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Beauracracy vs. Bureaucracy — Which is Correct Spelling?

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"Beauracracy" is a misspelling, while "bureaucracy" refers to a system of government in which decisions are made by officials rather than elected representatives.
Beauracracy vs. Bureaucracy — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Beauracracy or Bureaucracy

How to spell Bureaucracy?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember the root "bureau" at the beginning of "bureaucracy."
Think of "cracy" as in "democracy" for the ending.
Visualize a government office when thinking of "bureaucracy" to retain its correct spelling.
Recall that "bureau" is the desk or office, and "cracy" means rule or governance.
Drop the extra "a" after the "eau" in the incorrect spelling.

How Do You Spell Bureaucracy Correctly?

Incorrect: He blamed the beauracracy for the slow response time.
Correct: He blamed the bureaucracy for the slow response time.
Incorrect: Many people feel overwhelmed by the beauracracy in their workplace.
Correct: Many people feel overwhelmed by the bureaucracy in their workplace.
Incorrect: She studies how beauracracy affects governmental efficiency.
Correct: She studies how bureaucracy affects governmental efficiency.
Incorrect: The beauracracy of the process frustrated everyone involved.
Correct: The bureaucracy of the process frustrated everyone involved.
Incorrect: Reducing beauracracy can lead to more efficient operations.
Correct: Reducing bureaucracy can lead to more efficient operations.

Bureaucracy Definitions

Bureaucracy refers to a system of administration distinguished by its hierarchical structure and specialized functions.
The company's bureaucracy slowed down the decision-making process.
Bureaucracy is the collective term for the body of nonelective government officials.
He had difficulty navigating the layers of bureaucracy.
Bureaucracy denotes an administrative policy-making group.
Many feel that the bureaucracy lacks efficiency.
Bureaucracy can imply a system, process, or administration perceived as unnecessarily complex and inflexible.
She felt lost in the endless bureaucracy of obtaining a permit.
Administration of a government chiefly through bureaus or departments staffed with nonelected officials.
The departments and their officials as a group
Promised to reorganize the federal bureaucracy.
Management or administration marked by hierarchical authority among numerous offices and by fixed procedures
The new department head did not know much about bureaucracy.
The administrative structure of a large or complex organization
A midlevel manager in a corporate bureaucracy.
An administrative system in which the need or inclination to follow rigid or complex procedures impedes effective action
Innovative ideas that get bogged down in red tape and bureaucracy.
Government by bureaus or their administrators or officers.
A system of administration based upon organisation into bureaus, division of labour, a hierarchy of authority, etc., designed to dispose of a large body of work in a routine manner.
At that time the administration replaced the system of patronage in the civil service with a bureaucracy.
The body of officers and administrators, especially of a government.
Excessive red tape and routine in any administration, body or behaviour.
The head of the civil service promised to clamp down on bureaucracy.
A system of carrying on the business of government by means of departments or bureaus, each under the control of a chief, in contradiction to a system in which the officers of government have an associated authority and responsibility; also, government conducted on this system.
Government officials, collectively; - used especially of nonelected government officials.
Nonelective government officials
Bureaucracy is a system of management where decisions are made by officials rather than by those directly affected.
The school's bureaucracy was often criticized for being detached from students' concerns.

Bureaucracy Meaning in a Sentence

The bureaucracy was blamed for the delay in disaster relief efforts.
The new mayor promised to cut through the bureaucracy to get things done.
Navigating the bureaucracy of international travel requires patience.
He wrote a thesis on the role of bureaucracy in modern governments.
Bureaucracy in large corporations can slow down decision-making processes.
She navigated the bureaucracy to obtain the necessary permits.
Efforts to streamline bureaucracy aim to improve public services.
Bureaucracy often involves a lot of paperwork and red tape.
Critics argue that bureaucracy stifles innovation and creativity.
Transparency in bureaucracy helps build trust with the public.
The ancient civilizations had their own forms of bureaucracy.
Bureaucracy is necessary for organizing large-scale administrative tasks.
The complexity of the tax system is a result of years of bureaucracy.
Understanding bureaucracy is key for political science students.
Despite its flaws, bureaucracy plays a critical role in governance.
The health department's bureaucracy can be daunting for newcomers.
Bureaucracy can be seen as a means to manage resources efficiently.
Bureaucracy often requires a hierarchical structure to function.
The digital age offers opportunities to simplify bureaucracy.
The bureaucracy of the licensing system is under review.
The company is working to reduce bureaucracy to enhance agility.
Some argue that bureaucracy protects against arbitrary decisions.
The reform aimed to make the bureaucracy more responsive.
The bureaucracy involved in adopting a child can be overwhelming.
Bureaucracy can sometimes disconnect officials from the public.

Bureaucracy Idioms & Phrases

Cut through the bureaucracy

To bypass or overcome administrative hurdles efficiently.
Hiring a local expert helped us cut through the bureaucracy involved in setting up the business.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of bureaucracy?

The related verb is "bureaucratize."

Which vowel is used before bureaucracy?

The indefinite article "a" is typically used before "bureaucracy."

Why is it called bureaucracy?

It comes from the French word "bureau," meaning "desk" or "office," and the suffix "-cracy," meaning "rule" or "governance."

What is the root word of bureaucracy?

The root word is "bureau."

Which conjunction is used with bureaucracy?

Standard conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the pronunciation of bureaucracy?

/bjʊˈrɑː.krə.si/ "byoo-RAH-kruh-see."

Which article is used with bureaucracy?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, e.g., "a bureaucracy" or "the bureaucracy."

What is the singular form of bureaucracy?

"Bureaucracy" itself is singular.

Which preposition is used with bureaucracy?

"In" is commonly used, as in "in the bureaucracy."

What is the plural form of bureaucracy?


Is bureaucracy a countable noun?

It can be, especially when referring to different types or systems, e.g., "various bureaucracies."

Is bureaucracy a noun or adjective?

"Bureaucracy" is a noun.

Is bureaucracy an adverb?

No, "bureaucracy" is not an adverb.

Is bureaucracy a vowel or consonant?

"Bureaucracy" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in bureaucracy?

4 syllables.

Is the word bureaucracy imperative?

No, "bureaucracy" is not used in an imperative form.

What part of speech is bureaucracy?

It is a noun.

What is another term for bureaucracy?


What is the opposite of bureaucracy?


Which determiner is used with bureaucracy?

"The" and "a" can be used, depending on context.

What is the second form of bureaucracy?

Not applicable since "bureaucracy" is a noun.

How is bureaucracy used in a sentence?

"Many startups aim to disrupt established industries without the constraints of traditional bureaucracy."

Is bureaucracy an abstract noun?

Yes, it represents a concept and is therefore abstract.

Is bureaucracy a negative or positive word?

Neutral by definition, but it can have negative connotations when referring to inefficiency or red tape.

How do we divide bureaucracy into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in bureaucracy?

The second syllable, "reau."

What is the first form of bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy (as a noun).

Is bureaucracy a collective noun?

Yes, when referring to a body of officials.

Is the bureaucracy term a metaphor?

Not in itself, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is the third form of bureaucracy?

Not applicable for the same reason.

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