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Answer Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Updated on March 5, 2024
Answer means a response or reply to a question, problem, or challenge. e.g., She quickly gave the correct answer to the math problem.

Answer Definitions

Response to Question: A reply given in response to a question asked.
He raised his hand to give the answer in class.
Solution to Problem: A means of solving a problem or dealing with a situation.
The scientists worked hard to find an answer to the energy crisis.
Return Communication: A reply to a letter, email, or call.
She sent an answer to his email immediately.
Countermeasure: An action taken in response to an attack or challenge.
The government's answer to the recession was a new economic policy.
Musical Response: In music, a reply in a fugue or counterpoint.
The answer in the fugue was beautifully executed.
Confirmatory Reaction: Acknowledgment or affirmation to a proposal or offer.
They eagerly awaited her answer to the proposal.
A series of words spoken, written, or signed in reaction to a question, request, or other prompt; a reply
I wrote weeks ago but never got an answer.
An act that serves as a reply or response
Our only possible answer was to sue. Their answer was to ignore me.
A solution or result, as to a problem
We all got the right answer to that problem.
The correct solution or response
The teacher read the answers to the quiz aloud.
Something markedly similar to another of the same class
Cable TV's answer to the broadcast networks' sportscasts.
(Law) A defendant's response to the allegations that have been made against them.
To speak, write, or sign as a reaction to a question or other prompt
He couldn't take the call but answered with a text message.
To act in reaction or as a response
Their team scored, but our team answered with a quick goal.
To be liable or accountable
You must answer for your actions to your supervisor.
To serve the purpose; suffice
“Often I do use three words where one would answer” (Mark Twain).
To match; correspond
I found a dog answering to that description.
To produce an answer to
She answered the email.
To state in reply
He answered that he was unable to join us.
To respond correctly to
I can't answer the question.
To act in response to
The police answered the call for help. The soldiers answered the attack.
To argue in defense of oneself against (an accusation or charge).
To be sufficient for (a need, for instance); fulfill
“My fortune has answered my desires” (Izaak Walton).
To match or correspond to
The suspect answers the description given by the police.
A response or reply; something said or done in reaction to a statement or question.
Her answer to his proposal was a slap in the face.
A solution to a problem.
There is no simple answer to corruption.
(legal) A document filed in response to a complaint, responding to each point raised in the complaint and raising counterpoints.
(ambitransitive) To make a reply or response to.
He answered the question.
(transitive) To speak in defence against; to reply to in defence.
To answer a charge or accusation
(ambitransitive) To respond to a call by someone at a door or telephone, or other similar piece of equipment.
She answered the door.
Nobody answered when I knocked on the door.
(ambitransitive) To suit a need or purpose satisfactorily.
It answers the need.
To be accountable or responsible; to make amends.
The man must answer to his employer for the money entrusted to his care.
He has a lot to answer for.
(legal) To file a document in response to a complaint.
To correspond to; to be in harmony with; to be in agreement with.
To be opposite, or to act in opposition.
To be or act in conformity, or by way of accommodation, correspondence, relation, or proportion; to conform; to correspond; to suit; usually with to.
To respond to satisfactorily; to meet successfully by way of explanation, argument, or justification; to refute.
To be or act in compliance with, in fulfillment or satisfaction of, as an order, obligation, or demand.
He answered my claim upon him.
The servant answered the bell.
(obsolete) To render account to or for.
(obsolete) To atone for; to be punished for.
(obsolete) To be or act as an equivalent to, or as adequate or sufficient for; to serve for; to repay.
To speak in defense against; to reply to in defense; as, to answer a charge; to answer an accusation.
To speak or write in return to, as in return to a call or question, or to a speech, declaration, argument, or the like; to reply to (a question, remark, etc.); to respond to.
She answers him as if she knew his mind.
So spake the apostate angel, though in pain: . . . And him thus answered soon his bold compeer.
To respond to satisfactorily; to meet successfully by way of explanation, argument, or justification, and the like; to refute.
No man was able to answer him a word.
These shifts refuted, answer thine appellant.
The reasoning was not and could not be answered.
To be or act in return or response to.
This proud king . . . studies day and nightTo answer all the debts he owes unto you.
To render account to or for.
I will . . . send him to answer thee.
To atone; to be punished for.
And grievously hath Cæzar answered it.
To be opposite to; to face.
The windows answering each other, we could just discern the glowing horizon them.
To be or act an equivalent to, or as adequate or sufficient for; to serve for; to repay.
Money answereth all things.
To be or act in accommodation, conformity, relation, or proportion to; to correspond to; to suit.
Weapons must needs be dangerous things, if they answered the bulk of so prodigious a person.
To speak or write by way of return (originally, to a charge), or in reply; to make response.
There was no voice, nor any that answered.
To make a satisfactory response or return.
Let his neck answer for it, if there is any martial law.
To be or act in return.
Do the strings answer to thy noble hand?
To be opposite, or to act in opposition.
That the time may have all shadow and silence in it, and the place answer to convenience.
If this but answer to my just belief,I 'll remember you.
As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.
A reply to a charge; a defense.
At my first answer no man stood with me.
Something said or written in reply to a question, a call, an argument, an address, or the like; a reply.
A soft answer turneth away wrath.
I called him, but he gave me no answer.
Something done in return for, or in consequence of, something else; a responsive action.
Great the slaughter isHere made by the Roman; great the answer beBritons must take.
A solution, the result of a mathematical operation; as, the answer to a problem.
A counter-statement of facts in a course of pleadings; a confutation of what the other party has alleged; a responsive declaration by a witness in reply to a question. In Equity, it is the usual form of defense to the complainant's charges in his bill.
A statement (either spoken or written) that is made in reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation;
I waited several days for his answer
He wrote replies to several of his critics
A statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem;
They were trying to find a peaceful solution
The answers were in the back of the book
He computed the result to four decimal places
The speech act of replying to a question
The principle pleading by the defendant in response to plaintiff's complaint; in criminal law it consists of the defendant's plea of `guilty' or `not guilty' (or nolo contendere); in civil law it must contain denials of all allegations in the plaintiff's complaint that the defendant hopes to controvert and it can contain affirmative defenses or counterclaims
A nonverbal reaction;
His answer to any problem was to get drunk
Their answer was to sue me
Reply or respond to;
She didn't want to answer
Answer the question
We answered that we would accept the invitation
Give the correct answer or solution to;
Answer a question
Answer the riddle
Respond to a signal;
Answer the door
Answer the telephone
Understand the meaning of;
The question concerning the meaning of life cannot be answered
Give a defence or refutation of (a charge) or in (an argument);
The defendant answered to all the charges of the prosecution
Be liable or accountable;
She must answer for her actions
Be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity;
A few words would answer
This car suits my purpose well
Will $100 do?
A 'B' grade doesn't suffice to get me into medical school
Nothing else will serve
Match or correspond;
The drawing of the suspect answers to the description the victim gave
Be satisfactory for; meet the requirements of or serve the purpose of;
This may answer her needs
React to a stimulus or command;
The steering of my new car answers to the slightest touch
Reaction or Reply: A reaction to a statement or action.
Her answer to the accusation was calm and reasoned.
Key to a Puzzle: The solution to a puzzle or mystery.
After hours of thought, he finally found the answer.
Legal Response: A formal reply to a charge or lawsuit.
The defendant submitted an answer to the court.
Satisfactory Explanation: An explanation that satisfies a query or doubt.
His answer did not satisfy the interviewer's question.

Answer Snonyms


To say something in answer to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive manner.
Her retort silenced her critics.


To argue or plead in opposition to an argument or statement.
The lawyer rebutted the evidence presented by the prosecution.


To say something in response to a question or statement.
She replied to the email promptly.


To accept or admit the existence or truth of.
He acknowledged receiving the letter.


To say something in answer to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp or defensive manner.
He rejoined with a witty comeback.


To respond to a challenge or accusation by offering a defense or rebuttal.
She countered the argument with facts.


To make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.
The spokesperson clarified the company's position.


To provide an answer or offer a reply to someone.
The company responded to customer complaints with an apology.


To settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).
The mediator helped resolve the conflict.


To think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem).
The meeting will address the issue of bullying in schools.

Answer Idioms & Phrases

Answer back

To reply rudely or snappishly to someone, especially an authority figure.
The student got in trouble for answering back to the teacher.

Have all the answers

To claim to know everything or to have solutions to all problems, often used sarcastically.
He acts like he has all the answers, but he's just as clueless as the rest of us when it comes to love.

The answer to one's prayers

A solution or outcome that perfectly meets one's needs or desires.
The scholarship was the answer to her prayers, allowing her to attend her dream college.

To be the answer

To be the perfect solution or match for a particular problem or need.
In the search for renewable energy sources, solar power might just be the answer.

Answer in kind

To respond to an action or gesture with a similar one.
When she smiled at him, he answered in kind.

Answer on a postcard

A phrase indicating that responses should be brief, often used humorously.
What's the secret to happiness? Answer on a postcard, please!

Answer the call

To respond to a request for help or to a greater cause.
Thousands of volunteers answered the call to help clean up after the storm.

A question without an answer

A problem or mystery that has no solution or explanation.
The meaning of life is often considered a question without an answer.

No easy answers

A situation where solutions are not straightforward or simple.
When it comes to climate change, there are no easy answers.

Dead men tell no tales, but they do answer questions

Implies that evidence or outcomes can provide answers even when individuals cannot.
We may never know his motives, but the scene he left behind does answer questions.

To answer nature's call

Euphemism for going to the bathroom.
Excuse me, I need to answer nature's call.

Answer the door

To respond to someone knocking at the door.
Can you answer the door? I think our guests have arrived.

Without an answer

Unable to provide a response or solution.
The politician was left without an answer when asked about the specifics of the policy.

To find one's answer

To discover a solution or realization that resolves a personal dilemma or question.
He found his answer in the quiet solitude of the mountains.

To answer one's own question

To resolve a query through the process of asking it, often realizing the solution midway.
By wondering why she was unhappy, she essentially answered her own question.

To not take no for an answer

To persist in one's efforts despite being refused or rejected.
She was determined to get her book published and would not take no for an answer.

Answer to a higher authority

To be accountable to someone at a higher level or to a moral or spiritual power.
Even the CEO must answer to a higher authority: the board of directors.

Make someone answer for

To hold someone responsible or accountable for something.
The community demanded that the officials answer for their lack of action during the crisis.

The final answer

A conclusive solution or decision that is not subject to change.
After much deliberation, he gave his final answer to the proposal.

Beyond answer

Something that cannot be questioned or doubted.
The effectiveness of the new treatment was beyond answer, with all patients showing improvement.

Answer Example Sentences

The teacher demanded an answer from the student.
The correct answer was not what they expected.
She knew the answer to every question on the test.
They discussed the possible answers to the quiz.
He hesitated before giving his answer.
Finding the answer to this riddle is tricky.
Can anyone answer this math problem?
Her answer surprised everyone in the room.
She whispered the answer in his ear.
Without hesitation, he answered the challenging question.
Finding the right answer took longer than expected.
They debated the best answer for hours.
There is no easy answer to this dilemma.
He scribbled his answer on a piece of paper.
The answer to the issue was simpler than we thought.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in answer?

The stressed syllable in answer is the first syllable, "an."

How do we divide answer into syllables?

Answer is divided into syllables as an-swer.

How is answer used in a sentence?

"She gave a detailed answer to the complex question."

Why is it called answer?

It is called an answer because it refers to a reply or response given to a question or situation.

What is the verb form of answer?

The verb form is also "answer."

What is another term for answer?

Another term for answer could be "reply" or "response."

What is the second form of answer?

The second form (simple past) is "answered."

How many syllables are in answer?

There are two syllables in answer.

What is the pronunciation of answer?

The pronunciation of answer is /ˈæn.sər/ in American English and /ˈɑːn.sə(r)/ in British English.

What is the singular form of answer?

The singular form is "answer."

What is the first form of answer?

The first (base) form is "answer."

What is the plural form of answer?

The plural form is "answers."

What is the opposite of answer?

The opposite of answer could be "question" or, in some contexts, "silence."

Is answer a noun or adjective?

Answer is primarily a noun and a verb, not an adjective.

Is answer a negative or positive word?

Answer is neutral; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is answer a collective noun?

No, answer is not a collective noun.

Is the answer term a metaphor?

"Answer" can be used metaphorically in various contexts to imply solutions or responses to non-verbal queries or challenges.

Which vowel is used before answer?

The article "an" is used before "answer" because "answer" starts with a vowel sound.

What is the root word of answer?

The root word is "answer," derived from the Old English "andswaru," meaning a response or reply.

What is the third form of answer?

The third form (past participle) is "answered."

Is answer a countable noun?

Yes, as a noun, answer is countable (e.g., several answers).

Which determiner is used with answer?

Determiners such as "the," "an," or "your" can be used with "answer" depending on the context.

Is answer an adverb?

No, answer is not an adverb.

Is answer an abstract noun?

As a noun, "answer" can be considered abstract when it refers to the concept of a reply, though it often has tangible expressions.

Is the word answer is imperative?

Yes, "answer" can be used in the imperative form, as in "Please answer the question."

Is the word answer Gerund?

The gerund form of "answer" is "answering."

Which article is used with answer?

Both "the" (definite article) and "an" (indefinite article) can be used with "answer" depending on the sentence.

What part of speech is answer?

Answer can be both a noun (a reply) and a verb (to reply).

Is the word “answer” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Answer" can be a direct object, e.g., "I gave him an answer."

Is answer a vowel or consonant?

The question applies to letters within the word; "a" in answer is a vowel.

Which preposition is used with answer?

Prepositions like "to" (in response to) or "for" (reason for) can be used with "answer."

Which conjunction is used with answer?

Conjunctions such as "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences involving "answer."

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