pluses and minuses.

A big plus

A significant advantage or positive aspect.
The apartment's proximity to public transport is a big plus.

Two plus two

Referring to something very basic or easy to understand.
Budgeting is just two plus two; spend less than you earn.

No plus

Not having any additional benefit or advantage.
Buying in bulk is no plus if you don't have the storage space.

Plus territory

In a situation that has become positive or advantageous.
After a rocky start, the company's sales are now in plus territory.

Value plus

Offering great value with the addition of extra benefits.
This phone plan is value plus, with unlimited data and no contract.

Energy plus

Having or showing a lot of energy.
The new team member is energy plus, always ready to tackle new projects.

Plus Example Sentences

Add three plus five to get eight.
Being able to work remotely is a plus.
They have lived in this city for ten years plus.
You'll get a salary increase, plus bonuses.
Knowing a second language is always a plus on a resume.
The temperature dropped to five degrees plus overnight.
I'm looking for a dress in a size plus.
Bring your sports equipment, plus plenty of water.
The package includes two adults plus one child for the tour.
The job offers health insurance plus a retirement plan.
His positive attitude is a plus in stressful situations.
The new app feature is a big plus for productivity.
That's everything on the list, plus a few extra snacks.
The concert tickets were $30 plus fees.
A sturdy case is a plus for any smartphone.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide plus into syllables?

Plus is not divided into syllables since it has only one syllable.

How many syllables are in plus?

There is one syllable in plus.

Why is it called plus?

It is called plus because it signifies an addition or a positive element in mathematical operations and other contexts.

What is the pronunciation of plus?

The pronunciation of plus is /plʌs/ in American English.

How is plus used in a sentence?

"Two plus two equals four."

What is the verb form of plus?

Plus is not typically used as a verb; it functions as a conjunction, preposition, or noun.

What is the root word of plus?

The root word is "plus," derived from Latin meaning more.

What is a stressed syllable in plus?

The entire word plus is stressed as it consists of only one syllable.

What part of speech is plus?

Plus can be a preposition, conjunction, or noun depending on its use.

What is another term for plus?

Another term for plus could be "additionally" or "and."

What is the opposite of plus?

The opposite of plus could be "minus" or "less."

Is plus a noun or adjective?

Plus can be a noun (e.g., "the pluses and minuses") and is also used as a preposition or conjunction.

Is the plus term a metaphor?

Plus can be used metaphorically to represent an advantage or beneficial aspect in non-mathematical contexts.

Is the word “plus” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Plus can function as part of a phrase acting as a direct object or indirect object, but it itself is not categorized as such.

Which vowel is used before plus?

Not applicable, as plus is not preceded by articles based on vowel or consonant sounds.

What is the singular form of plus?

Plus remains the same in both singular and plural contexts.

Is plus an abstract noun?

As a noun, plus refers to an abstract concept of addition or advantage.

Is plus a vowel or consonant?

The letter "p" in plus is a consonant.

Is plus a countable noun?

In its noun form, plus can be countable when referring to specific advantages or additional amounts.

Is the word plus is imperative?

Not applicable, as plus is not used as a verb.

Which determiner is used with plus?

Determiners are not typically used with plus.

Which preposition is used with plus?

As a preposition itself, plus is used to indicate addition. Other prepositions are not typically paired with it in this function.

Which article is used with plus?

Articles are not typically used directly with plus unless it's part of a noun phrase.

What is the plural form of plus?

Plus does not have a plural form; it remains unchanged.

Is plus an adverb?

No, plus is not typically classified as an adverb.

Is plus a negative or positive word?

Plus is generally considered a positive word as it indicates addition or advantage.

Is plus a collective noun?

No, plus is not a collective noun.

Is the word plus Gerund?

No, plus does not have a gerund form as it is not a verb.

Which conjunction is used with plus?

Plus itself can function as a conjunction. It's not typically associated with other conjunctions in a list.

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