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Toghether vs. Together — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 19, 2024
"Toghether" is incorrect; the right spelling is "together", meaning in combination or proximity to others.
Toghether vs. Together — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Toghether or Together

How to spell Together?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Together" sounds like "to-get-her", not "togh-ether".
Remember the phrase: "We get to gether".
Think of the base word "get" nestled in "together".
"Together" has only one "h".
Link "together" with the idea of unity: one word, one "h".

How Do You Spell Together Correctly?

Incorrect: The family decided to eat dinner toghether every night.
Correct: The family decided to eat dinner together every night.
Incorrect: The team celebrated their victory toghether.
Correct: The team celebrated their victory together.
Incorrect: The pieces didn't fit toghether as expected.
Correct: The pieces didn't fit together as expected.
Incorrect: They planned to work toghether on the project.
Correct: They planned to work together on the project.
Incorrect: They traveled toghether to several countries last year.
Correct: They traveled together to several countries last year.

Together Definitions

"Together" can mean into one group or collection.
Let's gather all the papers together.
"Together" denotes at the same time or simultaneously.
They shouted together in joy.
"Together" implies being in close proximity or joined with others.
We watched the movie together.
"Together" can mean in agreement or harmony.
They worked together in harmony.
In or into a single group, mass, or place
We gather together.
"Together" can also represent being self-confident or functioning effectively.
After his therapy, he felt more together and at peace.
In or into contact
The cars crashed together. She mixed the chemicals together.
In association with or in relationship to one another; mutually or reciprocally
Getting along together.
By joint or cooperative effort
We ironed the entire load of clothes together.
Regarded collectively; in total
She is worth more than all of us together. Considered together, the proposals made little sense.
In or into a unified structure or arrangement
Put the food processor together.
The bells rang out together.
In harmony or accord
We stand together on this issue.
(Informal) Into an effective, coherent condition
Get yourself together.
Emotionally stable and effective in performance
She's really together.
In tune with what is going on; hip.
At the same time, in the same place; in close association or proximity.
We went to school together.
Into one place; into a single thing; combined.
He put all the parts together.
In a relationship or partnership, for example a business relationship or a romantic partnership.
Bob and Andy went into business together.
Jenny and Mark have been together since they went on holiday to Mexico.
Without intermission or interruption; continuously; uninterruptedly.
It has been raining four days together
(colloquial) Coherent; well organized.
He's really together.
In company or association with respect to place or time; as, to live together in one house; to live together in the same age; they walked together to the town.
Soldiers can never stand idle long together.
In or into union; into junction; as, to sew, knit, or fasten two things together; to mix things together.
The king joined humanity and policy together.
In concert; with mutual coöperation; as, the allies made war upon France together.
Take the bad together with the good.
Mentally and emotionally stable;
She's really together
In conjunction with; combined;
Our salaries put together couldn't pay for the damage
We couldn`t pay for the damages with all out salaries put together
In contact with each other;
The leaves stuck together
Assembled in one place;
We were gathered together
In each other's company;
We went to the movies together
The family that prays together stays together
At the same time;
We graduated together
With cooperation and interchange;
We worked together on the project
With a common plan;
Act in concert

Together Meaning in a Sentence

Walking together, they enjoyed the beautiful sunset.
The couple decided to move in together.
Studying together helped them understand the material better.
They sang together at the community choir.
Dancing together brought them closer as a couple.
The whole community came together to support the cause.
Playing games together is a great way to bond.
The siblings put their differences aside and worked together.
When we work together, we achieve more.
Planting the garden together became a spring tradition.
Together, they tackled the challenging hiking trail.
They built the model airplane together as a father-son project.
They gathered together to celebrate the New Year.
They stood together in solidarity during the protest.
Cooking together turned out to be a fun date idea.
The band members practiced together every weekend.
Together, they navigated the ups and downs of life.
The twins always did their homework together.
Volunteering together made the experience more meaningful.
Together, they planned a surprise party for their friend.
Exploring the city together, they discovered hidden gems.
Together, they brainstormed ideas for the new business.
Watching movies together was their favorite weekend activity.
Together, they faced the challenges of parenting.
Traveling together was their way of creating lasting memories.

Together Idioms & Phrases

All together now

A prompt for a group to perform an action simultaneously.
All together now, the conductor said, signaling the choir to start the song.

Together as one

Uniting or acting as a single entity or group.
The team worked together as one to win the championship.

Together through thick and thin

Remaining united or supportive in both good times and bad.
Their friendship lasted because they were together through thick and thin.

Pull together

To work collectively towards a common goal, especially in difficult times.
When the community faced hardship, everyone pulled together to help.

Together forever

A phrase expressing a deep commitment to remain united or close indefinitely.
Best friends since childhood, they promised to be together forever.

Stand together

To unite in support or solidarity, often in the face of adversity.
The citizens stood together to advocate for change.

Get it together

To organize oneself or one's thoughts, often after being disoriented or unprepared.
After a shaky start, he managed to get it together and deliver a great presentation.

Together in spirit

To feel connected or supportive of someone even when physically apart.
Although miles apart, they were together in spirit.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Together?


What is the singular form of Together?

"Together" does not have a singular or plural form as it's an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with Together?

"Together" doesn't have a specific conjunction associated with it.

What is the verb form of Together?

"Together" does not have a verb form.

Which vowel is used before Together?

No vowel precedes "Together" unless used in a specific context within a sentence.

Which preposition is used with Together?

Any preposition can be used before "Together" based on context, e.g., "with," "in," "by."

Is Together a noun or adjective?

Neither. "Together" is primarily an adverb.

Why is it called Together?

"Together" originates from Old English "tōgædere", which means "into companionship or association."

What is the root word of Together?

The Old English word "tōgædere" can be considered the root.

What is the plural form of Together?

"Together" does not have a plural form.

Which article is used with Together?

"Together" doesn't typically require an article but can be preceded by "the" in certain contexts.

Is Together a negative or positive word?

Neutral, though it often carries positive connotations of unity or collaboration.

Is Together a vowel or consonant?

"Together" is a word, not a single letter, so it's neither a vowel nor a consonant.

What part of speech is Together?


What is the opposite of Together?

"Apart" or "separately."

Is Together an abstract noun?


Is the Together term a metaphor?

No, it's not typically used metaphorically.

How do we divide Together into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Together?

The second syllable "geth."

Is Together an adverb?

Yes, "Together" is an adverb.

Is Together a countable noun?

"Together" is not a noun.

Is the word “Together” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Neither. "Together" is typically used as an adverb.

Which determiner is used with Together?

"Together" doesn't have a specific determiner associated with it.

Is the word Together is Gerund?


Is Together a collective noun?


Is the word Together is imperative?


How many syllables are in Together?


What is another term for Together?


What is the first form of Together?

"Together" does not have verb forms.

What is the second form of Together?

Not applicable.

What is the third form of Together?

Not applicable.

How is Together used in a sentence?

"We worked together to finish the project on time."

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