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Acording vs. According — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 26, 2024
"Acording" is a misspelling. The correct spelling is "According," meaning in agreement with or as stated by.
Acording vs. According — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Acording or According

How to spell According?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"According" is derived from the verb "accord," so remember the double “c”.
Associate "According" with "Accordance" which also has a double “c”.
Visualize "According" as a cord (music note) that requires precision, hence two "c"s.
Think of the word “corridor” which also contains “cor”, helping remember the “cc”.
Remember the phrase, "According to plan," frequently used in conversation.

How Do You Spell According Correctly?

Incorrect: Acording to the plan, we'll meet at 8.
Correct: According to the plan, we'll meet at 8.
Incorrect: We divided the profits acording to our agreement.
Correct: We divided the profits according to our agreement.
Incorrect: Acording to him, the meeting is tomorrow.
Correct: According to him, the meeting is tomorrow.
Incorrect: She acted acording to the rules.
Correct: She acted according to the rules.
Incorrect: The decorations were set up acording to the theme.
Correct: The decorations were set up according to the theme.

According Definitions

In proportion to.
Salaries will increase according to experience.
In agreement with or conforming to.
Everything went according to plan.
To give or grant, especially as being due or appropriate
Accorded the president the proper deference.
(Archaic) To cause to conform or agree; bring into harmony.
To be in agreement, unity, or harmony.
Agreement; harmony
Act in accord with university policies.
A settlement or compromise between conflicting parties
The strikers and the owners reached an accord.
Spontaneous or voluntary desire to take a certain action
The children returned on their own accord. He confessed of his own accord.
Present participle of accord.
Agreeing; in agreement or harmony; harmonious.
This according voice of national wisdom.
(obsolete) Accordingly; correspondingly.
Accordingly; correspondingly.
(followed by `to') as reported or stated by;
According to historians
(followed by `to') in agreement with or accordant with;
According to instructions
As stated or reported by.
According to experts, it's safe.
Suitable; appropriate.
The reward was given according to merit.
Depending on whether.
He'll go according to the weather.

According Meaning in a Sentence

According to the latest update, the project is ahead of schedule.
We will proceed according to the instructions provided.
According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.
He organized his books according to genre.
The seats were assigned according to ticket numbers.
According to the legend, the treasure is buried under the old oak tree.
According to the contract, the payment is due next month.
According to the schedule, the train leaves at 6 PM.
She prepared the meal according to an old family recipe.
He was acting according to his conscience.
The students were grouped according to their skill levels.
The celebration was planned according to local traditions.
According to the manual, you should check the oil level regularly.
According to the doctor, regular exercise is beneficial.
Resources were allocated according to the department's needs.
The movie was shot according to true events.
Participants were ranked according to their performance.
According to the map, we need to turn left at the next intersection.
The gifts were distributed according to age.
The documents were filed according to date.
The cars were parked according to their size.
The team played according to a well-devised strategy.
The ingredients were mixed according to specific measurements.
According to the guide, this path leads to the waterfall.
The rooms were decorated according to different themes.

According Idioms & Phrases

According to plan

Happening as planned or intended.
The event went smoothly, entirely according to plan.

Live according to

To live in a way that is consistent with certain principles or guidelines.
He strives to live according to his values and beliefs.

According to Hoyle

According to the book or rules; done correctly and by the book.
Every step of the procedure was done according to Hoyle.

According to taste

Altered or chosen based on personal preference.
The recipe can be adjusted according to taste.

According to someone's wishes

In a manner that respects or follows someone's specific desires or requests.
The estate was divided according to the deceased's wishes.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of According?


Why is it called According?

It derives from the verb "accord," meaning to bring into agreement.

What is the root word of According?


Which vowel is used before According?

The letter "o" as in "to" (According to).

What is the plural form of According?

"According" doesn't have a plural form.

Is According an adverb?


What is the verb form of According?


Is According a noun or adjective?

It's primarily used as a preposition; occasionally as an adjective.

Is According an abstract noun?


Is According a negative or positive word?


What is the singular form of According?

"According" doesn't have a singular form; it's a preposition.

Which preposition is used with According?

"To" as in "according to."

Which article is used with According?

Neither "a" nor "the" are typically used directly before "according."

How do we divide According into syllables?


What part of speech is According?


Which determiner is used with According?

"According" isn't typically paired with a specific determiner.

Which conjunction is used with According?

"According" typically isn't paired with a specific conjunction.

Is According a collective noun?


Is the According term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used in metaphorical phrases.

Is the word According a gerund?


Is the word “According” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Neither, "according" is typically used as a preposition.

What is the first form of According?

"According" is a preposition and doesn't have verb forms.

Is According a countable noun?

"According" is not a noun.

What is a stressed syllable in According?

The second syllable, "cord."

What is the opposite of According?

There isn't a direct antonym for "according."

Is According a vowel or consonant?

"According" is a word consisting of both vowels and consonants.

Is the word According imperative?


How many syllables are in According?

Three syllables.

What is another term for According?

"As stated by."

How is According used in a sentence?

"According to the teacher, the test was easy."

What is the second form of According?


What is the third form of According?


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