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Assumme vs. Assume — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 29, 2024
"Assumme" is an incorrect spelling, while "Assume" is the correct form. "Assume" means to accept something as true without verification or proof.
Assumme vs. Assume — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Assumme or Assume

How to spell Assume?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Assume" is similar to "resume" in spelling, both having a single 'm'.
Think of "assume" as a sum of 'as' + 'sume'. No double 'm'.
Always double-check the word by thinking of associated terms like "assumption", which also has one 'm'.
Use mnemonic: "I assume I made no mistakes."
Remember, assuming things too much can lead to mistakes, just like adding an extra 'm'.

How Do You Spell Assume Correctly?

Incorrect: He decided to assumme responsibility without asking.
Correct: He decided to assume responsibility without asking.
Incorrect: Many people often assumme the worst when they don't have all the information.
Correct: Many people often assume the worst when they don't have all the information.
Incorrect: It's not good to assumme you understand someone's feelings.
Correct: It's not good to assume you understand someone's feelings.
Incorrect: She didn't want to assumme the role of leader, but she had no choice.
Correct: She didn't want to assume the role of leader, but she had no choice.
Incorrect: Can we safely assumme that the project will be completed on time?
Correct: Can we safely assume that the project will be completed on time?

Assume Definitions

To take for granted or without proof.
She assumed the truth of his statement.
To adopt a particular role or demeanor.
He assumed an air of confidence.
To take on (responsibility or control).
She assumed the leadership of the team.
To take over the duties or responsibilities of.
The deputy assumed the manager's duties during his absence.
To adopt a feigned quality or manner.
She assumed innocence even though she was guilty.
To take for granted; suppose
The study assumes that prices will rise.
To take upon oneself (a duty or obligation)
Assume responsibility.
Assume another's debts.
To undertake the duties of (an office)
Assumed the presidency.
To take on (an appearance, role, or form, for example); adopt
"The god assumes a human form" (John Ruskin).
To pretend to have; feign
Assume an air of authority.
To take over without justification; seize
Assume control.
To clothe oneself in; don
The queen assumed a velvet robe.
To take up or receive into heaven.
To make a supposition; suppose or believe
"Is Kay's husband coming to dinner too?" "I assume so.".
To authenticate by means of belief; to surmise; to suppose to be true, especially without proof
We assume that, as her parents were dentists, she knows quite a bit about dentistry.
To take on a position, duty or form
Mr. Jones will assume the position of a lifeguard until a proper replacement is found.
To adopt a feigned quality or manner; to claim without right; to arrogate
He assumed an air of indifference
To receive, adopt (a person)
To adopt (an idea or cause)
To take to or upon one's self; to take formally and demonstratively; sometimes, to appropriate or take unjustly.
Trembling they stand while Jove assumes the throne.
The god assumed his native form again.
To take for granted, or without proof; to suppose as a fact; to suppose or take arbitrarily or tentatively.
The consequences of assumed principles.
To pretend to possess; to take in appearance.
Ambition assuming the mask of religion.
Assume a virtue, if you have it not.
To receive or adopt.
The sixth was a young knight of lesser renown and lower rank, assumed into that honorable company.
To be arrogant or pretentious; to claim more than is due.
To undertake, as by a promise.
Take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof;
I assume his train was late
Take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities;
When will the new President assume office?
Take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect;
Take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person;
I'll accept the charges
She agreed to bear the responsibility
Occupy or take on;
Seize and take control without authority and possibly with force; take as one's right or possession;
He assumed to himself the right to fill all positions in the town
He usurped my rights
She seized control of the throne after her husband died
Make a pretence of;
She assumed indifference, even though she was seething with anger
He feigned sleep
Christianity, obsolete; take up someone's soul into heaven;
This is the day when May was assumed into heaven
Put clothing on one's body;
What should I wear today?
The queen assumed the stately robes

Assume Meaning in a Sentence

The teacher asked us not to assume the outcome of the experiment.
Let's not assume the worst before we have more information.
You shouldn't assume that everyone will agree with your plan.
We can't just assume that the weather will be good for our event.
Never assume you know all the answers; always be ready to learn.
It's dangerous to assume that the ice is thick enough to walk on.
When you assume things, you risk misunderstanding the situation.
I'll assume the duties of the manager while she is on leave.
He was quick to assume responsibility for the mistake.
It's a mistake to assume familiarity too quickly in professional settings.
To assume that all opinions are equal is a fallacy.
Sometimes, people assume too much based on appearances.
We shouldn't assume that the solution will be easy.
She tends to assume that everyone is as honest as she is.
In science, it's important not to assume your hypothesis is correct without testing.
It's unfair to assume intentions without asking directly.
You can't just assume you'll win without any preparation.
I assume you're coming to the party since you didn't say otherwise.
Can we assume that everyone knows the basics of first aid?
To solve the problem, we must assume that all variables can change.
Before we proceed, I'll assume everyone has read the report.
The software is designed to assume certain defaults unless otherwise specified.
It's a common mistake to assume silence means agreement.
Let's not assume there will be no traffic on the way to the airport.
He decided to assume a more positive outlook on life.

Assume Idioms & Phrases

Assume the mantle

To take on a particular role or responsibility.
After the CEO retired, her successor assumed the mantle with great enthusiasm.

Assume the worst

To expect the most negative outcome.
It's human nature to sometimes assume the worst when we're anxious.

Assume a guise

To adopt a particular appearance or form, often to deceive.
The spy assumed a guise to blend in at the embassy party.

Assume the position

Prepare oneself to take action or for something to happen.
The team assumed the position for defense as the opposing team took the field.

To assume command

To take control or charge of a situation.
The lieutenant had to assume command after the captain was injured.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Assume?

It is pronounced as /əˈsuːm/.

What is the root word of Assume?

The root word is the Latin "assumere."

Which vowel is used before Assume?

The vowel "u" is used before the second syllable of "assume."

What is the plural form of Assume?

Not applicable as "assume" is a verb.

Why is it called Assume?

It is derived from the Latin word "assumere" meaning "to take up."

Which preposition is used with Assume?

Typically, "of" or "that" can follow "assume" (e.g., assume the role of, assume that...).

What is the singular form of Assume?

"Assume" is a verb and does not have a singular or plural form in the same way nouns do.

Is Assume a negative or positive word?

It is neutral, though its connotation can be negative depending on the context.

What is the verb form of Assume?

The verb form is "assume."

Which conjunction is used with Assume?

"That" can often be used (e.g., I assume that he knows).

Which article is used with Assume?

Depending on the context, both "a" and "the" can be used (e.g., assume a position, assume the worst).

Is Assume an adverb?

No, "assume" is not an adverb.

Is Assume a noun or adjective?

"Assume" is a verb.

How many syllables are in Assume?

There are two syllables in "assume."

What is a stressed syllable in Assume?

The second syllable, "sume," is stressed.

What is the opposite of Assume?

Disprove, refute.

Is Assume a collective noun?

No, "assume" is a verb.

Is the Assume term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

Is the word “Assume” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Assume" is a verb. It can have a direct object (e.g., I assume responsibility), but it is not an object itself.

Is Assume a countable noun?

"Assume" is a verb, not a noun.

Which determiner is used with Assume?

Determiners aren't typically used directly with "assume," as it's a verb.

What is the third form of Assume?


Is Assume an abstract noun?

No, "assume" is a verb.

Is the word Assume is imperative?

It can be used in the imperative mood (e.g., "Assume the position!").

How do we divide Assume into syllables?


What part of speech is Assume?

"Assume" is a verb.

How is Assume used in a sentence?

"I assume you have finished your work."

Is Assume a vowel or consonant?

"Assume" is a word, not a single letter.

Is the word Assume is Gerund?

The gerund form of "assume" is "assuming."

What is another term for Assume?

Presume, take for granted.

What is the first form of Assume?

The first form is "assume."

What is the second form of Assume?


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