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Righteo vs. Righto — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Urooj Arif — By Sumaia Saeed — Updated on April 23, 2024
Righteo is the incorrect spelling of righto, an informal exclamation used to express agreement or acknowledgment.
Righteo vs. Righto — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Righteo or Righto

How to spell Righto?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "righto" as a quicker, more casual version of "right," dropping unnecessary letters.
The correct "righto" mimics the ending sound of "right" followed by a simple "o," without any extra vowels.
Remember that "righto" ends in "o," similar to "hello."

How Do You Spell Righto Correctly?

Incorrect: If you think that's best, righteo!
Correct: If you think that's best, righto!
Incorrect: Just follow his instructions, righteo?
Correct: Just follow his instructions, righto?
Incorrect: I'll see you tomorrow then, righteo.
Correct: I'll see you tomorrow then, righto.
Incorrect: Okay, I'll handle it, righteo.
Correct: Okay, I'll handle it, righto.

Righto Definitions

Used to express agreement or affirmation.
When asked if he understood, he responded with a cheerful Righto!
Indicates readiness to start or proceed with something.
Shall we begin the game? Righto, let’s start.
Used as an acknowledgment of an instruction.
Finish these tasks by noon, she ordered; Righto, he replied.
Serves as a casual sign-off in conversation.
I'll see you tomorrow then, righto!
Acknowledges comprehension of a statement or command.
Make sure everything is locked up. Righto, I'll check again.
Okay; all right.

Righto Meaning in a Sentence

Righto, I'll see you at the usual spot.
Righto, that sounds like a plan.
She called out a friendly "Righto!" as she departed.
Make sure to bring all the gear, righto?
We'll need to hurry to finish on time, righto?
"Let's get to work then, righto?" he suggested.
Righto, let’s wrap this up now.
Can you handle this task for me, righto?
"Check all the doors," she reminded; "Righto," he acknowledged.
Righto, I suppose that's fair enough.
They exchanged a quick "Righto" before continuing.
Righto, let’s take a five-minute break.
"Do you need any help?" "Righto, could use some."
After confirming the details, he nodded and said, "Righto."
Righto, that’s exactly what I was thinking.
He grinned and shouted, "Righto, let's do this!"
Righto, then let's meet back here in an hour.
Righto, I believe you’re right.
Righto, I’ve understood all the instructions.
Righto, I think that covers everything.
As he left, he tossed over his shoulder a casual "Righto."
"We'll reconvene at 2 pm," the boss stated. "Righto," came the replies.
She texted back a swift "Righto" to confirm the appointment.
"Shall we cancel the event?" "Righto, it seems unavoidable."
Righto, I appreciate your quick response.

Righto Idioms & Phrases

Give it the righto

A playful way of approving or endorsing something.
He gave the project the righto after seeing the final presentation.

Righto, off we go

Indicates starting an activity.
Righto, off we go to the new adventure!

Righto then

Used to signal agreement before a transition in conversation or action.
Should we start cleaning up? Righto then, let’s get to it.

A righto moment

Referring to a moment of realization or decision.
When he finally understood the joke, it was a righto moment.

That's a righto from me

A casual way of saying "yes" or showing agreement.
Do you like the idea? That's a righto from me!

Common Curiosities

Why is it called righto?

It's a casual form of saying "right," often used to indicate agreement or readiness.

How is righto used in a sentence?

Righto is used as an interjection to express agreement or acknowledgment.

How many syllables are in righto?

There are two syllables in "righto."

How do we divide righto into syllables?

Righto is divided into syllables as right-o.

What is a stressed syllable in righto?

The first syllable, "right," is stressed in "righto."

What is another term for righto?

Another term for righto could be "okay" or "alright."

What is the root word of righto?

The root word of righto is "right."

What is the opposite of righto?

An informal opposite could be "wrong" or "nope."

What part of speech is righto?

Righto is an interjection.

Is righto an adverb?

No, righto is not an adverb; it's an interjection.

Is the word righto Gerund?

Righto is not a gerund; it remains an interjection.

Is the word “righto” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Righto cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an interjection.

What is the verb form of righto?

Righto does not have a verb form; it's an interjection.

What is the pronunciation of righto?

Righto is pronounced as /ˈraɪtoʊ/.

Is righto a noun or adjective?

Righto is neither a noun nor an adjective; it is an interjection.

Is righto a vowel or consonant?

The word "righto" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word righto is imperative?

Righto is not imperative; it's an interjection used in informal communication.

Which determiner is used with righto?

Determiners are not typically used with righto since it is an interjection.

What is the singular form of righto?

Righto does not change; it remains the same in singular usage.

What is the plural form of righto?

Righto does not have a plural form; it's used the same way singularly.

Is righto a negative or positive word?

Righto is generally a positive word, used affirmatively.

Is righto a collective noun?

Righto is not a noun; it is an interjection.

Is the righto term a metaphor?

Righto itself is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is righto an abstract noun?

Righto is not a noun; it is an interjection.

Is righto a countable noun?

Righto is not a noun, hence it is not countable.

Which vowel is used before righto?

No specific vowel precedes righto; it stands alone or follows other sentence elements.

Which preposition is used with righto?

Righto does not commonly follow prepositions due to its nature as an interjection.

Which conjunction is used with righto?

Righto does not typically pair with conjunctions as it functions independently.

Which article is used with righto?

Articles are not used with righto because it is an interjection.

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