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Acknowledement vs. Acknowledgement — Which is Correct Spelling?

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"Acknowledement" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "Acknowledgement," referring to the act of recognizing or accepting something.
Acknowledement vs. Acknowledgement — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Acknowledement or Acknowledgement

How to spell Acknowledgement?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The word ends with "-ment," just like "agreement" or "commitment."
It's "Acknowledge" + "ment."
Use mnemonic: "Acknowledge the ment(ion)."
Think of "knowledge" in the middle of "Acknowledgement."
Remember, longer words often have silent letters.

How Do You Spell Acknowledgement Correctly?

Incorrect: Your acknowledement of the issue is appreciated.
Correct: Your acknowledgement of the issue is appreciated.
Incorrect: The acknowledement section of the book was heartfelt.
Correct: The acknowledgement section of the book was heartfelt.
Incorrect: Your prompt acknowledement of the payment is required.
Correct: Your prompt acknowledgement of the payment is required.
Incorrect: We received your letter of acknowledement.
Correct: We received your letter of acknowledgement.
Incorrect: He wrote a letter of acknowledement to his mentor.
Correct: He wrote a letter of acknowledgement to his mentor.

Acknowledgement Definitions

A public recognition of someone's influence or support.
The author gave an acknowledgement to his mentor in the book's preface.
Acceptance of a fact or situation.
He nodded in acknowledgement of his mistake.
A response confirming the receipt of something.
I received an acknowledgement for my package delivery.
Recognition or acceptance of the truth or existence of something.
Her nod was an acknowledgement of my efforts.
A statement saying you have received something.
The publisher sent an acknowledgement of the manuscript's receipt.
The act of admitting the existence or truth of something
Acknowledgment that the service was poor.
Recognition or notice
Peace based on acknowledgment of a nation's sovereignty.
An expression of thanks or appreciation
Included acknowledgments of people who helped in making the book.
An answer or response in return for something
Sent an acknowledgment of receipt of the letter.
(Law) The formal avowal of an act before a legally empowered officer, such as a judge or notary public, to ensure that the act will be legally recognized.
Alternative spelling of acknowledgment
The state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged;
The partners were delighted with the recognition of their work
She seems to avoid much in the way of recognition or acknowledgement of feminist work prior to her own
A statement acknowledging something or someone;
She must have seen him but she gave no sign of acknowledgment
The preface contained an acknowledgment of those who had helped her

Acknowledgement Meaning in a Sentence

She nodded in acknowledgement when her name was called.
The email ended with a request for acknowledgement.
The teacher gave a smile of acknowledgement to the student.
The author included an acknowledgement page in her book.
He appreciated the quick acknowledgement of his application.
An acknowledgement of receipt was sent to the customer.
He was waiting for an acknowledgement of his donation.
A simple acknowledgement can go a long way in resolving conflicts.
Public acknowledgement of the team's effort boosted morale.
The plaque was a token of acknowledgement for his contributions.
The meeting started with an acknowledgement of the traditional land owners.
Her work received widespread acknowledgement in the field.
The company policy requires acknowledgement of the rules.
Acknowledgement of the issue does not imply blame.
The gesture was a silent acknowledgement of their shared understanding.
Official acknowledgement of the event came late.
Acknowledgement from peers is important for young scientists.
The scholarship is an acknowledgement of her academic excellence.
The government's acknowledgement of the problem was unexpected.
The certificate of acknowledgement was proudly displayed in his office.
The community sought acknowledgement of their rights.
Acknowledgement of mistakes is the first step towards improvement.
Receiving acknowledgement for hard work is very satisfying.
The software includes an acknowledgement of open-source libraries used.
His achievements received formal acknowledgement at the ceremony.

Acknowledgement Idioms & Phrases

Seeking acknowledgement

Looking for recognition or validation from others.
Artists often spend their lives seeking acknowledgement for their work.

Without acknowledgement

Ignoring or not recognizing someone's contributions or presence.
He left the meeting without acknowledgement from the team.

Token of acknowledgement

A small gift or gesture to show appreciation.
The flowers were a token of acknowledgement for her help.

A public acknowledgement

Recognizing someone's efforts or achievements openly.
The mayor's public acknowledgement of the volunteers was touching.

Nod of acknowledgement

A gesture to show recognition or understanding.
She gave a nod of acknowledgement when she heard her name.

Worthy of acknowledgement

Deserving recognition or attention.
Her bravery was certainly worthy of acknowledgement.

Silent acknowledgement

Recognizing something without verbal confirmation.
Their glances provided a silent acknowledgement of the situation.

In acknowledgement of

To recognize or honor something specifically.
The plaque was presented in acknowledgement of his charitable work.

Acknowledgement of fault

Admitting one's mistakes.
His acknowledgement of fault was unexpected but appreciated.

Mutual acknowledgement

When two parties recognize each other's positions or contributions.
The agreement was reached with mutual acknowledgement of the challenges.

Demand acknowledgement

Insisting on being recognized or acknowledged.
The workers demanded acknowledgement for their role in the project's success.

Awaiting your acknowledgement

Waiting for someone to recognize or respond.
The email ended with Awaiting your acknowledgement.

An acknowledgement slip

A written confirmation of receipt.
Please sign and return the acknowledgement slip for your package.

Grateful acknowledgement

Expressing thanks for help or recognition.
She offered her grateful acknowledgement to everyone who supported her.

A sign of acknowledgement

Any gesture that shows recognition of someone's presence or contribution.
A simple thank you is a sign of acknowledgement.

Make an acknowledgement

To formally recognize or admit something.
The company made an acknowledgement of the security breach.

Seek acknowledgement for

To try to get recognition for one's efforts or achievements.
He sought acknowledgement for his contribution to the project.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Acknowledgement?

It's derived from the verb "acknowledge" indicating the act of recognizing or admitting.

Which vowel is used before Acknowledgement?

The letter "a."

What is the plural form of Acknowledgement?


What is the verb form of Acknowledgement?


Which preposition is used with Acknowledgement?

"Of" as in "acknowledgement of receipt."

Which conjunction is used with Acknowledgement?

Any conjunction can be used based on sentence structure.

Which article is used with Acknowledgement?

Typically "an" before "acknowledgement."

What is the pronunciation of Acknowledgement?

"Acknowledgement" is pronounced as ak-NOL-idj-muhnt.

What is the root word of Acknowledgement?


What is the singular form of Acknowledgement?


Is Acknowledgement an adverb?


Is Acknowledgement a negative or positive word?


Is Acknowledgement an abstract noun?


Is the word Acknowledgement a Gerund?


What is another term for Acknowledgement?


What is the opposite of Acknowledgement?

Denial or Disregard.

Is Acknowledgement a noun or adjective?


Is Acknowledgement a collective noun?


Is the Acknowledgement term a metaphor?


How do we divide Acknowledgement into syllables?


What is the stressed syllable in Acknowledgement?

The second syllable "knowl."

Which determiner is used with Acknowledgement?

"This" or "that" can be used based on context.

What part of speech is Acknowledgement?


What is the second form of Acknowledgement?

The concept doesn't apply as it's a noun.

How is Acknowledgement used in a sentence?

"She gave a nod of acknowledgement when she received the award."

Is Acknowledgement a vowel or consonant?

"Acknowledgement" is a word; it starts with the vowel "a."

Is the word “Acknowledgement” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either based on the sentence structure.

How many syllables are in Acknowledgement?

Four syllables.

What is the first form of Acknowledgement?

The concept doesn't apply as it's a noun.

Is Acknowledgement a countable noun?

Yes, you can have multiple acknowledgements.

Is the word Acknowledgement imperative?


What is the third form of Acknowledgement?

The concept doesn't apply as it's a noun.

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