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Bulid vs. Build — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on April 2, 2024
"Bulid" is an incorrect spelling, while "Build" means to construct or make. Ensure you use "Build" when referring to construction or formation.
Bulid vs. Build — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Bulid or Build

How to spell Build?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "building" a structure and ensure the "u" comes before the "l."
If you recall "built" as the past form, it reminds you of the correct placement of "u" and "l."
"Build" is the word found in dictionaries; "Bulid" is not.
The word "build" rhymes with "guild," which also has "ui" before "l."
"Bulid" has the letters "u" and "l" switched, while "Build" has them in the correct order.

How Do You Spell Build Correctly?

Incorrect: They plan to bulid their dream house next year.
Correct: They plan to build their dream house next year.
Incorrect: We need to bulid a new shed in the backyard.
Correct: We need to build a new shed in the backyard.
Incorrect: Can you bulid a website for our business?
Correct: Can you build a website for our business?
Incorrect: The company is looking to bulid partnerships.
Correct: The company is looking to build partnerships.
Incorrect: She has the skills to bulid a successful career.
Correct: She has the skills to build a successful career.

Build Definitions

To construct by assembling and joining parts.
They decided to build a treehouse.
To increase in intensity or extent.
Tension began to build up.
The style or form of construction.
The car has a modern build.
To develop according to a systematic plan.
They aim to build a successful brand.
To form by combining materials or parts; construct.
To order, finance, or supervise the construction of
The administration built several new housing projects.
To develop or give form to according to a plan or process; create
Build a nation.
Built a successful business out of their corner grocery store.
To increase or strengthen by adding gradually to
Money building interest in a savings account.
Build support for a political candidate.
To establish a basis for; found or ground
Build an argument on fact.
To make something by combining materials or parts.
To engage in the construction or design of buildings
"Each of the three architects built in a different style" (Dwight Macdonald).
To develop in magnitude or extent
Clouds building on the horizon.
To progress toward a maximum, as of intensity
Suspense building from the opening scene to the climax.
The physical makeup of a person or thing, especially one's physique
An athletic build.
(Computers) Any of various versions of a software product as it is being developed for release to users.
(transitive) To form (something) by combining materials or parts.
(transitive) To develop or give form to (something) according to a plan or process.
(transitive) To increase or strengthen (something) by adding gradually to.
(transitive) To establish a basis for (something).
(intransitive) To form by combining materials or parts.
(intransitive) To develop in magnitude or extent.
To construct (software) by compiling its source code.
To be converted into software by compilation, usually with minimal human intervention.
This code won’t build any more. Have you made any changes?
The physique of a human or animal body, or other object; constitution or structure.
Rugby players are of sturdy build.
Any of various versions of a software product as it is being developed for release to users.
The computer company has introduced a new prototype build to beta testers.
A structure, such as a building, statue, pool or forest, or a configuration of a character's items or skills, created by the player.
I made a build that looked like the Parthenon in that game.
To erect or construct, as an edifice or fabric of any kind; to form by uniting materials into a regular structure; to fabricate; to make; to raise.
Nor aught availed him nowTo have built in heaven high towers.
To raise or place on a foundation; to form, establish, or produce by using appropriate means.
Who builds his hopes in air of your good looks.
To increase and strengthen; to increase the power and stability of; to settle, or establish, and preserve; - frequently with up; as, to build up one's constitution.
I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up.
To exercise the art, or practice the business, of building.
To rest or depend, as on a foundation; to ground one's self or one's hopes or opinions upon something deemed reliable; to rely; as, to build on the opinions or advice of others.
Form or mode of construction; general figure; make; as, the build of a ship; a great build on a man.
Constitution of the human body
Alternative names for the body of a human being;
Leonardo studied the human body
He has a strong physique
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Make by combining materials and parts;
This little pig made his house out of straw
Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer
Form or accumulate steadily;
Resistance to the manager's plan built up quickly
Pressure is building up at the Indian-Pakistani border
Build or establish something abstract;
Build a reputation
Improve the cleansing action of;
Build detergents
Order, supervise, or finance the construction of;
The government is building new schools in this state
Give form to, according to a plan;
Build a modern nation
Build a million-dollar business
Be engaged in building;
These architects build in interesting and new styles
Found or ground;
Build a defense on nothing but the accused person's reputation
Bolster or strengthen;
We worked up courage
Build up confidence
Ramp up security in the airports
Develop and grow;
Suspense was building right from the beginning of the opera
Physical or moral constitution.
He has a strong build.

Build Meaning in a Sentence

Children love to build sandcastles at the beach.
They decided to build a fire to keep warm during the camping trip.
Artists build upon their skills with practice and experience.
The construction team will build the bridge over the next two years.
The community came together to build a playground for the children.
They hope to build bridges between the two communities.
The company's goal is to build a loyal customer base.
He's using recycled materials to build an eco-friendly home.
They're looking to build a garden in their backyard.
To build muscle, you need to incorporate strength training into your workouts.
The author has built a universe that fans love to explore.
Architects build models to test their designs before construction begins.
The project aims to build awareness about environmental issues.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Build?

It's pronounced [bild].

Why is it called Build?

The term "Build" comes from Old English "byldan," meaning to construct or make.

Which conjunction is used with Build?

No specific conjunction is exclusive to "Build."

What is the verb form of Build?


What is the root word of Build?

The root is Old English "byldan."

What is the plural form of Build?


Is Build an adverb?


Which vowel is used before Build?

"A" as in "a build."

Which article is used with Build?

"A" or "the" depending on context.

What is the singular form of Build?


Is Build a countable noun?

As a noun, it's generally uncountable.

Which preposition is used with Build?

"On" as in "build on an idea."

What part of speech is Build?

It can be a noun or verb.

What is another term for Build?


Which determiner is used with Build?

"This" as in "this build."

What is the third form of Build?


Is Build a collective noun?


How do we divide Build into syllables?


Is Build a noun or adjective?

Build can be both a noun and a verb.

Is Build a vowel or consonant?

"Build" is a word, not a singular letter.

Is the Build term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in Build?

One syllable.

What is the stressed syllable in Build?

The entire word, "Build."

What is the second form of Build?


Is Build a negative or positive word?

Neutral; its connotation depends on context.

What is the first form of Build?


Is Build an abstract noun?


Is the word Build imperative?

As a verb, it can be used imperatively, e.g., "Build the wall!"

What is the opposite of Build?

Destroy or demolish.

How is Build used in a sentence?

They plan to build a new home next year.

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