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Volounteer vs. Volunteer — Which is Correct Spelling?

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"Volounteer" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "volunteer," referring to someone who offers services willingly without pay.
Volounteer vs. Volunteer — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Volounteer or Volunteer

How to spell Volunteer?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Focus on "volun" then simply add "-teer."
Remember it as VO-LUN-TEER without any extra vowels.
Visualize a person raising their hand to "volun-teer."
"Volun-" sounds like "fun", and there's no "o" after the "u."
Think of the root "volunt" which means will or choice.

How Do You Spell Volunteer Correctly?

Incorrect: She decided to volounteer at the local hospital.
Correct: She decided to volunteer at the local hospital.
Incorrect: He has been a volounteer firefighter for five years.
Correct: He has been a volunteer firefighter for five years.

Volunteer Definitions

A person who willingly offers service without receiving payment.
He's a volunteer at the local shelter.
One who acts without being obligated or without being asked.
She was a volunteer for the community clean-up.
An organism growing without cultivation.
A volunteer plant sprouted in the garden.
To tell or offer information without being asked.
She volunteered the information to the police.
A person who performs or offers to perform a service voluntarily
An information booth staffed by volunteers.
Hospital volunteers.
A person who chooses to enter a branch of the military without being drafted or forced to do so by law.
(Law) A person who works without pay or who assumes an obligation to which that person is not a party or in which that person is not otherwise interested.
(Botany) A cultivated plant growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed.
Being, consisting of, or done by volunteers
Volunteer firefighters.
Volunteer tutoring.
(Botany) Growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed. Used of a cultivated plant or crop.
To give or offer to give voluntarily
Volunteered their services.
Volunteer to give blood.
(Informal) To compel (someone) to do something
We were volunteered to do the dishes.
To perform or offer to perform a service of one's own free will.
To choose to enter military service of one's own free will.
To do charitable or helpful work without pay
Many retirees volunteer in community service and day care centers.
One who enters into, or offers themself for, any service of their own free will, especially when done without pay.
The volunteers at the nature reserve meet up ever other Sunday to help its upkeep.
(military) One who enters into military service voluntarily (but who, when in service, is subject to discipline and regulations like other soldiers), as opposed to a conscript.
(military) A voluntary member of the organized militia of a country, as distinguished from a regular or member of the standing army.
(legal) A person who acts out of their own will without a legal obligation, such as a donor.
A plant that grows spontaneously, without being cultivated on purpose; see volunteer plant in Wikipedia.
A native or resident of the American state of Tennessee.
(intransitive) To enlist oneself as a volunteer.
(ambitransitive) To do or offer to do something voluntarily.
To volunteer for doing the dishes
(transitive) To offer, usually unprompted.
To volunteer an explanation
To offer the services of (someone else) to do something.
My sister volunteered me to do the dishes.
To grow without human sowing or intentional cultivation.
One who enters into, or offers for, any service of his own free will.
One who enters into service voluntarily, but who, when in service, is subject to discipline and regulations like other soldiers; - opposed to conscript; specifically, a voluntary member of the organized militia of a country as distinguished from the standing army.
A grantee in a voluntary conveyance; one to whom a conveyance is made without valuable consideration; a party, other than a wife or child of the grantor, to whom, or for whose benefit, a voluntary conveyance is made.
Of or pertaining to a volunteer or volunteers; consisting of volunteers; voluntary; as, volunteer companies; volunteer advice.
To offer or bestow voluntarily, or without solicitation or compulsion; as, to volunteer one's services.
To enter into, or offer for, any service of one's own free will, without solicitation or compulsion; as, he volunteered in that undertaking.
(military) a person who freely enlists for service
A person who performs voluntary work
Tell voluntarily;
He volunteered the information
Agree freely;
She volunteered to drive the old lady home
I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it
Do volunteer work
Without payment;
The soup kitchen was run primarily by unpaid helpers
A volunteer fire department
To offer or present oneself willingly.
He volunteered for the difficult task.

Volunteer Meaning in a Sentence

I decided to volunteer my skills to a non-profit organization.
Many students volunteer their time to tutor underprivileged children.
He was recognized for his volunteer work in the community.

Volunteer Idioms & Phrases

Volunteer for duty

To offer oneself for a specific task or responsibility.
Many soldiers volunteer for duty overseas to gain more experience.

A willing volunteer

Someone who is eager and readily offers themselves for a task.
We always have a willing volunteer in Mark whenever we need help with fundraising events.

Volunteer one's services

To offer help or skills without being asked or paid.
The retired carpenter volunteered his services to help rebuild the community center.

Volunteer one's time

To offer one's time freely for the benefit of others.
She volunteers her time every weekend to teach music to children.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before volunteer?

Either "a" or "an" can be used before "volunteer" depending on context.

What is the pronunciation of volunteer?

"Volunteer" is pronounced as "vahl-un-teer."

What is the plural form of volunteer?


Which preposition is used with volunteer?

"For" as in "volunteer for a cause."

Which conjunction is used with volunteer?

Any conjunction can be used with "volunteer" based on the sentence.

Why is it called volunteer?

It's derived from the Latin "voluntarius" meaning "voluntary, of one's free will."

What is the root word of volunteer?

The root is the Latin "voluntarius."

Is volunteer an adverb?


What is the verb form of volunteer?

"Volunteer" itself can be a verb, as in "to volunteer."

What is the singular form of volunteer?


Which article is used with volunteer?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

Is the volunteer term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically.

What is a stressed syllable in volunteer?

The last syllable, "teer," is stressed.

What is another term for volunteer?


Is volunteer a vowel or consonant?

"Volunteer" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is volunteer a countable noun?

Yes, e.g., "There were many volunteers."

Is the word volunteer imperative?

The word itself isn't, but in a command like "Volunteer now!" it is.

What is the opposite of volunteer?

Paid worker.

What is the first form of volunteer?


Is volunteer a noun or adjective?

It can be both a noun and a verb.

What is the second form of volunteer?


What is the third form of volunteer?


Is volunteer a negative or positive word?

Generally positive.

How many syllables are in volunteer?

Three syllables.

How do we divide volunteer into syllables?


What part of speech is volunteer?

It can be a noun or a verb.

How is volunteer used in a sentence?

"Many individuals volunteer their time at the local food bank to help those in need."

Is volunteer an abstract noun?

No, it represents a tangible entity or action.

Is volunteer a collective noun?


Which determiner is used with volunteer?

"This," "that," "every," "each" can be used, like "this volunteer."

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