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Zoiks vs. Zoinks — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Fiza Rafique — By Sumaia Saeed — Updated on April 23, 2024
Zoiks is the incorrect spelling of zoinks, which is an exclamation of surprise or awe.
Zoiks vs. Zoinks — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Zoiks or Zoinks

How to spell Zoinks?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Visualize the word "zoinks" as part of a cartoon dialogue to cement its quirky spelling.
Recall that "zoinks" is often exclaimed by cartoon character Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, always spelled with an "n."
"Zoinks" rhymes with "jinks," and both share the same ending "-inks."
Remember that "zoinks" has the same number of vowels as "coins," helping align the spelling.
The correct spelling, "zoinks," ends with "ks" not "ks" — similar to the word "links."

How Do You Spell Zoinks Correctly?

Incorrect: Zoiks! What was that noise?
Correct: Zoinks! What was that noise?
Incorrect: In his note, he wrote "Zoiks! I'll be late."
Correct: In his note, he wrote "Zoinks! I'll be late."
Incorrect: "Zoiks! I didn't see that coming," he exclaimed.
Correct: "Zoinks! I didn't see that coming," he exclaimed.
Incorrect: He shouted, "Zoiks!" when the lights went out.
Correct: He shouted, "Zoinks!" when the lights went out.
Incorrect: She texted me, "Zoiks, that's scary!"
Correct: She texted me, "Zoinks, that's scary!"

Zoinks Definitions

An expression of surprise or shock.
When the magician vanished, the child exclaimed, Zoinks!
A comic exclamation used to react to an unexpected or bizarre situation.
Zoinks! That's the biggest dog I've ever seen!
A word that conveys a sudden reaction to astonishment or fear.
Zoinks! How did you do that trick?
An informal exclamation popularized by media, particularly cartoons.
Zoinks! You scared me!
A playful or light-hearted interjection often used in moments of comic relief.
Zoinks! I almost forgot my own birthday!
Expressing surprise, fear, etc.

Zoinks Meaning in a Sentence

Zoinks! That's a cool costume!
When he saw the spider, he muttered, "Zoinks!"
That jump scare made me yell, "Zoinks!"
Zoinks! I thought you were someone else.
Zoinks! This ice cream is melting faster than I can eat it.
I heard him shout, "Zoinks!" from the other room.
Every time there's a surprise in the movie, I can't help but say, "Zoinks!"
Zoinks! How did you manage to fix it so quickly?
I accidentally dropped my phone and yelled, "Zoinks!"
Zoinks! You've really outdone yourself this time.
The magician's trick was so good, everyone in the room said, "Zoinks!"
Zoinks! I didn't expect to see you here.
Zoinks! This puzzle is harder than I thought.
Zoinks! Are you sure we're allowed to be here?
Zoinks! That's a weird looking bug.
When the teacher announced the pop quiz, everyone gasped, "Zoinks!"
Zoinks! That was a close call.
When the lights suddenly went out, she exclaimed, "Zoinks!"
Can you believe he did that? Zoinks!
The sudden sound of the alarm made me scream, "Zoinks!"

Zoinks Idioms & Phrases

Hit them with a zoinks

To surprise someone greatly.
We really hit them with a zoinks with that prank.

Pull a zoinks

To react with exaggerated surprise.
He always pulls a zoinks when watching horror movies.

Zoinks moment

A specific instance of unexpected or astonishing occurrence.
Finding that hidden door was a real zoinks moment.

Full on zoinks

Describes an extreme reaction of astonishment or shock.
It was full on zoinks when the fireworks started unexpectedly.

Zoinks factor

Refers to the level of shock or surprise in a situation.
The zoinks factor was high when they revealed the surprise guest.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in zoinks?

Zoinks has one syllable.

How is zoinks used in a sentence?

Zoinks is used as an exclamation of surprise or shock.

Why is it called zoinks?

It's a popularized media expression for surprise or shock.

What is a stressed syllable in zoinks?

The stressed syllable in zoinks is "zoinks."

What is the verb form of zoinks?

Zoinks does not have a verb form; it's an interjection.

What is the root word of zoinks?

Zoinks does not have a clear root word; it's a coined term.

How do we divide zoinks into syllables?

Zoinks is divided as: zoinks.

What is the singular form of zoinks?

Zoinks is only used in the singular form.

Is zoinks an abstract noun?

No, zoinks is not a noun; it's an interjection.

What is the pronunciation of zoinks?

Zoinks is pronounced /zɔɪŋks/.

What part of speech is zoinks?

Zoinks is an interjection.

Is zoinks a negative or positive word?

Zoinks is typically neutral, expressing surprise without a positive or negative connotation.

What is the plural form of zoinks?

Zoinks does not have a plural form.

Is zoinks a vowel or consonant?

Zoinks as a word starts with a consonant.

Is the zoinks term a metaphor?

Zoinks is not a metaphor; it's an exclamation.

Is the word zoinks Gerund?

No, zoinks is not a gerund; it's an interjection.

Is the word “zoinks” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Zoinks cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an interjection.

Which determiner is used with zoinks?

Zoinks typically does not require a determiner.

Which preposition is used with zoinks?

Zoinks typically does not require a preposition.

Which conjunction is used with zoinks?

Zoinks is used independently of conjunctions.

What is another term for zoinks?

Another term for zoinks could be "wow" or "gosh."

What is the opposite of zoinks?

There is no direct opposite of zoinks, as it is an expression.

Is zoinks a noun or adjective?

Zoinks is an interjection, not a noun or adjective.

Is zoinks a countable noun?

Zoinks is not a noun; it's an interjection.

Is zoinks a collective noun?

No, zoinks is an interjection, not a collective noun.

Is zoinks an adverb?

No, zoinks is not an adverb.

Is the word zoinks is imperative?

No, zoinks is not used in imperative form; it's an interjection.

Which vowel is used before zoinks?

Zoinks usually does not have a vowel used specifically before it.

Which article is used with zoinks?

Zoinks does not require an article.

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