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Affection vs. Effection — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 19, 2024
"Affection" is the correct spelling for a feeling of fondness or love; "Effection" is incorrect.
Affection vs. Effection — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Affection or Effection

How to spell Affection?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

"A" in "affection" stands for "affinity," suggesting a positive feeling.
Affection includes the word "affect," which means to influence emotionally, while "effect" is a result.
Think of "affection" as beginning with an "A," as in "admiration," which it often accompanies.
Remember, "effect" has an "e," but for tender feelings, it's always "affection" with an "a."
Note that "affection" has the same starting letter as "amor," the Latin word for love.

How Do You Spell Effection Correctly?

Incorrect: He always had a special infection for cats.
Correct: He always had a special affection for cats.
Incorrect: His face showed a deep infection for his childhood home.
Correct: His face showed a deep affection for his childhood home.
Incorrect: The infection between the couple was evident to everyone.
Correct: The affection between the couple was evident to everyone.
Incorrect: She felt a strong infection towards her friends.
Correct: She felt a strong affection towards her friends.
Incorrect: Their infection for each other grew over time.
Correct: Their affection for each other grew over time.

Affection Definitions

A feeling of love or fondness.
Her grandmother's affection was evident in her warm embrace.
Sympathy and caring.
He showed great affection for the stray kittens.
Physical expression of love.
The child's affection was expressed through a simple hug.
An attribute or quality of feeling.
His affection for the city never waned.
An emotion; a feeling or natural impulse acting upon and swaying the mind.
Tenderness or warmth in action.
They exchanged affectionate glances during dinner.
Affection or fondness is a "disposition or state of mind or body" that is often associated with a feeling or type of love. It has given rise to a number of branches of philosophy and psychology concerning emotion, disease, influence, and state of being.
A gentle feeling of fondness or liking
He won a place in her affections
She felt affection for the wise old lady
The action or process of affecting or being affected.
A tender feeling toward another; fondness.
Often affections Feeling or emotion
An unbalanced state of affections.
A disposition to feel, do, or say; a propensity.
(Obsolete) Prejudice; partiality.
The act of affecting or acting upon.
The state of being affected, especially: a change in, or alteration of, the emotional state of a person or other animal, caused by a subjective affect (a subjective feeling or emotion), which arises in response to a stimulus which may result from either thought or perception.
An attribute; a quality or property; a condition.
A feeling of love or strong attachment.
I have a lot of affection for my little sister.
The marriage therapist suggested they show each other more affection.
A disease; a morbid symptom; a malady.
To feel affection for.
The act of affecting or acting upon; the state of being affected.
An attribute; a quality or property; a condition; a bodily state; as, figure, weight, etc. , are affections of bodies.
And, truly, waking dreams were, more or less,An old and strange affection of the house.
Bent of mind; a feeling or natural impulse or natural impulse acting upon and swaying the mind; any emotion; as, the benevolent affections, esteem, gratitude, etc.; the malevolent affections, hatred, envy, etc.; inclination; disposition; propensity; tendency.
Affection is applicable to an unpleasant as well as a pleasant state of the mind, when impressed by any object or quality.
A settled good will; kind feeling; love; zealous or tender attachment; - often in the pl. Formerly followed by to, but now more generally by for or towards; as, filial, social, or conjugal affections; to have an affection for or towards children.
All his affections are set on his own country.
Prejudice; bias.
Disease; morbid symptom; malady; as, a pulmonary affection.
The lively representation of any emotion.
Passion; violent emotion.
Most wretched man,That to affections does the bridle lend.
A positive feeling of liking;
He had trouble expressing the affection he felt
The child won everyone's heart

Affection Meaning in a Sentence

The teacher's affection towards her students made her class a favorite.
The grandmother's affection for her grandchildren filled the room with warmth.
He showed his affection by holding her hand during the movie.
Her affection for her pets was evident in the way she cared for them.
They exchanged glances full of affection during the dinner.
Showing affection is important in maintaining close relationships.
Affection can be shown through actions, words, or even a simple smile.
Affection in a friendship can make hard times easier to bear.
Their affection for each other grew stronger with each passing day.
His letters were filled with words of affection and longing.
They nurtured their relationship with patience and affection.
Affection from a loved one can brighten even the gloomiest day.
She received the puppy's affection in the form of joyful licks and wagging tails.
Her affection for the old house didn't fade even after many years.
Affection doesn't always have to be grand; sometimes, it's found in the smallest gestures.
The bond of affection between the siblings was unbreakable.
He wrote a poem to express his deep affection for her.
Sharing affection with those around you can create a positive environment.
He found it difficult to express his affection verbally but did so through his actions.
The novel explores the theme of affection transcending societal boundaries.
Despite their frequent arguments, their mutual affection was undeniable.
The affection between the couple was palpable to everyone around them.
The story depicted the affection between a boy and his dog.

Affection Idioms & Phrases

Starved for affection

Desiring and lacking warmth and affection from others.
The lonely puppy seemed starved for affection, following visitors eagerly.

Win someone's affection

To gain the love or fondness of someone.
The new student won the affection of his classmates with his kindness.

Show (someone) affection

To demonstrate love or fondness for someone.
She showed her niece affection by knitting her a sweater.

Token of affection

A gift given as a symbol of love or fondness.
He gave her a book as a token of affection on their anniversary.

To have an affection for

To have a liking or fondness for something or someone.
She has an affection for old jazz records.

Undying affection

Love or fondness that lasts and does not fade.
She pledged her undying affection to her partner.

With affection

Done with love or fondness.
She signed all her letters with affection to her family members.

A display of affection

An act showing love or fondness.
The couple's public displays of affection were sweet to see.

To shower someone with affection

To give someone a lot of love or fondness.
On his birthday, his friends showered him with affection and gifts.

Out of affection

Done because of love or fondness.
He helped her move out of affection, knowing she needed the support.

To deepen affection

To increase the level of love or fondness.
The trip together served to deepen their affection for one another.

Seeking affection

Looking for love or fondness from others.
The child was seeking affection from her busy parents.

Bonds of affection

The connections formed through love or fondness.
The bonds of affection between the team members made them more like a family.

In a show of affection

Demonstrating love or fondness through actions.
In a show of affection, the community gathered to support the family.

To grow in affection

To increasingly feel love or fondness for someone or something.
As they spent more time together, they grew in affection.

Overflowing with affection

Having an abundance of love or fondness.
The reunion was overflowing with affection, as family members hugged and laughed.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Affection?

The verb form is "affect."

What is the pronunciation of Affection?

Affection is pronounced as /əˈfɛkʃ(ə)n/.

Which vowel is used before Affection?

The vowel "a" is used before "ffection" to form "affection."

Which preposition is used with Affection?

The preposition "for" is often used with "affection."

Is Affection a noun or adjective?

Affection is a noun.

Which conjunction is used with Affection?

The conjunction "and" can be used with "affection."

What is the root word of Affection?

The root word of affection is "affect," from Latin "afficere."

What is the plural form of Affection?

The plural form is "affections."

Why is it called Affection?

It is called "affection" because it originates from the Latin word "affectio," meaning disposition or influence.

What is the singular form of Affection?

The singular form is "affection."

Is the Affection term a metaphor?

"Affection" itself isn't a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically.

How do we divide Affection into syllables?

Affection is divided into syllables as af-fec-tion.

What is a stressed syllable in Affection?

The stressed syllable in "affection" is the second syllable: fec.

Which article is used with Affection?

The article "the" can be used when referring to a specific affection.

Is Affection a countable noun?

No, affection is an uncountable noun.

Is Affection a collective noun?

No, affection is not typically used as a collective noun.

What part of speech is Affection?

Affection is a noun.

What is another term for Affection?

Another term for affection is fondness.

What is the opposite of Affection?

The opposite of affection is animosity.

Is Affection a vowel or consonant?

The word "affection" starts with the vowel "a."

Is the word Affection is imperative?

No, "affection" is not an imperative; it's a noun.

Is the word Affection Gerund?

No, "affection" is not a gerund.

Is the word “Affection” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can serve as a direct object in a sentence.

How many syllables are in Affection?

There are three syllables in "affection."

How is Affection used in a sentence?

"His affection for his wife was evident in all he did."

Is Affection a negative or positive word?

Affection is a positive word.

Which determiner is used with Affection?

Determiners like "much" or "little" can be used with "affection."

Is Affection an adverb?

No, affection is not an adverb.

Is Affection an abstract noun?

Yes, affection is an abstract noun.

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