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Barister vs. Barrister — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 22, 2024
Barister is a misspelling. The correct term is Barrister, a lawyer entitled to practice as an advocate, particularly in higher courts.
Barister vs. Barrister — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Barister or Barrister

How to spell Barrister?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

A "barrister" stands behind the "bar" in courtrooms, reinforcing the double "r".
"Barrister" has double "r", echoing the importance of their role in court.
A "barrister" has the responsibility of advocating, which might require more effort, hence the extra "r".
Think of "bar" as in passing the bar exam, plus an extra "r".
"Barister" might seem shorter, but in the courtroom, precision is vital.

How Do You Spell Barrister Correctly?

Incorrect: A barister must wear a wig and gown in court in the UK.
Correct: A barrister must wear a wig and gown in court in the UK.
Incorrect: She hired a very experienced barister for her case.
Correct: She hired a very experienced barrister for her case.
Incorrect: The barister gave a compelling argument during the trial.
Correct: The barrister gave a compelling argument during the trial.
Incorrect: Finding a good barister can significantly affect the outcome of a legal proceeding.
Correct: Finding a good barrister can significantly affect the outcome of a legal proceeding.
Incorrect: He's studying to become a barister.
Correct: He's studying to become a barrister.

Barrister Definitions

A legal practitioner who presents cases in higher courts.
The defendant hired a skilled barrister for the trial.
A counselor trained to represent clients in legal proceedings.
She became a barrister after many years of law study.
A member of the legal profession qualified to represent.
As a barrister, he was known for his eloquence.
An advocate who gives specialist legal opinions.
The young barrister made compelling arguments.
A type of lawyer distinct from a solicitor.
In some regions, a barrister doesn't deal directly with clients.
A lawyer who is authorized to appear and present cases at any court in a jurisdiction.
A lawyer with the right to speak and argue as an advocate in higher lawcourts.
Counselor at law; a counsel admitted to plead at the bar, and undertake the public trial of causes, as distinguished from an attorney or solicitor. See Attorney.
A British lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law

Barrister Meaning in a Sentence

He admired the eloquence of the leading barrister in the courtroom.
In England, only a barrister can argue in the higher courts.
She consulted a barrister about her legal rights.
A young barrister took on the challenging case pro bono.
The barrister spent hours preparing his case.
She's aspiring to be a barrister specializing in criminal law.
The senior barrister mentored the new law graduates.
A well-respected barrister was invited to speak at the law school.
He consulted his barrister before making any statements to the police.
Choosing the right barrister is crucial for a successful defense.
The barrister has a reputation for winning difficult cases.
The barrister specializes in family law cases.
The barrister presented new evidence that turned the case around.
The barrister explained the legal process in detail to her client.
He's known as a barrister who never shies away from complex legal battles.
The barrister reviewed all the witness statements meticulously.
She became a barrister after years of study and passing the bar exam.
After the verdict, the barrister thanked the jury for their attention.
She sought the opinion of a barrister on the appeal process.
The barrister wore his traditional robes to court.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Barrister?

The term derives from the English bar, the barrier separating the public in court from those presenting.

What is the plural form of Barrister?


Which preposition is used with Barrister?

"Of" as in "barrister of law."

What is the singular form of Barrister?


What is the verb form of Barrister?

There isn't a verb form of "barrister."

What is the pronunciation of Barrister?


Which vowel is used before Barrister?

The word "a" as in "a barrister."

Which article is used with Barrister?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

Is Barrister an adverb?


What is the root word of Barrister?

Derived from "bar," referencing the barrier in courts.

Which conjunction is used with Barrister?

No specific conjunction is exclusively paired with "barrister."

Is Barrister a noun or adjective?

It's a noun.

Is the Barrister term a metaphor?


Is the word Barrister imperative?


Is the word “Barrister” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be a direct object, e.g., "She hired a barrister."

How many syllables are in Barrister?

Three syllables.

What is the first form of Barrister?

Barrister (it doesn't have verb forms).

How do we divide Barrister into syllables?


What is the opposite of Barrister?

Client or defendant.

Is Barrister an abstract noun?


Is Barrister a vowel or consonant?

"Barrister" is a word, not a letter.

Is Barrister a countable noun?


What is a stressed syllable in Barrister?

The first syllable, "Bar."

What part of speech is Barrister?

It's a noun.

What is another term for Barrister?


Which determiner is used with Barrister?

"The" as in "the barrister."

What is the second form of Barrister?

It doesn't have verb forms.

Is Barrister a collective noun?


Is the word Barrister a gerund?


Is Barrister a negative or positive word?


What is the third form of Barrister?

It doesn't have verb forms.

How is Barrister used in a sentence?

"The barrister presented his case with great eloquence and clarity."

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